We Love a Good Night-Out Look, and These 5 Outfit Formulas Are Our Go-Tos

We all have that friend we run to when we need fashion advice. We are fashion editors, and many of our friends also work in the fashion industry and have a great sense of style on their own, so most of the time when it comes to what our friends and us want to wear, we’ve got it in the bag. That said, when it comes to a night-out look, we are the first people our friends call. We are somewhat of a guru and love a great evening look, so we rarely miss an opportunity to show off our collection of night-out outfits. This year, we have traveled more, visiting Los Angeles, Tulum, and Miami, and we have made it our mission to live up to and truly earn our self-appointed title as the night-outfit guru of the group. We’ve come up with five outfit formulas that help us do just that, and they guarantee we never miss. 

As we are someone who doesn’t believe in gatekeeping, keep scrolling to see the five night-out outfit formulas we swear by.


Matching Set + Mini Bag


This look is at the top of the list for a reason. A two-piece set is an easy no-brainer when you want to look put-together, stylish, and on-trend. Pairing this look with a mini bag adds a fun feel to the look overall. We’d wear this out dancing or for a vacation night out.


Minidress + Platform Heels


When we say this is our go-to, we mean this our go-to. We love a good mini dress, especially since some of us are petite at 4’9″-5’3″. We are about anything that we can wear to make our legs look a little longer. It takes us to platform shoes. If you’re on the shorter side, you’ll soon be loving these extra-tall heels. We know they may look intimidating but trust us—they’re easier to walk in than you think. We wore these platform heels pictured about for two nights out back-to-back in Miami, and we danced the night away without pain.

Miniskirt + Boots


Calling all Y2K-aesthetic lovers. A great mini skirt paired with knee-high boots always adds a little sexy and is the perfect summer-to-fall transition look. We would wear this outfit out in New York City.


Beaded Top + Pants


A beaded top is always a head-turner, and we are obsessed with styling it with a pair of loose-fitting pants. They balance each other out. The romance and prettiness of a beaded top paired with the casual bagginess of loose-fitted trousers are just so cool. We want to wear this look out in Spain.


Sequin Moment


We didn’t expect to be such a big fan of sequins, but this summer, we can’t get enough. We are loving the celebratory vibes that a sparkly element adds to a look. Whether you go for a full-on sparkly dress or are just adding a touch of sparkle with shoes or a bag, we have a feeling we’ll be seeing this glittery trend up until fall.

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