Is your nightlife style stuck in pre-COVID times? Or are you a little too comfortable wearing matching sweatsuits out at night? Same. While there’s nothing wrong with dressing for comfort over style, if you’re looking to bring it this season and update your going-out essentials, we got you. 

With the help of @ShopCider, we’re sharing four trends straight from the early ’00s to give your wardrobe a hot-girl boost. Friendly reminder: refreshing your closet can also help shift your mood. So, if you’re lacking the motivation to go out, or not feeling confident these days, a little shopping spree could be just what you need. 

See which items made our list plus styling tips to add to your 2022 outfit lineup below. 



“I love styling bustiers because of their corset construction. It creates such a structured waistline and lift.”


“Bodysuits are sometimes the smooth line we need. Whether it’s under a jacket or worn solo, because of its taut nature it’s a minimal form-fitting solution.”


Open-Back Tops

“Being sexy isn’t about showing it all, and the back is one of the most unexpected exposures in an elegant way.”

Tube Tops

“Tube tops don’t get me started. One of my favorite clean lines. I loved them then and I love them now. Collarbones and arms!”

The Dress

“As if dresses weren’t effortless enough, tight-fitted style is the key to maximum style with minimal effort. We’re happy to report that bodycon dresses will forever be a thing; we’re already pairing ours with heeled boots, jewelry, and the like”.

The Little Black Slip Dress

” We dare you to think of a single occasion for which a slip dress isn’t appropriate—seriously, we’ll wait. Wear this ’90s-inspired staple with a plain white tee or a cozy sweater, or dress it up for one of the 15 rescheduled weddings you’ll be attending this year.”

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