What Type of  EX ARE YOU?

Breakups come with a boatload of mixed feelings, from sadness to acceptance and in some cases even a sense of relief. No matter how you slice it, the end of a relationship is a time to reflect, reset your needs, and home in on finding your true happiness. How you perceive the breakup will also set the stage for the type of ex you’ll become. Will you hold a grudge? Will you let go and be able to remain friends? Ahead, we’re highlighting the common types of exes. Read on to find out which one fits your (ex) relationship situation.

The Friend

In this case, the breakup was most likely mutual. Maybe you both decided the relationship just wasn’t fulfilling, or a reasonable amount of time has passed to where you no longer harvest pain, negative feelings, or even memories. Being able to rebuild your friendship is the best-case scenario.

The Ghost

Everyone handles the end of a relationship differently. In this case, you may just feel like disappearing completely. Maybe your ex has moved on faster than you expected, or you love the idea of “out of sight, out of mind.” Regardless, you can run from a situation, but the pain will still be there when you get back.

The Over-analyzer

If you find yourself always replaying conversations and memories in your head, losing sleep rehashing things you or your ex could have done better, you may be an over-analyzer. The most important part of moving on is acceptance, so if you’re always anxious about what could have been, you may never move on. Trust that what’s meant for you will always find its way back, and leave it at that.


The Lesson Learner

No two people are going to view their relationship the same, and that applies to a breakup as well. You’ve probably taken bits and pieces of the relationship and learned from them. Whether it’s mistakes or highlights, you try to view everything as a learning experience. In hindsight, you could’ve also taught your ex things they may carry into every relationship they may have.

The One That Got Away Mindset

This doesn’t always happen, but in many cases, you or your ex may regret how things ended. Whether it takes a new relationship to miss the previous one, or you both just needed space, you’ll never forget the love you had for each other. Maybe things didn’t end how you wanted, but you always hold hope you’ll find your way back to each other.

The Angry Mood

Being the angry, spiteful ex will drain you more than anything. Maybe you’re in pain, or you can’t stand the thought of your ex being happy without you, but a vindictive person will drown in their negativity. You will never be happy if you wish upon someone else’s downfall. Take the hurt and grow from it.

The Team Player

A team player is someone who may feel like they’re not strong enough to do life on their own without co-depending on another person. You may feel like you need them to reach your goals or success. Maybe you’re used to having someone constantly cheering you on, but at the end of the day, the only person you have to rely on is yourself. Whether you’re in a relationship or not, you cannot reach any type of success without having that faith in yourself. Give yourself the validation you need.

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