Sydney Sweeney Swears by These 5 Wellness Habits

To say Sydney Sweeney is a rising star is an understatement. Her on-screen resume reads like a must-watch TV ad: EuphoriaThe White Lotus, The Handmaid’s Tale, Everything Sucks! Clementine, The Voyeurs, and Sharp Objects—to name a fewAnd she made her first debut at fashion’s biggest night out (AKA the Met Gala) this year, proving she can add fashion “It Girl” to her experience. It’s not all fame and fashion for the Idaho native—she restores cars, sweats it out in the MMA cage, spoils her rescue pup, and prioritizes her mental health (a far cry from her Cassie and Olivia characters). We turned to our trusted celebrity sources to get the details on how Sydney finds balance. Read on for five ways Sydney looks after her mental well-being. Celeb or not, we can learn a thing or two from her. 


Make time for self-care

Carving out me-time has never been more embraced than it is now, but I’d argue that we could all still use a little nudge now and then. Sydney backs me up on that. She reminds us that self-care is individualized and can shift depending on the day or season in your life. “You can be OK one day and it’s OK if you’re not the next because I think you have to start every day new, and you have to start every day trying to appreciate and love yourself, which can be difficult sometimes,” she said. Sydney’s form of self-care? Uses her nifty ice rollergetting lost in HGTV, setting relaxing vibes with candles, and chills with her dog.

Deciding what you need to take care of yourself can be a challenge (let alone finding the time to squeeze it in). But self-care can make a world of difference between feeling burned out and empowered. So, whether it’s building your sense of self-worth, working on catching more Zzzs, or moving your body, prioritize your mental wellness. 

Stretch your budget

You probably don’t think of your finances when it comes to boosting your mental health, but Sydney encourages thinking twice about how you spend your hard-earned cash. “My family has always ingrained value in stretching a budget and the importance of money to my mind,” she told Yahoo Life. “When you don’t save correctly and don’t spend your money on important things where it’s supposed to be spent, [I saw] what the damage can be.” Sydney was taught the value of a dollar at a young age, and that has translated into her spending habits to this day. 


Start by creating a budget and start tracking your expenses to see where you can save (yes, there are apps for that.) If you’re ahead of the game (kudos to you!). There are other simple money-saving tricks of the trade: Give yourself 24 hours before checking out for any impulse and got to-have-it-now buys. Use coupon sites like RetailMeNot and Honey for necessary purchases, and unplug any unused electronics (looking at you, TV). The silver lining? Save a la Sydney, and you won’t cramp your hot girl summer style

Practice self-love and body acceptance

I know, easier said than done, but take comfort in knowing this: Even celebs get self-conscious and need to be reminded to practice self-loveSydney told Glamour that she gets nervous before every red-carpet appearance because she has to put her IRL self out there, instead of a character she’s playing. In her interview with Yahoo Life, she said self-confidence is a daily process. “Some days I will feel great and some days I don’t want to get out of bed, and I think that it’s OK if you feel both ways… And sometimes I’m not happy with myself or something just doesn’t feel right. I think it’s important for everyone to know that everyone has feelings, and it’s OK if you don’t feel confident one day, but just know that you’re beautiful, no matter what.” Our bodies do so much for us, and we only have one for the rest of our lives. Bottom line: Do yourself a favor and take care of your body. 

If “I love my body,” feels out of reach, that’s OK. Take a page out of Sydney’s book and start with honing in on all that your body is capable of doing, rather than what it looks like. There’s so much more to us than physical bodies after all. Try to take judgment out of the equation, and accept that self-love is a journey (with twists and turns, U-turns, and detours), not a race.  


Sweat it out

Sydney isn’t just a badass on screen: BTS, she is killing it in her workouts. From practicing mixed martial arts (AKA MMA) to two-a-day walks with her dog, Tank, it’s no wonder she has rock-hard abs to go with her crop top and red carpet looks. Admitting she’s not a fan of the treadmill, she takes to her neighborhood or the beach for quick runs to clear her mind. And if she has more time for a workout, she gets her heart pumping with a workout video. (Is anyone else wondering if she needs a workout buddy? Same.) To make the most of your exercise routine, mix it up like Sydney. Try a new workout you may be intimidated by, or head outdoors for a stroll, hike, or run. It’s the perfect way to switch up your current routine if you find yourself in a fitness rut

Learn a new skill

As if her acting resume isn’t impressive enough, Sydney channeled her love of academia into business school classes while filming The Handmaid’s Tale. “I want to be able to read my contracts and know what the hell they say, so I’m not getting f*ed over,” she told Cosmopolitan. In 2020, she even launched her own production companyFifty-Fifty Films, to support first-time female authors, nascent directors, and promising screenwriters. Could she be any more lovable?

If you’re having car troubles or find yourself stranded on the side of the road, Sydney is your girl. Taking ride-or-die to another level, she told Pure Wow that she has always been interested in cars. And that’s no joke—she took apart and rebuilt a Ford Bronco. Whether it’s the Virgo in her or not, she’s doing her mental health a lot of good by continuously cultivating new experiences. Research shows that learning new skills improves your mental well-being by helping you raise self-esteem and build a sense of purpose. So, if you’ve been contemplating picking up a new hobby (think: journalingreadingcooking), take this as a sign to get at it. 

Poems & Illustrations:

chapped lips stained shut

Sucking on gemstones,

sipping on rose quartz to make 

them love me. 

It’s like when Dorothy 

gets to Oz. New year, same thing. 

I feel sepia most days, and I choke on crystals now. 

Could she always speak in rainbows

or is that just what I wanted to be loud. 

Soft whispers of jazz club 

gracing my nostrils rubbed off

on borrowed satin that once 

caught dreams or thoughts 

when they couldn’t sleep. 

Interrupting rest for a Girl,

never interrupted. 

If I play the villain 

you’ll be the sweet pea.

Melting rocket pops, freezer burnt veggies, 

to keep company.

if lust were long walks on the beach 

We took breaths of 

sunsets and choked

on butterflies to feel 

alive. Neon gushed through 

our insides, inflaming 

ultraviolets. A forest fire.

But only the flowers burn. 

Sweet desire, I’m tired.

no audio 

Sometimes silence sounds like children playing on a playground. The sweet laughter and creaky swing sets, the sand in your shoes and your hair. You fell a lot. But who the hell cares.

Sometimes silence sounds like the ocean. The Atlantic at 6 a.m. in the month of June. Right at the edge of the water where the waves kiss your toes and you inhale the burst of first light orange. 

Sometimes silence sounds like a heartbeat. But not your own. The one that made a tune with you. The bump electrifies your skin and deepens your lungs. But no more heavy breathing, only waiting, wanting, and leaving. back then it was self-loved someone symphony. 

Sometimes silence sounds like you. How you talk behind your back. How you speak you’re not hungry but you say you want to spend your last $10 for the week on a burger. You say sweet nothings, you shout slurs about you, you whisper, “you look good today” faintly so that God can’t even hear you.

Sometimes silence sounds like everything all at once. Can you have that by tonight? When can you hang out? Have you paid for this? Did you schedule that? Cars, planes, people in the street existing and functioning, fulfilling their economic corporate needs.  

Sometimes silence sounds like an old phone the one that hangs on the wall. Like getting a call from someone you weren’t expecting. You answer because you think it’s them but it’s not. You’re not rude so you stay and chat. 

Sometimes silence is the wind whispering through your hair. The holes in your sleeves snagged from the fences. Walls you put up painted pink with each stained sheet. Strangled from cotton each thread sinks deep.

Sometimes silence is the buzzing of the lights on the walls, tucked on shelves and behind the window. It creeps in from the street. Comes in the door without invitation. It’s a pleasant unwelcome guest. 

Sometimes silence is vacant. Rooms filled with dust. Neighbors to welcome you home. Old lovers with not much love at all. you put up your sign no vacancy no more. 

Sometimes silence is a sunset. so bright and blissful you close your eyes and breathe in the now, push over the later and breathe out the before.

*Artwork by Kally Compton

What was your favorite poem? Leave a comment below!

Let’s Stay in Tonight: Activities to Do for a Night In

Listen—we’ve all been there. There are times when we don’t want to leave our house, but still want something fun to do for the night. Well, luckily for you there are plenty of nighttime activities for you to do in the comfort of your home. Whether you’re with your pals, your significant other, or if you’re riding solo, here is the perfect itinerary for your night in. 



Let’s be honest with ourselves, sometimes the thought of being around anyone can be exhausting, and the only company you want to have is yourself—it’s a natural thing. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t have a fun night all to yourself.


With #BookTok booming online, why not join in with all the bibliophiles and pick up a book. Whether you’re into a juicy romance or are interested in an immersive fantasy world, you’re sure to find a book that’ll have you up all night saying, “just one more page.”

If reading isn’t your pace, try picking up a journal and get to know yourself more intimately with some shadow work. With tons of great prompts all over the internet, you’ll surely be able to tune into your inner self and become one of your closest friends.


Want a more playful activity? Why not play dress-up. There’s always something truly entertaining about conjuring up some cute looks from your closet; all without the pressure of going out. This activity is a great way to experiment with your look outside of your typical aesthetic, as well as a fun and creative way to utilize your closet in ways you may not have thought to do.

Plus, it’s a great opportunity to live out your modeling dreams and throw a little fashion show for yourself—not to mention all of the Instagram post opportunities.


Are you and your friends tired of going out every night to do your typical nighttime shenanigans? Well, why not spice it up with these at-home activities. Just like Ross, Rachel, Monica, Joey, Chandler, and Pheobe your Friend(s) group can also make the best of having a night in.



This one for the friend groups with an obscene sense of humor and a ton of creativity. First emerging from TikTok, this trend will have your whole squad rolling on the floor. 

The basic premise is for each person to make—as you may have guessed—a PowerPoint presentation to have the rest of the group dying of laughter. The best part about it though is that you can pick whatever topic you want, the more creative the better. TikTok user @lola.akw and her friends had a lot of fun with their PowerPoint night, and you can too.


Hosting a game night is a tried-and-true classic that guarantees you and your friends will have a good time. Whether you’re into the classics like poker, or you like the more comedic route of Cards Against Humanity, there are so many variations on game night that your friend group will surely find something that suits you. 

If you’re into something more intense and interactive games such as the stress-filled spoons, or the paranoia-inducing game Mafia might be some fun ones to throw into the mix. Both of these games are fairly uncommon, and yet are very entertaining, not to mention the fact that they only require a deck of cards and maybe some spoons.


Of course, we can’t make a list of things to do for a night in without coming up with some ideas for all of the couples out there. If you and your partner are tired of watching movies and ordering food for a night in, give these two activities a try.



Cooking dinner for anyone is sure to be a romantic gesture, but why not spice it up? There is something so romantic about cooking but trying your hand at making a home-cooked meal from scratch can add some flare to this—at times—basic activity.

You and your significant other can look up recipes for your favorite foods—whether it be a dessert or a main course meal—and work together to make the dish of your dreams. Not only is it a perfectly intimate way of connecting with your other half, but you also get a delicious reward at the end.


The last, but certainly not least, indoor activity on this list is a dance party. If you just don’t want to go out to the club, then why not bring the club to you?

Having a dance party with your significant other is one of the best ways to spend the night. By letting loose at home, you two can connect and get some exercise; plus, you, as the DJ, can play all of your favorite hits.


While all of these activities are categorized into groups, they can be used for almost any occasion with anyone.

What do you do for a night in? Leave a comment below. 

Milk Ice Cubes for Your Face

MILK!! But for your face.


That’s right. Today we are going to introduce you to a little trick that skincare gurus are OBSESSED with. Sonya Dakar taught me this. She’s a celebrity skincare expert with her line (which is amazing) & recently she discussed how to keep your youthful skin & hot celeb beauty secrets. 

Pores are so pesky & annoying. They can get so big, especially if your skin is dirty. After much research, it turns out that milk ice cubes do shrink your pores. These are going to brighten the skin & you are all dewy & glassy AF.

In this post, you’ll find out how to turn some simple, milky ice cubes into your new favorite skincare step. Keep on reading…


The Benefits of Using Milk Ice Cubes on Your Face:

♡ helps with acne.

♡ shrinks pores.

♡ helps keep the skin hydrated.

♡ brightens the skin.

♡ reduce the look of dark spots & circles.

♡ keeps your skin tone oh so even.

♡ helps with fine lines and signs of aging.

♡ helps reduce puffy eyes and dark circles.

♡ can remove spray tan from your face (this could be a pro or a con).

♡ increase blood circulation on the face.

♡ soothes inflammation.

♡ reduces acne and dark spots.


So How The Fuck Do you Make Milk Ice Cubes?

Well, EASY.

Take a big bowl & mix a cup of cow’s milk and a cup of coconut milk. Milk has lactic acid that removes dead skin cells and provides a natural glow to the skin. Mix it well then pour it into a cute ice cube tray & freeze it overnight. So basically, it’s milk ice cubes.

In the morning, wake up & enjoy a refreshing icy situation. We feel a healthy glow. You guys know we love ice on my face so it’s no surprise we’ve done this a million times.

You can also do this any time before bed. Cleanse, applying an ice cube on your face in a circular motion until it’s used up, rinse it off with water & your skin is tight & ready to go. We are a big fan of heating up to cool down, so we’ll use the Dr. Dennis Gross steamer and then cool our skin down with a milk ice cube.


If a milk cube isn’t for you, you can use aloe vera or green tea – or just use a plain ice cube. Rub an ice cube on your skin. Ice cube rapidly constricts blood vessels, so you’ll still get tons of pore shrinking & glowing skin benefits. It’s the key to product absorption & your makeup will loook flawless if you give yourself a little ice cube facial before you apply foundation.

And of course, if you love tools, you can never go wrong with an ice roller. We hope this skincare post brings you value & you try these milk ice cubes on your face. 

Peace, love & ice.