Create The Perfect Pout with Overlined Lips

In the quest for flawless beauty, nothing screams confidence like a perfectly plump lip. It’s that little touch that can instantly take your everyday look from drab to fab. Now, while some may opt for more invasive measures, like fillers, to achieve those enviable lips, there’s a simpler solution right at your fingertips: makeup. With just a few strokes of a lip pencil, you too can unlock the secrets of a luscious pout. The magic lies in the art of overlining, a technique that can dramatically transform your look. But hold on tight before you dive into a whirlwind of lip pencils and glosses. There are some crucial tips and tricks you mustn’t overlook if you want to rock that envy-inducing look.

Choosing the right lip pencil is essential. Always try to match as close as possible to your lipstick shade when opting for a bold hue such as red. As for neutrals, the rule is to never go more than 3 shades deeper. And remember quality matters. Investing in a reliable, long-lasting formula will ensure your masterpiece stays intact throughout the day. Today our weapon of choice is NOVABEAUTY 2 in 1 Snatched Lip Liner – Brown 02.

Technique matters just as much as the tools. When it comes to overlining, precision is your ally. Start by ensuring your lip liner is sharp to allow for precise application. Here’s where having a sharpener on hand is essential. Now, it’s time for action. Start from the center of your cupid’s bow and carefully trace along the natural lip line, gradually working your way outwards. This method will lend your lips that extra oomph without going overboard. From there, use a lip brush and blend the liner inwards, keeping the outer edge visible. At last, your lips are full and primed for your lipstick color of choice.


Perfect Pout Tutorial

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