This 5-Question Checklist Will Help You Build Your Dream Wardrobe

Whether you consider yourself a lover of fashion or not, it’s always shocking how easy it is to get to a point where your closet is overflowing. A couple of sales happen and all of a sudden, what was once an organized masterpiece is exploding and in need of a purge—been there, done that too many times to count.


In 2023, we’re aiming to do a few fewer closet clean-outs and instead to shop a little more strategically. There’s nothing more rewarding than adding a piece to your closet that you love and wear for years, and with a little bit of forethought, every piece can give you that experience. 

The next time you go to click “add to cart” or head to the checkout line, these are the questions to ask yourself before buying something. Your “thought I loved it but have never worn it” pile is about to get a whole lot smaller.

Can I style this three different ways with pieces I already own?

All too often, we fall into the trap of buying something new to wear because we have one killer outfit in mind to style it for. And if you can do that, that’s great—but you should be able to style a piece more than one way to justify buying it. Try to think of three different outfits you can wear with it that you’d enjoy wearing. If it requires buying even more pieces to style it in ways you’d like, it isn’t the right call to purchase it.

Would I buy this if it were full price?

We know, we know, it’s hard to resist the temptations of a sale. But one of the most game-changing mentalities to have with sales is this: If something is marked down from $100 to $60, you aren’t saving $40—you’re still spending $60. If something you know you’ll love and wear is on sale, by all means, add it to your cart. But if you’re buying something just because it’s on sale, that’s another story.

The best question to ask yourself is if you would obsess over it as much if it wasn’t on sale. If the discount is the main thing enticing you, it’s best to pass.


Does this fit me right?

Especially in the post-pandemic age of online shopping, it’s easy to order something in a size that ends up being not quite right and end up keeping it because returning it would be too much of a hassle. Ask yourself: If you were shopping in-store and were trying it on in a fitting room, would you go grab a bigger or smaller size? If you would, it’s best to return or exchange it.


If you are shopping in-store and your size is out of stock and you’re trying to make an ill-fitting piece work, trust us: It’s best to wait for something that fits you right, unless you have the intent to tailor it.


Am I only buying this because it’s trendy?

Especially with different trends and pieces going viral on TikTok by the week, it’s easier than ever to buy something to hop on the bandwagon of a trend. While we’re victims of this too, the key is to make sure you like the piece. For example, if you like the idea of the sheer top trend but wearing it makes you uncomfortable, that isn’t the trend for you. Fashion is subjective; don’t buy something just because everyone else is.


What will the cost per wear be?

One of the most useful things to consider when purchasing something is its cost per wear or the cost of the item divided by the number of times you’ll wear it. It might sound better to buy a $200 pair of statement boots than a $500 pair of classic loafers, but if you only wear the statement boots a couple of times a year and would wear the loafers multiple times a week, the cost per wear means the loafers are the worthwhile purchase.

A great example of cost per wear is a wedding guest dress. If you know you won’t be able to get more wear out of it than one wedding, it’s better to rent a dress or borrow one from a friend to avoid it taking up closet space for all of eternity after one night in it.

5 Spring Outfit Ideas Based on Our Favorite Rom-Coms

Spring has sprung, which means we’re officially in our Romanticize Everything era. Between the cherry blossoms and dogs in raincoats, it can feel like we’ve been dropped into the title sequence of an early 2000s rom-com. But before manifesting a meet-cute of your own, you need to plan *the* spring outfit. One that would be Jenna Rink, Kathleen Kelly, or Elizabeth James-approved. So who better to take inspiration from than the on-screen heroines themselves? 


Fashion trends are cyclical—’90s and Y2K wardrobes fit right in on the streets of SoHo today. This is why our favorite romantic comedies from 2002 are serving as our fashion mood boards in 2023Leather jacketsLBDs, and cotton candy pink ’ fit—hello, the main character! And while we’re romanticizing things, here’s a spoiler: You and *that person* at the bookstore cafe live happily ever after. But for now, you’re just a girl, standing in front of her closet, looking for something to wear. We’ll take it from here.

Notting Hill

Julia Roberts is our forever style icon, and her character’s off-duty, incognito look in Notting Hill won all of us over. While yes, she’s an A-list celeb playing the part of an A-list celeb, her outfits are less red carpet and more street style. This leather jacket-beret-Vans combo is equal parts glamour and grunge, and we can’t get enough for a chilly spring day look.


13 Going on 30

Oh to be 30, flirty, and thriving. All it takes is some wishing dust and an impressive (albeit illogical) walk-in closet. Jenna Rink’s playful, feminine style appeals to the 13 and 30-year-old in all of us—and luckily it’s easy to recreate. Her monochromatic pink ensemble in the magazine pitch scene is a must-wear this spring.


The Parent Trap

Nancy Meyers never fails to create movie magic, and The Parent Trap is no exception. We watch it again and again—for the epic handshake, the nonstop scheming, and of course, the timeless fashion. This leads us to our next point: the ever-elegant Elizabeth James. We’d happily borrow all of her outfits, but the black mini dress she wore to reunite with her ex-husband was as classic as it gets.


Maid in Manhattan

We never know when we’ll meet and fall in love with a political candidate under pretenses, so it’s always good to look as chic as ever, just in case. We’ve got J.Lo to thank for this outfit inspo (that happens to be perfectly transitional for spring). The white trench and matching wide-leg pants are tonal dressing at their finest. Make it appear effortless by trading the pumps for a pair of sneakers.


You’ve Got Mail

This couldn’t be a complete list without the rom-com queen herself. While we typically associate Meg Ryan with all things fall, the final scene in You’ve Got Mail encapsulates everything that makes spring the romantic season it is. Kathleen Kelly’s beige linen dress and short-sleeve cardi are sweet and simple, especially set against the backdrop of Riverside Park in full bloom. For the same effect, pair this look with freshly cut daisies (aka the friendliest flower).

TikTok Taught Me: 6 Easy Hacks to Elevate Any Outfit

The best way to describe my TikTok FYP would be chaotic. The lucky girls’ syndrome debate and the Selena Gomez and Hailey drama have taken over my feed. But one thing TikTok is useful for, if not distracting us from everyday life? Practical—dare I say brilliantfashion hacks.


Content creators have tricks up their sleeves that leave me taking notes several times a day. Tying basic shirts in ways that make them feel new, layering up pieces to completely transform an outfit; you’ll wonder how you didn’t think of them yourself and will thank the TikTok powers that be for bringing them to your feed. These six TikTok hacks will effortlessly elevate your next OOTD—so much so, you might just film a TikTok to show it off. Ready to go viral?

Hack 1: The three-color rule

For a cohesive, “she’s so put-together” look, pretend you’re an art major and follow this rule of color theory: no more than three colors in an outfit. And yes, that includes neutrals. When you’re feeling something playful like a pop of pink, be intentional by incorporating it in multiple ways, like with a handbag, hair accessory, or an oversized blazer

Hack 2: The sophisticated turtleneck

I have an entire drawer dedicated to my turtleneck collection, but it took a 2 a.m. TikTok scroll to become enlightened: for extra polish, roll the neck inside versus out. As this fashion entrepreneur eloquently states, it makes for a cleaner neckline, which is perfect if you’re layering a necklace on top. It’s giving luxe Gossip Girl vibes, and we’re obsessed.

Hack 3: The tie-front top


Replying to @dellilaz Another style hacks video! In this video, I share a clothing hack for tying a knot in your shirt/blouse so it lays flat ❤️ I remade my old version of this video since it’s now lost in the feed. More fashion hacks here and in my “style hacks” playlist! @alisonsspot @alisonsspot #knothacks #clothinghacktop #clothinghack #stylehacksfromyourbestie #stylehacksforwomen #stylehacks #fashionhacksgirls #fashionhacks #blouseoutfit #blouseoutfitidea #alisonsspot #fashioncreator #fashioncreators #fashioncontentcreators #stylecreator #stylecreators

♬ original sound – Alison | Fashion Creator 👗

Think you have to tie a button-down mastered? Guess again. With a subtle change, this tying trick makes them look way chic and seamless. Save this video just in case you have to watch it five more times to get it right—no shame here.


Hack 4: The subtle white tee


Easy outfit styling – from basic to interesting ✨ tshirt and jeans edition. A classic outfit, spruced up a little. Taking out my beloved sweater vest as a great spring layering option. I love how a simple swap of the tshirt for one with longer sleeves creates better balance to the overall look.#springoutfitideas #tshirtandjeans #casualoutfitideas #intentionalcloset #wardrobeessentials

♬ Honest – Justin Bieber

Who knew that a simple two-second decision could transform an entire outfit? Take your casual sweater-and-jeans combo up a notch by layering a white T-shirt underneath. As this TikToker notes, you’ll be creating visual interest, making your overall ensemble that much trendier.

Hack 5: The cool-girl cardigan


Cardigan hack I was looking for a bolero everywhere. Now I didn’t have to even spend any extra money 😂👌🏾 #midsizetryonhaul #amazontryonhahul #2023outfitideas #size14tryon #curvehaul #2023springoutfitinspo #midsizespringoutfit #clothinghacks

♬ original sound – audios!

Cardigans: they seem straightforward enough. You button it up; you leave it open. Right? Well, not according to TikTok. You learn something new every day, and this time, it’s the idea of buttoning the last buttons of your cardigan behind your back for an elegant, undone look.


Hack 6: The undone outfit

You know that moment when you get dressed, and something is just… off? It may be because there isn’t enough contrast in the pieces you’ve chosen. How to fix it? By adding an “undone” element to an otherwise put together ’fit. Whether it’s sneakers, joggers, or a baseball cap, that casual accessory could be just what you need to strike a balance between effortless and unexpected.

Quick and Easy Wardrobe Hacks

Fashion does not have to be complicated. If something does not fit or isn’t working in an outfit, look no further. Here are some TikTok hacks that are beneficial for when you are in a pinch, and styling an outfit doesn’t go as planned.



First up, we have the baggy pants hack. This hack is to prevent pants from getting stepped on and can be used when the weather is bad—you don’t want to ruin your pants. All you need is an elastic band and you are all set. Just put the band over the top of the pants then fold it to shorten it.  


How to make sure your JEANS/PANTS doesn’t touch the ground 😱👖 Save for later & hit the + for daily #fashionhacks 💗 #stylinghacks #jeanshack #baggyjeans #stylingtips

♬ original sound – heyy

G-String Thong Hack

Okay, this hack might not be for everyone but for the beauties that wanted to try this style without the discomfort, this is pretty genius. It is simple, just take a string around the button and tie a knot in the back. And button up your pants.. that is it.


Literally the best hack ever! | IG angelinango_ | #jeanhack #streetwear @hhelenanguyens

♬ original sound – Kiana and Brianna


The next hack is how to tighten jeans to the perfect size. To do this, you will need a shoelace or some ribbon. This look can be done in two ways: you can make it so that the string is visible, which is simpler, or you can hide the string inside of the jeans. 


If your pants don’t fit your waist the way you desire, the invisible string hack has your back. You will lace the string through the back three jean loops and tie it. Then you’re good to go. 


Reply to @justmatou here’s how to make every pair of jeans fit like magic 🤍 #fashionhacks #fashiontrick #jeanshack #shoelacejeans #springoutfitideas #fashioneducation

♬ Intimidated – KAYTRANADA


The second way to do this hack requires a bit more time. You will use scissors to cut a hole on the inside of either side of your jeans. This hole must be big enough to fit a string through. Next, you will grab your string and pull it through the hole until it is wrapped around the waist. Then, tie it and tuck it.


The easiest way to alter the waist of any pair of baggy jeans with some string and a chopstick 😆 #jeanhack #thriftedfashion

♬ original sound – Kyle Keller

STYLE #3: Button Trick

This way is so brilliant that Jayda Wayda even tried the hack for herself…undo your pants and take the button and slip it through the nearest belt loop. This causes the waistband to pucker, making the jeans snugger. Then buttons your pants again — which makes your favorite jeans fit perfectly.


Too big jean hack in my @prettylittlething jeans 💚

♬ original sound – JAYDA WAYDA

I had to go try this out immediately! Needless to say I am pleased!🥹 #pantshack #waisthack #oversizedjeans #jaydawayda

♬ original sound – Privacynbling


Have you ever tried to tuck in your sweaters or button-ups nicely, but all you get is a bulky look? This next hack is the perfect solution. This is a very simple, yet useful hack. First, you will pinch each side of the sweater and lift it to create a fold. You will repeat this one more time then tuck in the folded garment. There is no need for any bulkiness in your outfits. 


Tucked in sweatshirt looking too bulky? Try this hack! 🧸 #stylehacks #fyp #foryoupage

♬ Still Into You Drill – ShoBeatz


The last hack that I found got a dress to fit the body perfectly. This can be done with safety pins and string. Begin by turning the dress inside out and pinning both sides of the waist. Next, you will lace the string through both pins, tie it, then turn it right-side-out. After that, you will have a perfectly fitted dress.


Reply to @itslizbef How to make your dress fitted w/o sewing #tiktokfashion #fashionhack #styletip #stylehacks #styletips

♬ Hood Baby – Kbfr

I tried our a bunch of viral Tiktok clothing hacks for a YT video. Check the link in my bio ✨✨ // Quick & easy no sew DIY to cinch in waist for clothes that are a liiiiitle too big 🤍 #nosewdiy #clothinghacks #clothinghack #petiteclothing

♬ Austin Millz Ladies And The City – MillzMondays

Remember these hacks the next time you are in a sticky situation. I hope you found these hacks just as useful as TikTok has.

Would you try any of these hacks? Leave a comment below.