Embracing Your KINKIER SIDE

No kink-shaming, we’re so past the days of (safe) sexual fantasies feeling taboo. Here’s the deal, it’s common (and normal) to have a little kink in you—how it’s defined and the level of it is different for everybody, of course.

If you enjoy rough foreplay or wild sex, there’s no need to have shame around it. You may not even realize you’re kinkier than the average person until you’re with a new partner, or, on the flip side, you may discover additional desires as you get older. It’s natural that as we mature and gain sexual experience, we learn what we like and want in the bedroom. 

First and foremost, when exploring the world of kink, the two most important things are communication and consent. So once you’re on the same page with your partner, here are some tips to incorporate kinky behavior in your sexual relationship.


Be expressive. 

Say exactly what you want or describe your fantasy to your partner. If you need some ideas, watch a movie or film with a tasteful and steamy sex scene. Or ask your close friends for some tips. Even something small like finding an unusual position could be considered kinky to some. Plus, it’s so hot to surprise your partner with a new move under the sheets (or wherever you prefer to get it on). 

Be open.

Keep the dialogue open with your partner. Even if you’re not 100% sure you want to try something, share your curiosity. If you say your vision out loud and have a conversation about it, you’ll feel more comfortable possibly exploring it the next time you’re hooking up. 

And be open when your partner shares their desires as well (given you’re comfortable with what they want to do). Try not to judge if it’s something you’re not used to. Instead, say “I’ve never done that, and I’ll have to think about if I want to go there.” As we mentioned earlier, everybody has different deeds that turn them on, and there’s no reason to make your partner feel weird for vocalizing them. Just kindly say you’re not into trying it. 


Set and define your limits. 

With any act under the BDSM family, it’s important to set hard and soft boundaries. Sexual scenarios that you’re open to exploring or curious about could fall under your soft boundaries list. Whereas anything you consider off-limits would be on your hard boundaries list. Also, be sure to pick a safe word before entering the rougher side of the kink. 

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