Ask Lee Anything: Beauty Edition

I’ve had so much fun answering your questions in my Ask Me Anything series, so today I’m focusing on your beauty-related questions sourced straight from our @BeautyLeeBar Instagram Stories. From the best face oils to my favorite haircare products, here are a few tidbits you may or may not know about me…


1. What is your favorite serum or oil?

Hands down OLEHENRIKSEN Banana Bright 15% Vitamin C Dark Spot Serum and Tarte Maracuja Oil. The serum and the facial oil make my skin look brighter, radiant, glowy, and smoother. I always apply the two in the morning and at night.

2. What’s your favorite face sunscreen?

I like Fenty Skin Hydra Vizor Refillable Invisible Face Moisturizer SPF 30 with Niacinamide and Shiseido Clear Sunscreen Stick SPF 50+. It layers well with my skin products and makeup. I like that it doesn’t feel greasy on my skin and that the sunscreens don’t leave my face with white streaks.

3. What shampoo and conditioner hair products do you use to keep it healthy?

I like TPH By Taraji Shampoo and Conditioner with Camille Rose Sweet Ginger Cleansing Rinse. It keeps my hair soft, clean, and hydrated. My hair is so easy to untangle with these products.

4. Eyebrow tips for light brows?

Besides using a brow pencil or gel, you might want to consider Microshading. For something less of a commitment, try LAMINATION.

5. Do you prefer a side part or a middle part?

Though I may be a millennial, I most often part my hair in the middle. Unless I am going for vintage-inspired styles, I find it flatters my face more than a side part.

6. Any suggestions for any retinol-free anti-aging products?

If you’re not a huge fan of retinol, you can try products with bakuchiol, a plant-based alternative to retinol that has similar effects. Make sure to do your research before trying any new ingredients, however.


7. Do you use the same products and the same routine in the AM and PM?

In the morning, I always wear sunscreen, and at nighttime, I try to incorporate more serums and oils, along with a thicker moisturizer to hydrate my skin overnight.

8. What recommendations do you have for really dry skin?

I’d say to include more hyaluronic acid into your routine. It’s great for hydrating the skin.


9. What’s your favorite lip gloss?

It is not a lip gloss more like a lip oil but it’s Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez Soft Pinch Tinted Lip Oil and Fenty Skin Cherry Treat Conditioning + Strengthening Lip Oil. I do have the Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer in my purse as well but right now the lip oils are giving for me.

This lip gloss/lip oil is my favorite and is always in my purse no matter where I go. I love it because it has a gorgeous shade that looks so flattering and pretty on the lips, especially on black women.

10. Do you wear natural deodorant? If so, do you have a favorite brand?

I do wear natural deodorant, and my favorite brand is Lavanila Aluminum-Free Natural Deodorant. It comes in a nice Vanilla Lavender scent that I always carry in my purse to re-apply when necessary.


What other beauty questions do you have for me?

Let me know in the comments below.

Viral TikTok Pepper And Cucumber Salad

This Viral Pepper and Cucumber Salad is popular for a reason! It’s sweet, tangy, spicy, and full of flavor. It works great as a quick afternoon snack or side dish.

This salad recipe came from the amazing Rachael Kirkconnell who recently took TikTok by STORM with this creation. As soon as I saw her recipe, I knew that I had to try it out. And truth be told, it may just be my favorite cucumber salad recipe yet.

I am in love with crunchy salads like this. Not only are they easy to make, but they’re so fresh, flavorful and it’s a great way to get your veggies in.


mouth is watering watching this back

♬ original sound – rachael

So whether you’re looking to have glowing skin this summer, or are just looking for a delicious recipe that comes together in just 5 minutes, then I’ve got you covered with this recipe! It’s quick, it’s simple, and it’s sure to make you glow from the inside out.


Why You’ll Love This Recipe

  • Viral Pepper and Cucumber Salad only take 5 minutes to make!
  • It’s the perfect side dish for any meal!
  • A great quick simple and healthy snack recipe that makes it easy to get your veggie servings in for the day.
  • It’s sweet, savory, and a little tangy!
  •  crispy, crunchy medley of flavors
  • Lot’s of yummy textures going on with the sweet crunchy peppers and juicy cucumbers.
  • Cucumbers are incredibly good for you and are super hydrating.

Health Benefits Of This Viral Veggie Salad

  • For starters, cucumbers are rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory vitamins and minerals. Cucumbers contain vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, vitamin K, B vitamins, manganese, and copper.
  • The potassium and vitamin found in cukes are beneficial for regulating fluid balance, which can help with blood pressure and bone health. Finally, cucumbers are one of the most hydrating foods out there: Each one is comprised of about 96 percent water. This is important, seeing as most folks are chronically dehydrated, especially as the weather warms.
  • Meanwhile, peppers—another hydrating food—are packed with immune-boosting benefits. Peppers have more vitamin C than oranges, and also contain potassium, folate, vitamins A and E, and are rich in various antioxidants.
  • To put the immune benefits of peppers into perspective, one cup of sliced raw red sweet pepper has 118 milligrams of vitamin C; meanwhile, one cup of oranges has about 97.5 milligrams of vitamin C. (The recommended daily intake is 65 to 90 milligrams.)

Ingredients And Substitutions

These are the main ingredients and substitutions for Viral Pepper and Cucumber Salad. Scroll down to the recipe card for a full list of ingredients and instructions.


The base of this salad is made with sweet tri-colored bell peppers. These are the small mini ones, not the large bell peppers. Although, I’m sure both would work!

I used Persian cucumbers for mine, but you can also use regular cucumbers. I love using Persian cucumbers in this recipe because they are smaller and crunchier than traditional cucumbers! Plus, they’re a tad sweeter, which adds the perfect flavor to this recipe.

For a bit of crunch, add on the chili oil onion crunch from Trader Joes. If you don’t have a trader joe’s near you, don’t worry. Most stores sell it!

If you haven’t tried a chili crunch topping yet, then what are you doing!? This delicious seasoning adds the perfect amount of heat to this recipe, and is buildable, so you can truly add as much as you’d like, depending on how spicy you like it!

What makes this dish special is the ginger dressing. You can use store-bought or homemade, whichever you prefer.

Sprinkle on some Everything But The Bagel Seasoning to finish it off. This adds a savory flavor and a bit of crunch. Again, I get mine at Trader Joe’s, but most stores sell it! Also, it is on Amazon too. This simple seasoning is packed with flavor to take your salad to the next level!

How To Make

ONE: Start by slicing the sweet bell peppers and dicing the cucumbers into bite-sized pieces.


TWO: Add the veggies to a bowl and top with the ginger dressing, chili oil crunch, and EBTB seasoning. Mix well until each veggie is well coated.


THREE: Serve as it is, or enjoy with your favorite meal.


Tips And Tricks

Use sweet tri-colored bell peppers. These are different than your standard bell pepper.

Any store-bought dressing that has ginger in it will work! If you can’t find ginger dressing, you can use an Italian dressing.

How To Serve And Store

Serve this Viral Pepper and Cucumber Salad as a snack, or enjoy it with your favorite meal like salmon and rice.

Store in an airtight container in the fridge and enjoy within 5 days.


Taste And Texture

This Viral Pepper and Cucumber Salad is incredibly refreshing. It has a sweet, savory, and tangy flavor.

The texture is super crunchy!


if you’re looking for a quick & wasy dinner idea for next week, you have to try this! {mini sweet peppers, mini cucumbers, everything but the bagel seasoning, carrot ginger dressing, chile crunch, lime juice, & cilantro} 😮‍💨 recipe is from: @rachael_kirkconnell #salmonrecipe #easydinner #viralrecipes #healthydinner #quickdinner #easyrecipes

♬ original sound – blaccmass

Obsessed with @rachael_kirkconnell ‘s veggie salad w/ ginger dressing recipe! Its the perfect blend of sweet, savory, spice, w a crunch! #viralrecipe #gingerdressing #healthyrecipes #healthtok

♬ FEAST (Taco Bell Edit) – bludnymph

This was gassss 🔥🔥🔥🔥 @rachael_kirckconnell #viralcucumbersalad #cucumbersalad #healthysnackideas

♬ original sound – Shay

salad dips are the best 😌 recipe by: @rachael_kirkconnell 6 Persian cucumbers 6-7 mini sweet bell peppers 3 tbsp favorite ginger dressing 2-3 tbsp chili oil 1-2 tsp everything but the bagel seasoning Or: 1/2 tsp salt + 1/2 tsp sesame seeds Mix and enjoy! Hard to mess up. Enjoy w your favorite chips 🤌 #easyrecipe #viralfood #cucumbersaladrecipe

♬ original sound – Kat

@rachael_kirkconnell put her whole foot in the salad! Even though it came out like a month ago it’s still super hard to find that damn dressing! The sweet and the spice of the crunch is🤌🏾🤌🏾🤌🏾 #salad#gingerdressing#snack#chilicrisp

♬ Sunshine – WIRA

Of course I had to try the @rachael_kirkconnell cucumber and pepper salad. Here’s how to make it and my thoughts! #viralcucumbersalad #rachelkirkconnell #fyp #healthysnacks #easyrecipe

♬ Storytelling – Adriel

If you make this Viral Pepper and Cucumber Salad, I would appreciate a comment and rating down below. Don’t forget to take a picture and tag me on InstagramTiktok, or Amazon!

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Jay Shetty with his Love Potion smoothie

I have a big personal goal for 2023. No, it’s not to run a marathon or even reorganize my closet. It’s to visit an Erewhon Market. “Surely she can’t mean the luxury grocery store chain?” you may be asking. But I do. I dream of wandering the well-lit aisles of the food store that has beguiled Spencer Pratt and cornered the market on such upscale, you-didn’t-know-you-needed-it items like sea moss gel. Unfortunately, I’m mostly sequestered on the East Coast and where I reside is currently devoid of Erewhon locations. (But that can be changed — do you hear me, Erewhon gods?)

One such big draw to the chain is their often-viral collabs with celebrities on decadent smoothies, like Hailey Bieber’s 2022 strawberry glaze mix to Bella Hadid’s Kinsicle creation. On February 15th, the Love Potion was concocted with help from “8 Rules of Love” author and life guru Jay Shetty.


I must try every new smoothie that erewhon comes out with & can confirm something happened after I drank the love potion😅 #erewhon #erewhonsmoothie #erewhonhaul #erewhonreviews #erewhonfavorites #erewhonrecipes

♬ original sound – Kate

“Whether you’re looking for a romantic pick me up with a loved one or simply a way to show yourself some love, my goal is for this smoothie to bring you a reminder of nourishment to your body and heart,” Shetty says.


LOVE IS IN THE AIR! 💗🌹 We are incredibly excited to introduce the Love Potion smoothie created with #1 NY Times bestselling author and award-winning podcast host of On Purpose, @jayshetty ✨ Sip the luscious smoothie at our Tonic Bar from 2/14- 3/15! We are excited to share that 12% of proceeds from every smoothie purchase will be donated to The Rare Impact Fund.

♬ original sound – Erewhon Market

The LA wellness girly cult said I had to get an Erewhon smoothie before the let me in 🙄 hands were tied what can I say 🤷🏾‍♀️😅 🏷️: #erewhonsmoothiereview #tryingerewhon #jayslovepotion #jayshetty #onpurpose #radhishetty #drinkjoyo #wellness

♬ original sound – jada jameson

Erewhon kindly provided a list of the Love Potion ingredients, as well as some of the products, for me to try to recreate the Love Potion at home and live my vibe-y supermarket fantasies. Unfortunately, some of the ingredients were hard to track down in Miami, but the ultimate creation was still delightful. Keep scrolling to craft your take on Shetty’s Love Potion.


making jay shetty’s love potion smoothie from erewhon at home w/ @califiafarms Organic Oatmilk (no oils, no gums, and 3 simple ingredients)! 💘 #ad #calilujah

♬ Sunshine – WIRA

Ingredients For the smoothie base:

½ fresh avocado

1 fresh banana

½ cup fresh raspberries

½ cup fresh strawberries

½ cup Califia Farms Organic Oatmilk

1/4 cup unsweetened black iced tea (we used JOYO)

1/4 cup beet juice

1 teaspoon rose water

2 teaspoons date syrup (we used Just Date)

1/4 teaspoon Moon Juice Sex Dust (optional)

1 dropper full 11:11 Rainbo Mushrooms (optional)

1 tablespoon almond butter


definitely simplified this EREWHON smoothie recipe at home and it was delicioussss! This is the newest love potion smoothie for jay shetty !! Full recipe is in the comments ⬇️#greenscreen

♬ original sound – Anna

For the pitaya cream:

1/4 cup coconut cream

1/8 teaspoon pitaya powder

For the topping:

Chilled coconut cream (optional)

Cacao nibs (optional)


Making Jay Shetty’s love potion smoothie at home 🍓💘🌹 @Erewhon Market @Jay Shetty @Rainbo #jayshetty #jayshettysmoothie #erewhon #erewhonmarket #erewhonsmoothie #smoothie #rainbomushrooms

♬ All I need Sped Up – SpedUp Boy


01 Blend all ingredients for the smoothie base until smooth and well-combined

02 For the pitaya cream, mix coconut cream with a dash of pitaya powder. Drizzle around your glass of choice

03 Pour in a smoothie, then top with a scoop of chilled coconut cream and a sprinkle of cacao nibs. Enjoy!

Everything You Need to Host the Bougie Picnic of Your Dreams This Spring

When the weather is nice, there is a 99% chance I’m enjoying my meals outside. Whether on my patios, at a restaurant, or a park taking a break, I love eating al fresco. Even my morning coffee tastes better with a side of sunshine and fresh air. To level up my love of eating outside, one of my absolute favorite activities in the springtime is hosting picnics. I’ve had a picnic alone in the park with a book and some snacksplanned a romantic picnic date at a winery, and hosted one for friends—complete with a menu, music, and cocktails—and it never fails to be a good time.


The best part is that a picnic is one of the easiest events to host. Requiring only minimal set-up and no-fuss refreshments, it really couldn’t be simpler. All you need is a plan so that everyone knows where to show up, when to be there, and what to expect. Read on for everything you need to have a glorious picnic outside this season.

Pick a time and place

When it comes to location, you want a place where you can enjoy the sunshine and retreat to some shade if you get too warm. A public park, the beach, or even your backyard are all great options. The next step is to pick a time, and IMO, there is no bad time of day to have a picnic. Make it a brunch, an afternoon hangout, or even a nighttime soirée that ends with s’mores and watching the sunset.

If you want to add a special activity to your picnic, you could make it a wine tasting, play croquet or giant Jenga, or have a cornhole competition. Whatever you decide, be sure to check with your local park’s rules and regulations to ensure everyone will have a fun time!

Create a chic and cozy vibe

Blankets and pillows are essential for picnic comfort. You don’t want to be sitting directly on the ground, and if you’re hosting a big group, it’s not always feasible to bring chairs for everyone.


You’ll want to grab blankets that are designed specifically for outdoor use, meaning they’re waterproof on one or both sides. That way, your bum won’t get wet while you sit on the ground, and the material is essentially spill-proof, just in case. For pillows, be sure to bring enough outdoor cushions for each person to sit on as well as some extras, both for laying down and additional decor.

Lean into the natural aesthetic

Since you’re already outside in nature, you don’t need to go crazy with the decor. If you want your picnic to be picture-perfect, grab a bouquet of fresh blooms, bring some fancy glassware, and set out some serving trays or cutting boards to act as sturdy and aesthetically pleasing surfaces. And don’t forget a chic picnic basket to hold your refreshments. You can now find tons of different options, including traditional wicker baskets, ones with built-in charcuterie boards, cooler-style bags, and everything in between.


Plan your picnic menu

When it comes to picnic recipes, you want the dishes to be easy to eat while sitting on the ground, quick to clean up, and, most importantly, delicious. From my experience, sharable dishes and finger foods are always winners. Here are a few no-fail options:

  • Charcuterie: Charcuterie is always a crowd favorite. Curate a selection of meats, cheeses, and small snacks like nuts and olives. Remember: You’ll want about 2-3 ounces of meat and cheese per person.
  • Pasta salad: Pasta salad is easy to prepare and goes with just about everything at a picnic. Try option 1 or option 2 for some recipe inspo.
  • Caprese skewers: These skewers are another staple on my picnic menu. They’re so easy to make and delicious to eat. If you don’t like Caprese, try a version using watermelon and feta instead.
  • Dips with veggies or chips: Everybody loves a good dip. Pick your favorite(s) and pair them with some chips or fresh veggies.
  • Finger sandwiches: Slider-style sandwiches or pinwheel wraps are perfect for picnics. You can make variations like chicken salad, ham, and cheese, or Italian sandwiches.
  • Fruit salad: Like pasta salad, fruit salad is a picnic classic. Toss your favorite fruits together and add a drizzle of honey and lime juice for a simple and sweet treat.

Craft some cocktails (or mocktails)

Drinks at a picnic should be light and refreshing. Keep it simple with a classic lemonade, or add some fresh fruit for some seasonal flair. For something boozy, you can never go wrong with a rosé sangria, watermelon mojito, or Aperol spritz. These are great options that you can make ahead of time in a big batch for easy prep.


There are also plenty of fun mocktail options that would be great for a picnic. To keep it simple, pick up a few bottles or cans of your favorite non-alcoholic drink.

Don’t forget the essentials

The last thing you want is to get to your picnic and realize you forgot something. Make a list of the essentials before you go, like serving utensils, plates, cups, garbage bags, napkins, ice, water, a Bluetooth speaker, portable chargers, bug repellent, hand sanitizer, and extra sunscreen. Once you have everything, you’re ready to enjoy your picnic and the beautiful springtime weather!

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