5 Cheap Spring Basics That Will Make You Look Chicer

It’s somewhat of an urban legend nowadays that you need to spend a lot of money to be considered chic. In the past decade, the high-low trend has emerged, vintage shopping has reached peak popularity, and gushing to your friends about the cheap thrill you just scored is no longer considered low-brow. It’s said cheap thrills that can make your entire outfit feel more on-trend and expensive.


Whether it’s the addition of a fun jewelry style or a cool third piece, sometimes cheap basics are what end up standing out most in your outfit (and nobody would ever guess was affordable). There are a few cheap basics that almost always fall into this category—from the sweater style that makes your jeans-and–a-T-shirt outfit stands out to the one It piece of jewelry to own this spring. Below are the five cheap Fashion Nova spring basics that look anything but and will make your whole outfit chicer.


Flat sandals are one of those items that don’t require a large price tag to be of good quality. You can usually find quality leather slip-on sandals for well under $100. I’ve found from my personal sleuthing that neutral-colored flat sandals also tend to look more expensive as well—think camel, nude, and beige.


The cardigan trend has been huge for a few seasons now, and this spring is going to be all about shrunken styles. Whether they’re tied around your shoulders or worn the traditional way, shrunken cardigans are one of those magical third pieces that you can throw on over basic jeans and a tee, and all of a sudden your outfit looks thoughtful. 


By now, everyone has probably jumped on the bodysuit bandwagon (if you haven’t, they take all the legwork out of tucking your top in), but this spring it’s the asymmetrical style specifically fashion girls will be clamoring for. Luckily for us, Fashion Nova has our back, and the single shoulder detail just makes the bodysuit feel like a step up from your average. 


Behold the magical power of a slip skirt. Regardless of its price tag, a solid or printed midi slip skirt just feels expensive. Its sleek silhouette pairs well with virtually anything and has an air of effortlessness about it. 


If there’s one jewelry style that’s going to be everywhere for spring 2021, it’s the chunky chain necklace. It seems retailers everywhere have gotten the same memo because affordable favorites Fashion Nova have beautiful versions that ring in right around $15 right now. Throw it on with even a plain T-shirt and suddenly your outfit feels elevated.

Discover and shop the Spring wardrobe that was listed in this post below.

Arms Around Me Short Sleeve Bodysuit – Mocha, Black, Lime

$17.99 USD

Cut The Antics Sweater Bodysuit – Black, Olive

$34.99 USD

Demoree Cardigan Sweater – Teal, Sand

$24.99 USD

Always Cozy Cardigan Sweater – Black, Taupe

$24.99 USD

Wild For You Satin Midi Skirt – Black/White

$19.99 USD

In Your Dreams Chain Necklace – Gold

$12.99 USD

Sweet Moments Flat Sandals – Nude, Black, Ivory

$19.99 USD


Photo: @JulissaBermudez

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