Hello Beauties! My name is Crystal Lee but some of my friends call me Lee Lee or Lee. I am the Founder and Creator of BeautyLeeBar. I am a Beauty Blogger, Brand Ambassador, Business Promoter, Influencer, and a Social Media Consultant. Ever since I can remember I’ve been housing beauty tips and tricks, most of which I only shared with friends and family. With some encouragement from some friends who happens to be bloggers and social media influencers too, I decided to launched BeautyLeeBar. A blog that not only encompasses beauty on the outside but also focuses on the beauty that comes from the inside.

Writing has always been a passion of mine, another reason why I was eager to start blogging. I hope to entertain and inform you all about the latest trends of beauty, fashion, health, and with a sprinkle of whatever else I fancy along the way.

xx, lee