Barbie Feet: The Photogenic Pose That’s Become an Instagram Sensation

There’s a reason we love wearing high heels—and it’s not that they’re especially comfortable. It’s that they’re hands down the most flattering footwear. But take a scroll through Instagram, and you’ll find the funny fact that models and bloggers have a trick for occasions when heels aren’t an option, what we’ll now refer to as “Barbie feet.” While Barbie’s plastic feet are permanently molded into a pointed position, Instagram pros are whipping out the pose when they want to elongate their legs in photographs.

To master this pose, there’s only one requirement: Act like you’re wearing an invisible pair of high heels, even though there’s nothing but air under your arches. From the front, it can be hard to tell you’re doing anything at all, but from the side, you can see that you’re balanced solely on the balls of your feet. Read on and you’ll find a breakdown of exactly how to nail this photogenic trick. Now, you’re all set to try it out for your next photo op.

Tip 1: Stand on the balls of your feel to lengthen your legs.

Tip 2: Bend one leg to the side, with the other leg back and behind.

Tip 3: Stand with your legs apart, at more than hip distance.

Tip 4: For extra support, try out a sitting pose.

Tip 5: Try crossing your legs and leaning against a background.

Tip 6: While this pose is great straight-on, also try it out from the side.

Tip 7: It never hurts to add a big smile.

Tip 8: Separate your legs on two stairs for extra dimension.

Tip 9: Hold on to another object like a tree or chair for balance.


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