8 “In-Betweener” Influencers to Follow For Mid-Size Fashion Inspiration

We know we’re not alone when we say our relationship with fashion is more of a love-hate situation. For example, we love keeping up with the trend and putting outfits together. We hate when brands don’t make our size, or make it but only show their clothes on one body type letting the rest of us guess what a garment might look like on someone like us. The lack of representation of different body types has been an issue for a long time, and a slightly less discussed group that’s often left out are folks who might identify as in-betweeners.


For some reason, those who fall somewhere in the middle of the clothing-size spectrum — maybe they wear mediums and larges or hit the far end of straight sizing without fitting into “plus” — tend to get looked over. How often do we browse a site and see clothing on someone who’s a size 8 or 10? Or spot a mid-size model on the runway? It’s rare, and yes, it’s weird, especially since a good amount of people fall into this category.


Thankfully, there are plenty of influencers out there who don’t mind picking up the slack. They express their style, share shopping recommendations and fashion hacks, and provide plenty of outfit ideas for anyone else who falls in between those elusive model body types of “sample” and “curve.” So, if you’ve ever wondered “but, what will that look like on me?!” while checking out the latest designs, here are eight mid-size women you should follow, ASAP.

Noelle Downing

Why You Should Follow Her:

Downing isn’t afraid to be honest, talking openly about self-love and body positivity. She always has cute and budget-friendly clothing recommendations, too, whether you’re in search of some classic denim, a flattering swimsuit, or a matching loungewear set.

Courtney Quinn

Why You Should Follow Her:

Color! Puff sleeves! Tulle! There’s so much whimsy going on in Quinn’s wardrobe, and she makes the most outrageous designs seem completely wearable. She clearly has fun putting together her outfits, and her combinations are so creative, they almost qualify as works of art.


Holly Ah-Thion

Why You Should Follow Her:

Not only does UK-based Ah-Thion highlight that she’s mid-size in her bio, but she’s also petite, which presents its own set of struggles when it comes to finding clothes that fit (ugh, long pants). Still, she completely nails every ’90s- and ’00s-inspired trend, and is ahead of the game on new ones, showing us how to pull off everything from pully tops to big collars.

Kristle Lauren

Why You Should Follow Her:

Sometimes, influencers pose in pieces that feel a bit too extreme and over-the-top for everyday wear, but that’s where Kristle comes in. She knows how to make the most of simple basics, creating completely wearable yet fashion-forward outfits that’ll work for whatever you have planned. Not only does Texas-based Kristle Lauren highlight that she’s mid-size in her bio but she highlights all her fits and where you can get them on her blog. So thank you ♡

Abi Nunn

Why You Should Follow Her:

Do you love prints? And color? And want fashion formulas that are quick and easy but not boring? Then you might find yourself captivated by all the cool, vibrant outfits on Nunn’s IG. She’ll show you simple swaps that’ll fully transform your ensembles, such as trading black leggings for a shiny pink pair and doesn’t shy away from embracing nostalgic trends, whether it’s a cardigan set or a baguette bag.


Lois Opoku

Why You Should Follow Her:

So much of what Opoku wears can be described with one word: versatility. While she has a set style, full of structured items, prints, and bits of leather, many of her outfits would work for a variety of scenarios, whether it’s a dressy date night or a day at the office.

Charlotte Emily Price

Why You Should Follow Her:

Price has found that sweet spot between cute and comfortable, often finding ways to elevate your average oversized shirt and pair of sweats. But, on top of sharing her top-notch outfit ideas (along with sexy lingerie picks!), she’s also spoken out about toxic positivity, reminding people it’s impossible to feel confident and great about our looks 24/7 while suggesting a goal of body neutrality instead.

Chloe Pavlou

Why You Should Follow Her:

A quick scroll through Pavlou’s pictures and you’ll find she excels at styling one piece in particular: The classic graphic tee. Her best outfits prove this piece can be layered in multiple ways, paired with almost any bottom, and amped up with accessories. You’ll start to see your collection in a whole new light.


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