Bella Hadid Swears by This Smoothie, so I Tried It for Myself

As a lover of all things health and wellness, I’m no stranger to the many smoothie concoctions the internet swears will change your life. What I am a stranger to, however, is California-based organic grocery store Erewhon and its celebrity-inspired beverages. Some of their most recent smoothie collabs include the Tinx Smoothie, Marianna Hewitt’s Coconut Cloud SmoothieKourtney Kardashian’s Poosh Potion Detox Smoothie, and Hailey Bieber’s Strawberry Glaze Skin Smoothie. The newest viral drink to be featured on Erewhon’s menu? Bella Hadid’s Kinsicle Smoothie

After hearing all the buzz about the Kinsicle smoothie (named after Bella’s functional beverage company Kin Euphorics), I wanted to give it a try. But since I’m not lucky enough to a) live near Erewhon or b) have the budget for a $20 smoothie, I decided to make my own at home. Read on for the list of ingredients you need to make the Bella Hadid Erewhon smoothie, the benefits of the drink, and my thoughts on it. 


The recipe 

According to Kin Euphorics, here’s what you’ll need for a DIY version of the Kinsicle smoothie: 

  • 2 oz. High Rhode
  • 1 oz. Califa almond milk
  • 1 oz. aloe vera juice
  • 6 oz. OJ Evolution
  • ½ oz. of fresh pressed turmeric
  • 1 oz. coconut cream
  • 1 tsp. of vanilla
  • 1-2 tbsp. of Coconut Cult yogurt
  • 1 banana
  • 6 oz. mango
  • ½ tsp. of lion’s mane mushroom
  • 1 Medjool date

First, coat the inside of your cup with the coconut cream (for aesthetic purposes, of course), then blend all the ingredients until smooth. Transfer your mix to your already prepped glass and top it off with an extra large (preferably reusable #savetheturtles) smoothie straw.

Kinsicle Recipe Video:


DREAMY KINSICLE by Bella Hadid🧡🍊✨ Bursting with benefits and tastes heavenly. A little over two weeks to enjoy! Get it while you can ✨

♬ original sound – Erewhon Market

The benefits

Just like Kourtney Kardashian’s smoothie that’s said to aid in digestion and Hailey Bieber’s drink that’s said to give you glowing skin, people are reaching for the Kinsicle smoothie for its health benefits and–let’s be honest–with the hope that it’s the secret to Bella’s supermodel glow. The truth? This recipe is packed with Vitamin C and antioxidants from the orange juice, mangos, banana, and aloe vera juice, making it a great immunity-boosting beverage. The addition of lion’s mane helps improve mood and cognitive functioning, and the dash of turmeric can help fight inflammation. In short, this smoothie is packed with all sorts of good ingredients to keep you feeling your best. 


Erewhon X Bella Hadid Smoothie   3/4 cup Organic Pure Orange juice or Organic Defense Up 1/4 cup almond milk Half a frozen banana 1 cup frozen mango 1 date 1/4 cup coconut yogurt 1/2 tsp vanilla extract Dash of turmeric 2 tbsp aloe vera juice (optional) 1 tsp Lion’s Mane (optional) Coconut cream for glass   Add coconut cream to a glass. Combine all other ingredients in a blender, blend until smooth, and enjoy!

♬ Escapism. – Super Sped Up – RAYE

The verdict 

After a pricey Whole Foods trip (about $45, not counting the impulse items I also grabbed while I was there), I was ready to get started. Overall, it was a quick and easy recipe to throw together despite it calling for more ingredients than I typically include in my smoothies and requiring me to artfully paint coconut cream on the inside of my glass. It turned out looking and tasting pretty good if I do say so myself. But would I pay $20 for it at Erewhon? Probably not. Here’s why:


I didn’t love the texture of it. I typically use Greek yogurt in my smoothies for added protein but also to give them a thicker, milkshake-like consistency. Instead, the Kinsicle smoothie calls for coconut yogurt, so it ended up having a lighter, frothier texture, making it feel less filling. This brings me to the second reason why I wouldn’t reach for it at the grocery store: I prefer to drink smoothies as a snack or a meal, but I still felt hungry after I finished this one. Sure, you could probably add more filling ingredients like protein powder or nut butter, but that also adds to the cost. 

While I wouldn’t personally pay $20 for a single serving of the Kinsicle smoothie, I am excited to have the ingredients to make it again at home. I’m not usually a big fan of the Creamsicle flavor, but I liked it in this recipe, maybe because it’s made from more natural ingredients. I was also pleasantly surprised that I felt more mentally focused than usual after drinking it and didn’t find myself reaching for my usual 3 p.m. coffee. But maybe that’s just wishful thinking or the Kin Euphorics talking?


If You’re Making the Bella Hadid Smoothie, a Few Tips

  • Use ground turmeric. Half an ounce of fresh turmeric is equal to about 1 teaspoon of ground turmeric, which is likely more readily available.
  • Don’t stress if you don’t use exactly the same brands of ingredients the recipe calls for. Another part of the branded smoothie is the way it calls for exact brands of ingredients. You can still get an optimal Bella Hadid experience even if you reach for your own preferred choice of almond milk, coconut yogurt, and orange juice.
  • Use a high-powered blender. If you have one, use it! Or else you might have to chew on the occasional date chunk — nature’s boba?

5 Wellness Products Our Editors Swear By

I don’t know about you, but I am very deep into wellness TikTok. Like, I can’t scroll past five videos without being told my gut microbiome is probably in shambles, I need to start doing pilates ASAP, or that drinking water out of the cult-favorite Stanley cup will solve all of my problems. Do I know how my For You Page ended up like this? No. But am I mad about it? Not. If anything, it’s surprisingly motivated me to start taking my physical health, mental health, and wellness products more seriously. 


As a full-time teacher that’s also on the BeautyLeeBar grind, DoorDash-ing a Chipotle burrito the size of my head for dinner (with chips and guac, obviously) and then proceeding to get four hours of sleep is becoming a little too typical of an evening for me. I’m not trying to be the human embodiment of Erewhon by any means, but instilling a couple of small habits and changes is definitely on my to-do list.

But where do I start? It seems like there are a million different ways to amp up your wellness game, so choosing exactly what to do can be overwhelming. In a perfect world, we’d be able to change every single habit and practice of ours overnight and simply become that girl by the next morning. But it’s baby steps and balance that’ll happily and healthily send us in the right direction (I am not going cold turkey on my Chipotle deliveries). So, lucky for you and me both, The BeautyLeeBar editors have shared some of their go-to wellness products that are easy to incorporate into an everyday routine. Read on to see which ones you need to add to your routines STAT:

  • For the most peaceful sleep:

“I’ve never had a problem falling asleep, but I have a lot of trouble staying asleep. I tend to wake up a few times a night which makes me feel like I’m never truly rested. These sleep gummies have completely turned my world upside down. They help me fall and stay asleep, but don’t make it any harder to wake up, which has always been my concern with melatonin and sleep supplements. No matter how stressed I am or what factors are happening that would generally give me a restless night of sleep, these have become my saving grace. I recommend it to everyone I know. – Adeline, Fashion Editor


Infused with 25mg of full-spectrum CBD and 5mg of sleepy hemp-derived compounds, these cherry flavored sleep gummies make falling and staying asleep easy as ever.

  • For a calming start to the day:

“I’m typically a very light sleeper, so traditional alarms, like the ones I used to set on my phone, are way too jarring for me first thing in the morning. I didn’t realize how much being startled awake was affecting my daily moods until I got my Hatch Restore alarm clock. Now, my wake-up routine consists of a sunrise effect that gradually starts brightening 10 minutes before my alarm goes off, and when it does, I’m woken up by the soft sounds of wind chimes. It has truly been a game-changer for helping me wake up feeling calm and refreshed, rather than frantic to shut my alarm off before it gives me a headache.”– Rosee, Lifestyle Editor

Hatch Restore Alarm Clock

With multiple dreamscapes, guided rest exercises, gradual sunrise lights, peaceful sounds, and more, you’ll feel relaxed and well-rested both morning and night.

  • For staying hydrated:

“It’s the simplest wellness product I own, but the one I use most consistently (like all day every day–I have a few, so it’s sanitary, don’t worry). Since getting it, I have ditched every other water bottle and have deemed it my can’t-live-without product. Consider it my security water bottle. I love the time stamps, as it helps me stay on track throughout the day, so I have an understanding of how much (or how little) I drink. I also love that it’s 64 ounces, so I only have to refill once a day (max), which in itself helps me drink more water because in the past I have drank a whole water bottle while working at my desk and not gotten up to refill for hours. Lastly, it’s chic AF, which is truly important because I will just want to drink it more.”– Josie, Wellness Editor + Podcast Hostess

AMAZON 64 oz Motivational Water Bottle

Reach your hydration goals with this bottle that keeps you on track and motivated! Plus, it has a detachable straw for easy cleaning and is 100% leak proof.

  • For easy at-home fitness:

“I need everyone who primarily works out from the home to listen to me very closely: you need this workout mat. I struggle to get through floor exercises using a standard yoga mat, and it’s through no fault of my own. Paired with the hard floors in my home, my old yoga mat simply isn’t supportive enough to combat the excruciating knee pain that comes from kneeling on the ground for extended periods. The Stakt foldable workout mat is the answer to my prayers. The thick foam alone is a huge upgrade over my old yoga mat in terms of support, but the unique foldable design takes it to another level and allows me to easily fold my mat if I feel my body needs a little extra cushion (it usually does—and folding a standard yoga mat up never works as well as I want it to).”– Kari, Beauty Editor

STAKT Foldable Yoga Mat

Not only is this mat supportive and ultra comfy, but it also brings versatility to your workouts—use it for incline exercises or to help with stretching while it’s folded, too.

  • For hot girl walks:

“I’ve always been the kind of gal who just buys whatever sneakers are on-trend—usually some Adidas or Nike pair that comes in a cute colorway. However, when I first started hearing about Hokas a few years ago, everyone was saying that they were the most comfortable running and walking shoes that they’d ever worn. And now after owning this pair for two years, I can wholeheartedly agree. I own two pairs now… they’re just that good. I’m a big walker, and these are the only shoes that I can wear that provide the support I need and never make my feet hurt.”– Rivera, Associate Commerce Editor

HOKA Bondi 8 Running Shoes

The Bondi 8’s are one of the most popular Hoka shoes for a reason—with strategically placed, super soft cushioning that supports every part of your foot, you’ll never want to wear other sneakers again.


Dirty minds, Beauties. You thought this was going to be all about using your tongue during oral. Not so much. This steamy piece is actually on how to enhance foreplay and pleasure with your tongue. It’s sensual, it’s sexual, and it’s all about embracing the sexy side of self-care. Let’s get into the ways you can la-la-lick your way to seductive satisfaction.


Using your tongue to turn things up sounds X-rated, but there are tasteful tricks that come off as very sensual over anything. How do you ask? Keep reading to find out.

Since we know you have all been practicing your myofunctional therapy exercises because that is all that you guys have been asking us to write about, put them to good use by flexing your tongue muscles when you’re with your partner.

OK, OK, here are the sexy moves to add to your next intimate evening.

Flick your partner’s ears and nipples with your tongue. While you’re teasing the ear area, softly breathe into their ear. This is sure to send chills down their body.

Outline their nipple—you can even gently bite for extra steam.

Lick up and down the chest and sprinkle in some kisses to give your partner butterflies.

This one is fire: slowly inch up the leg with your tongue, pausing for a bit, and then get close to the inner thigh. Talk about teasing.

Don’t forget the back. You can start with a shoulder rub with your body positioned super close to the other person, and then begin licking the back and up the neck and end with a little ear nibble.

While you’re sitting on the couch watching TV, nonchalantly start licking your finger and playing with your bottom lip. It’ll excite your partner and make them think “what oh what is going on in her head?”

Never underestimate the fun of incorporating sweets in the bedroom. Caramel, whipped cream—whatever fancies your taste buds.

When in doubt, lick anywhere, literally.

Non-Sexual Forms of INTIMACY

When we speak about intimacy, our minds tend to go directly to “sexual” intimacy. However, intimacy goes beyond the bedroom. There is more to intimacy than just sex and getting frisky. It’s connecting on the deepest level emotionally, vulnerably, energetically, and spiritually to others—not just a partner but friends, family, or someone else in your life.


Some forms of non-sexual intimacy are:

Listening: One of our deepest needs and desires is to be heard. When a friend or your partner listens to you (truly listens!), they are:

· Investing in what you’re saying

· Showing they want to connect

· Interested in what you have to say

· Care about how you feel

When a person truly listens, they don’t seek distractions (e.g., sneaking a look at their phone). A person who is truly listening will have constant eye contact with you and hear without the need to interrupt or redirect the conversation. Listening is intimate and it is sexy (even if it’s in a platonic way).


Compliments/Words of affirmation: Everyone loves to be complimented, and our serotonin skyrockets when we receive compliments or words of flattery. Compliments and words of affirmation let us feel worthy and good about ourselves. This feeling creates an intimacy between the person giving the compliment and the person receiving it.

Gift giving: It’s not necessarily about the gift. It’s about the fact that someone has thought about giving you a gift and take the time and energy to consider what the recipient would appreciate. Many of us have received gifts that are not quite up our alley (maybe a pair of dollar-store socks?). When we realize that the giver put thought into gifting us, even if it wasn’t something we liked, it creates deep intimacy and connection. Why? Because being thought of feels amazing, even if the gift itself isn’t the greatest. 


Laughter, goofing around, and inside jokes: Laughter is incredible medicine for the soul. When we laugh with our friends, partners, or loved ones; when we play and goof around, drop the seriousness, and share inside jokes, intimacy is born. Life can be too heavy and serious sometimes but sharing laughter with loved ones or friends and having playful and silly moments infuses your connection with lightness and creates intimacy.

Sharing mutual interests: Sharing interests, or displaying an interest in what someone is reading, watching, doing, or listening to and how they feel about that interest, strengthens an intimate bond. Even if your interests are not necessarily shared, ask questions and show them that you’re interested in their interests because of how you feel about that person. Speak with your friends, your family, or your partner about their favorite music at the moment, the book they are reading, or the podcast they are listening to. Show an interest in their interests and you may surprise yourself and discover something you had not even thought to be interested in before!  

Affection:  Hugging and nonsexual physical touch increase serotonin, a neurotransmitter known as the “feel good” hormone. Serotonin helps us feel happy, calm, and confident, which in turn allows intimacy to deepen. Hugging and other forms of nonsexual touching also cause your brain to release oxytocin, which is also known as the “bonding hormone.” Bonding is intimacy. Whether you’re hugging a friend, a romantic interest, or a partner, know that it is boosting your intimacy within the connection.


Quiet time: Believe it or not, just sitting in a pause between conversations with a friend or loved one is intimacy. Just being present in each other’s company without having to fill the silence shows that you are connected on a level that goes beyond words. Sitting in the silence of each other’s presence is true intimacy.

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