Hot Sex Tips for WHEN YOU’RE ON TOP

This one is for the women who love a good ride on top. If that’s you, then you know the position can be anything but boring if you have the right moves in your ~mental~ sex manual. You may be thinking, wait, I just hop on and grind? There’s nothing wrong with that, but if you’re looking to spice it up and surprise your partner, then buckle up because we have some hot AF pointers for you. Read on to learn our tips for increasing the steam while you’re enjoying things from the top.

We did a little crowdsourcing among the team and our friends for a variety of tricks to add to your next sexy night. All anonymous, of course.

We’ll start simple with a reminder that deep eye contact while you’re on top can enhance the moment. Gaze into his eyes and give him a soft and seductive smile while you’re at it.

Find your hips and get comfortable with moving them around—pop it, bounce, do it all.

If you enjoy clit stimulation (meep, who doesn’t), tell him to lick his thumb and play a little DJ action with his fingers while you’re on him.

Put your hands on his shoulders and arch your back a bit while you’re bouncing on top.

Slowly slide him ~almost~ all the way out of you and pause for a second while the tip is just barely in you and then slide back down. You can do this one while you’re facing him or in reverse cowgirl.

If your hair is down, play with it and flip it around while you put his hands on your hips or chest. Whatever you prefer.

While you’re riding, give a little nipple pinch or neck grab (choke), and it’ll give the man the sense of female dominance.

Put one of your hands on his chest and lean your boobs into his face. This is sure to get him wild.

Keep your thrusts popping—softly, but you’ll know it’s right if you get the perfect little booty bounce. It should feel like you’re perfecting a yoga move or the art of twerking.

If you’re comfortable with gently choking, have him softly choke you and arch your back while he’s doing it to take it to the next level.

Put his hands on your butt or hips and squeeze them so he tightens his grip.

Incorporate a safe lube to keep things juicy.

Try edging with him.

While you’re gyrating, rub your clit against his pelvis so you receive outer stimulation while he’s in you. You can also use your fingers (or his) to play with your clit while you’re on top.

Tease it out by sliding back and forth on him a few times before you let him enter you.

Ride him reverse or even sideways and then look back at him and make eye contact.

If you’re flexible, bend all the ways back and place your hands by his knees to the point where you’re almost lying flat. This will give him quite the view.

While you’re in reverse, extend your legs so your feet are by his head and then slightly arch your back while you’re grinding on him. (Again, if you’re flexible. No need to pull a muscle.)



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