Perfume, the essential of the morning routine!

Happy Friday! Can’t believe we’re almost done with 2022 already. We are hoping things slow down a bit so we can enjoy more of the year 2022!

Putting on fragrance is part of our morning routine. Even when we never left the house during quarantine. haha, we were super excited to try out Dossier fragrances. They are inspired by luxury designer scents but have a much more affordable price point.


We decided to try one inspired by Marc Jacobs’ Daisy, called FLORAL VIOLET. We still had some in a sample-size bottle of Daisy so we could compare the two. We put a spritz on each wrist. In the bottle, they smell different but once they dry on your skin, they smell identical.

It’s somehow both creamy and powdery at the same time, sweet without being too sweet, and simply gorgeous. This is perfect for any teenager; the scent isn’t too strong and isn’t too mature for the young ones. It’s a beautiful vanilla/violet that doesn’t overload the senses. It’s somehow both creamy and powdery at the same time, sweet without being too sweet, and simply gorgeous.


The other perfume we tried is the CITRUS GREEN APPLE, inspired by D&G’s Light Blue. We haven’t had it in a few years, but it smells exactly how we remember the D&G’s Light Blue in the bottle and on. This scent reminds you of summer in Italy or Spain all year long. The scent is fresh, airy, and sweet and you automatically smell the citrus. It is many people’s faves.


WHAT WE LOVE about Dossier

🍏 First off, their whole line is vegan, cruelty-free, paraben, and UV-filter-free!

🍏 The bottle is 100% recyclable and sustainable aside from the pump

🍏 The magnetized cover is genius, it’s so easy to remove!

🍏 They also have a unique risk-free system where you can try and then decide if you want to keep the perfume. Returns are refunded and donated to charity, which is awesome, so they don’t go to waste! 

🍏 They have a wide variety of fragrances for men and women inspired by luxury/iconic scents

🍏 The bottle is sleek, aesthetically pleasing, and just very Instagram-worthy.

🍏 We LOVE how they name their perfumes and how they smell like inspired scents.



Use Code Lee10 for an additional 10% off Dosser. co. Dossier has a welcome offer up to 20% on the website plus, free shipping on 3 or more items! So, in total, you will be getting up to 30% off by using the discount code Lee10 at checkout. We don’t know about you but that sounds like a win to us! Each fragrance comes with a sample size perfect for on the go too!


Hope you all have a great weekend and a good school year!
*Thank you to Dossier for gifting these fragrances. As always, thoughts & opinions are BeautyLeeBar own.

Flo Vitamins Review

About Flo Vitamins

Flo Vitamins help fight the common assumption that a woman’s uterus is the sole reason for those dark clouds hanging over her. But there’s a silver lining: donut-shaped gummy vitamins to ward off those PMS blues.    

Flo claims their PMS Gummy Vitamins are formulated with ingredients that have been traditionally used to alleviate cramps, bloating, hormonal acne, and mood swings. Flo Vitamins is featured in notable publications like Forbes and Town & Country.

Flo struck a chord among women with its plain-speak marketing and pink banners. The Flo Vitamins Instagram has over 75.6k followers, while its Facebook page has nearly 37k followers.      

This Flo Vitamins review will trace the story of the brand, how period vitamins work, what customers think, promotions, and more, to help you decide if these gummies are for you.  


Overview of Flo Vitamins

Flo Vitamins was founded in 2018 by siblings Brianna and Bobby Bitton. Why? Because “PMS f*cking sucks,” says Brianna. “It’s a widely known medical condition that the majority of women suffer from the month in and month out and no one talks about it.” The Bitton siblings wanted to start the conversation, and so began Flo.  

Flo operates from its headquarters in Los Angeles, CA. Their PMS gummies contain all-natural ingredients and are produced in the USA. The ingredients in Flo gummies were selected based on established research on their benefits.


Flo founders say that taking two gummies daily will nix your PMS symptoms right away, but it takes at least 2 cycles to achieve the full effect. The company relies on its Happiness Guarantee, which lets you try Flo risk-free for 2 months to make sure these vitamins are right for you.

If you are not feeling Flo, you’ll be fully refunded for your first two bottles within 60 days of your first order. The only downside is that shipping is not refundable.

Flo Vitamins reiterates its philosophy, working style, and ethos on multiple platforms. Their mission is to empower women, adopt a proactive approach to health, advocate self-care, and create a community to support women with premenstrual pain. Amen!


Flo Vitamins are no magical cure, but they may just ease your PMS and period pains. This Flo Vitamins review will highlight some of the pros and cons of the brand. 


  • Flo gummies contain ingredients proven to alleviate cramps, bloating, hormonal acne, and mood swings
  • The supplements are all-natural, vegan, and gluten-free
  • Thousands of positive customer reviews indicating that the gummies are effective
  • Customers say the gummies are very tasty
  • One-time purchase and subscription options are available
  • Made in the USA
  • Offers a more affordable substitute for other skincare products 


  • International shipping unavailable

Flo PMS vitamins come in bottles containing 60 gummieswith each bottle lasting 30 days (2 little donuts taken daily). In this Flo Vitamins review, we’ll dive into the bottles and examine what’s actually in these supplements.

These PMS supplements contain plant-based ingredients that customers claim are quite tasty. The ingredients are backed up by research that demonstrates an effective ability to alleviate cramps, hormonal acne, mood swings, bloating, and even ease indigestion.

Flo gummies are vegan, gluten-free, and contain no genetically modified ingredients, priced at $30 per bottle. Customers can save more by signing up for the Flo subscription (more on this later).

Next up, we’ll take a look at Flo Vitamins ingredients to understand what goes into these gummies and why.

Flo Vitamins Ingredients

Flo gummies contain three botanicals, chaste berryDong Quai, and lemon balm, as well as Vitamin B6. While some health supplements contain numerous obscure ingredients in small quantities, Flo keeps it simple with just four.


Flo Vitamins Review
Chasteberry Plant

Chasteberry isn’t a berry at all. Historically, this flowering plant was used by Mediterranean monks in the Middle Ages to decrease sexual desire. Kind of weird. Today, research has established the efficacy of these herbs in treating various gynecological disorders and skin conditions that revolve around hormonal imbalances.

Studies indicate that Chasteberry extract can help clear premenstrual acne while reducing mood swings and breast tenderness. These symptoms are the result of hormone fluctuations associated with PMS.

For this Flo Vitamins review, I did some research myself. A study in the Journal of Women’s Health & Gender-Based Medicine found that of the 1,634 women who took Chasteberry extract, 93% of participants reported a decrease in PMS symptoms after three menstrual cycles. This magic uterus herb is effective, but science and Flo both say it will take some time to experience the effects.

Dong Quai

Flo Vitamins Review
Dong Quai Plant

Angelica Sinensis commonly known as Dong Quai (pronounced dong qwhy), is a herb native to Asia used in traditional Chinese medicine. Now commonly referred to as ‘female ginseng,’ this plant has been used for centuries to treat menstrual cramps and symptoms of menopause.

Extensive research indicates that dong Quai can relax smooth muscles within the uterus to reduce pelvic pain and aid recovery from childbirth. The herb contains ferulic acid, a powerful antioxidant known for its antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties that can alleviate bloating and muscle pain.

The ancients were really onto something with these natural remedies. In the days before pharmaceuticals, healers only had nature to fight the symptoms experienced by women throughout humankind—and now we’ve come full circle back to these earth-based ingredients.

Lemon Balm

Flo Vitamins Review 1
Lemon Balm Plant

The Mediterranean lemon balm plant has been used medicinally for more than 2000 years. In the 16th century, a renowned physician and alchemist of the German Renaissance, Paracelsus, called it the “Elixir of Life.” For centuries, traditional Persian medicine has used lemon balm to treat depression and reduce stress naturally. This Flo Vitamins review found studies to back this up.

A 2020 study published in the journal of BMC Complementary Medicine and Therapies treated 45 adults diagnosed with major depression using either lemon balm, lavender, or fluoxetine (a pharmaceutical more commonly known as Prozac). The results are shocking: researchers found that lemon balm produced effects similar to the pharmaceutical in treating mild to moderate depression.

The Journal of Herbal Medicine published a 2015 study that contained a group of 93 female participants, and those that were given lemon balm reported a significant reduction in PMS cramps. Separate studies published in 2004 and 2014 in the journals of Psychosomatic Medicine and Nutrients both reported the stress-reducing properties of the plant.

Initially, I thought that Paracelsus was exaggerating about lemon balm, but now I’m not so sure. Maybe it is the Elixir of Life.

Vitamin B6

Flo Vitamins Review

Vitamin B6, found naturally in foods like banana and avocado, is another all-star in the Flo lineup. Aside from relieving multiple premenstrual symptoms, B6 boosts brain health, speeds up metabolism, improves immune system functioning, and reduces the risk of heart disease.

Vitamin B6 can help address vitamin deficiency and PMS. Flo includes B6 in the gummies to fight moodiness, irritability, increased appetite, bloating, breast tenderness, and sugar cravings. If you often find yourself halfway through a tub of ice cream when your period hits, this vitamin can help manage that urge to eat everything sweet insight.


Flo Vitamins Subscription

Flo Vitamins offers one-off purchases and subscription plans. While a regular bottle of Flo gummies costs $30, subscribers get a discounted rate of $25, and never have to worry about stocking up.

You can choose to get your Flo gummies every 30 or 60 days. The subscription is flexible and can be canceled at any point.

Flo GTFO Immunity Gummy Review

As the name suggests, these daily gummies are designed to increase your immune system thanks to the specially formulated ingredients.

The GTFO Immunity Gummy Vitamins are made with elderberryzinc, and contain 50% more vitamin C than your average orange, with just a third of the sugar content.

These ingredients are specifically designed to help provide strong antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, and general wellbeing. Not to mention, the gummies also taste like a refreshing, delicious berry lemonade.

The GTFO Immunity Gummy Vitamins come in the following quantities:

  • 1 Month Supply: $30
  • 2 Month Supply: $60
  • Subscription: $25 

All GTFO Immunity Gummy Vitamins are non-GMO, cruelty-free, gluten-free, and vegan consumers alike. Ready to give them a try?

Are Flo Vitamins Worth It?

Flo Vitamins Review

If you’re forced to deal with nagging pain, heavy periods, depressed mood, and other PMS symptoms, Flo Vitamins is worth a shot. While Flo isn’t a cure-all for every symptom, most customers noted a significant reduction in cramps and more stable moods.

We shouldn’t dismiss the reports on unpleasant side effects and ineffectual results, but the relatively few negative comments are outweighed by the thousands of happy customers who vouch for Flo gummies. To sum up this Flow Vitamins review:

  • Many customers notice results in less than 2 months, with multiple reviews describing the vitamins as life-changing
  • Flo gummies are all-natural, vegan, and gluten-free
  • Valid research indicates the efficacy of the ingredients—some of which have been used for centuries (maybe even by one of your female ancestors)
  • Flo’s generous 2-month return policy lets you wait and see if the gummies have a positive effect on your body

It’s important to note in this Flo Vitamins review that excruciating menstrual cramps can be a symptom of an underlying health condition. If this is an issue for you, consult your gynecologist, whether or not you decide to jump on the Flo bandwagon.


Flo Vitamins Promotions & Discounts 

At the time of this Flo Vitamins review, the company is offering a Subscribe and Save option with $5 off on a 2- month supply offer with $10 off

Be sure to use our Flo discount code IAMCRYSTALEE10 to receive 10% off your first bottle. 

Where to Buy Flo Vitamins

Flo Vitamins Review

Flo Vitamins are available exclusively on the company’s official website,

5 Fall Makeup Trends Currently Trending on Pinterest

Sure, we’re a little crazy for daydreaming about fall makeup looks when it’s still a zillion degree outside, but we can’t help ourselves. It’s the perfect time to scope out all of the best new autumn eyeshadow palettes and stock up on some vampy lipsticks. For inspiration, we’re looking to Pinterest. Ahead, check out five makeup looks we’re currently pinning and will be recreating this season.


Rich Warm Tones

In our opinion, orange is the unofficial color of fall and we love incorporating the shade into our makeup. Swipe a shadow with red undertones onto your brow bone and add an orangey pop in your inner corner. Complete the look with a creamy orange lip gloss. Use the Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeshadow in Wild One with enhancemecosmeticsataylorgirlcollection ADORE ME PALETTE and the Lancôme Juicy Tubes in Orange Flashback to recreate this look.

Amped-up Eyeliner

Transform a classic cat-eye by doubling up and adding another swipe of gold eyeliner that will make your eyes sparkle more when they catch the light. Pair it with a matte, neutral-cut crease to make your eyes pop.

Autumn Dew

Who says dewy skin is only for warm weather? This trend isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Keep things soft and natural this autumn by using a skin tint like the YSL Beauty NU Bare Look Tint or FENTY BEAUTY by Rihanna
Eaze Drop Blurring Skin Tint

Vampy Lips

Dark, matte lipsticks will always be a fall staple. We love how they make a statement on their own, or you can pair them with eye makeup that’s equally as bold. Our favorite matte lipstick of the moment is the NYX Professional Makeup XXL Lip Lingerie Matte Liquid Lipstick.

Falling Leaves

Rich oranges, yellows, and browns are the signature colors of falling autumn leaves — plus they make a gorgeous effect when used in tandem on your eyes. For the ultimate fall eye, create a glittery gradient with enhancemecosmeticsataylorgirlcollection Black Magic and Surprise Me Glitter eyeshadow palette.

Photo: Zeph, @zephanijong

Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty | Dark Skin Honest Review

When Selena Gomez announced she was launching a beauty brand back in February, no doubt everyone had the same collective thought, do we need another celeb beauty brand? Although TBH, we’ve seen some pretty fire formulas come through from celebs, so we had high hopes for Selena’s offering! So, six months later she’s finally launching and we have our hands on Rare Beauty, and we have to say, Selena did not hold back. The first collection is a huge range that offers everything from blush and liquid highlighter, to a primer, setting spray, liner, tools, and a massive 48-shade foundation range!



Compared to some other celeb beauty brands, it’s slightly more affordable than Gaga’s Haus Labs, and it’s also cheaper than Fenty – we’d say it’s on par with KKW Beauty in terms of pricing. But what’s new? According to Selena, “Rare Beauty is breaking down unrealistic standards of perfection.” She says the range is meant to celebrate what is rare about you, not cover you up or turn you into anyone else, which is definitely an ethos worth celebrating. You can move it around; Gomez wanted every single person to be able to find their perfect shade.” You don’t have to be a makeup artist to use these products or to identify your perfect shade; you can just focus on being you.

And while the price point is fair, you can feel good about every purchase knowing that it’s going towards the $100 million that Gomez has pledged to raise for mental health services over the next 10 years via Rare Beauty’s Rare Impact Fund. “I have struggled very openly about anxiety and depression and mental health,” Gomez said. “[But] the time that I’ve taken for myself has actually just reflected in everything that I’ve been releasing. I don’t know if anyone can tell or cares but you can just see the amount of happiness that I have with what I’m given and what I’m blessed with.” If anything is reflected in Rare Beauty, it’s Gomez’s care and intentionality—her way of identifying a gap and filling it with something rare and luminous.


We put everything to the test to see how it stood up on different skin tones and skin types.


Liquid Touch Weightless Foundation, $29


What it is: A weightless liquid foundation with concentrated pigments that give medium coverage with a natural-looking finish. The formula is ideal for all skin types and comes in 48 shades.

What we thought: A warning to you before you open this foundation, be careful! The formula is very runny so it can be a bit messy. Despite the thin formula, it is pigmented, although we would say it gives light to medium coverage depending on how much you use. The formula sets really nicely without powder and doesn’t move, but we do recommend powdering your T-zone if you’re prone to midday shine and any areas that you tend to crease, as this did settle into fine lines slightly as the day went on. We also found that the foundation wore better when we used less product, so if you prefer fuller coverage, then by layering this up (which isn’t easy) you do run the risk of compromising the wear.

Our tip: Shake well before you open to combine and then be extra careful opening. We recommend using fingers to blend and then finishing by bouncing a damp makeup sponge for a flawless finish, as it takes a bit of work to get a streak-free finish with a brush. If you have combo or oily skin, set all over with a light dusting of loose powder.

Overall we recommend this formula for people who love a no-makeup makeup look.

Liquid Touch Brightening Concealer, $19

What we thought: Overall, we really enjoyed using this concealer and it also has an interesting square-shaped doe-foot applicator that works nicely to apply the product. It blends out easily and gives good coverage without any cake. It sets in place and stays in place, but we do recommend setting with powder under eyes or on any areas that tend to crease. This covers pimples and imperfections easily and is great for natural makeup lovers, but if you want very high coverage, you may want to try a different concealer. However, the concealer does build up nicely and is giving you what makeup vibes, this is all skin babe! PERIOD.

Always An Optimist Illuminating Primer, $26

What it is: A silicone-free gel primer enriched with ultra-fine pearls.

What we thought: This is pretty and very shimmery – we were actually shocked at how pearlescent the formula was. It looked beautiful on light and medium skin tones, but the white pearl base wasn’t flattering and looked a little too sparkly on rich skin tones. It makes a nice base for makeup and definitely helps to create an overall luminous finish, and it wore well with the foundation.

Our tip: For medium to rich skin tones, combine one pump of primer with one pump of moisturizer for a luminous base.

Soft Pinch Liquid Blush, $20

What it is: A long-lasting, highly pigmented liquid blush in 8 shades – 4 with a radiant finish and 4 matte finish.

What we thought: The blush colors are really pretty and we love the spectrum of colors that includes pinks, reds, purples and tangy orange tones. The formula is creamy and incredibly pigmented, which means a little goes a very long way. After blending – which takes a little work – the result is a pretty, healthy flush. For richer skin tones, steer towards the brighter and deeper shades, as the pink-toned blushes have a white base that can look unnatural.

Our tip: Blend it out quickly and apply immediately after foundation or your base for seamless blending, and be sure to work quickly. A brush can help to distribute the color more easily, but finish with a damp makeup sponge to ensure it’s well blended. Less is more with this product.

Positive Light Liquid Luminizer Highlight, $22

What it is: A silky, rich liquid highlighter in 8 shades.

What we thought: We were expecting a natural-looking highlighter from this collection, and so we were surprised to see how rich these pearl-packed liquid highlighters are – you really only need a little to get that pop! The formula is a little tricky to blend, so if applying without makeup, make sure your skin is damp from your moisturizer to ensure it blends well. If applying on top of a base or foundation, apply immediately while the base is still ‘wet’, and use a damp blender.Some of the shades looked a little sparkly on rich skin tones due to the white pearl base in most of them. We recommend shades Flaunt, a pretty bronzey-gold shade, Captivate, a pinkish-orangey copper, and Reflect, a deep bronze.

Our tip: Shake well before use, as the formula tends to separate a little due to the high pearl concentrate. Try swirling the formula directly on the back of your hand and then dip your makeup sponge into this, and then apply to cheekbones and the high points of your face for a natural glow.

Blot & Glow Touch-Up Kit, $26

What it is: A refillable compact for touching-up on the go. It contains blotting papers and a radiant powder-filled puff.

What we thought: Love the concept, but the pack is actually a little chunkier than we thought it would be – much bigger than a phone – so it’s not ideal for smaller purses. On the plus side, the blotting papers are removable, so you can easily stash these in a small purse. The blotting paper works well to absorb oil, and while the powder-filled puff also has a similar mattifying effect, we’re not a fan of the fact it can’t be washed between uses.

Our Tip: Even with the puff and blotting sheets inside, this case is large enough to carry a spare mask. If you’ve been experiencing mask-related breakouts, it doesn’t hurt to carry a fresh one if you’re going to be wearing a mask for an extended period of time (like on walks or grocery shopping).

Always An Optimist 4-in-1 Prime & Set Mist, $24

What it is: An ultrafine water-like mist that hydrates, primes and sets. The formula is suitable for all skin types and is packed with brightening niacinamide, hydrating sodium hyaluronate and a blend of nourishing botanicals.

What we thought: We tried this before and after the foundation and you only need to mist a few times to get a decent covering. It almost has a wet-look finish, but it does dry down. If you have oily or combo skin, we suggest using only as a priming mist otherwise it could make you more prone to shine.


Lip Soufflé Matte Lip Cream, $20

What it is: A light, whipped lip cream that gives rich color and a boost of hydration. The matte-finish formula comes in 12 shades that range from a universally-flattering bright red shade called Inspire – that’s the one you’ve seen Selena wearing in all the ads – to a true brown called Thrilling, and bright coral pink named Energize.

What we thought: This has a very comfortable, creamy texture that feels really nice to apply with the flat, triangular-shaped doe-foot applicator, and it gives good pigment payoff from the first swipe. It doesn’t really set, but the creaminess almost wears off over time and leaves more of a stained finish. It’s definitely a formula that you’ll want to reapply throughout the day as opposed to setting and forgetting. We also think the color selection is really cute and we love that there’s some bold and neutral colors to choose from.

If you like long-wearing formulas this probably isn’t for you, but if you like something creamy then give it a try!

With Gratitude Dewy Lip Balm, $16

What it is: A hydrating lip balm packed with shea butter and a botanical blend to nourish lips. Choose from a clear balm or seven tinted shades.

What we thought: This is a really nice rich, creamy formula that feels very hydrating on the lips. We were also surprised at how pigment-packed the tinted shades were, and we love that these glide on, nourish and add a really pretty color in one. We’ll definitely be keeping one of these in our bag for daytime top-ups.


Perfect Strokes Matte Liquid Liner, $19

What it is: A longwearing, waterproof, matte liquid eyeliner formulated with ultra-black pigments and over 1,000 vegan bristles that create a fine tip.

What we thought: This is a really nice formula and works very well with the flexible brush tip. It made applying our wing incredibly easy, as the formula glides on smoothly without feathering and allows you to get really precise application. It dries down to a matte, bold black shade and it lasts all day without smudging. The design also made it easy to use and looks sleek.

Brow Harmony Pencil & Gel, $22

What it is: A dual-ended brow tool. At one end is a triangular-shaped, retractable gel pencil and at the other, a tinted brow gel. The formula comes in 8 shades, from a cool-toned Soft Blonde shade to a rich Soft Black shade.

What we thought: First of all, we love a double-ended brow product, and this tool has a great combo. The gel-like pencil is much softer than your average brow pencil, which means it glides on very easily with high pigment payoff from the first swipe. We liked the idea of the triangle-shaped tip, which meant we could use the pointed end to create hair-like strokes and the thicker side to fill in. However, as it’s so soft, the point did blunt after both brows were finished, which meant creating defined hair-like strokes became more difficult.


The brow gel gives immediate coverage and adds instant volume to sparse brows, and we love the mini applicator that made it easy to precisely shape and brush our brows. When the formula dries down, it doesn’t feel stiff or crispy, and just feels really natural. Both formulas wore really well without fading or smudging.

Overall we really like this brow product and we’ll definitely continue to use it. It’s also perfect for keeping in your purse because it’s so small and compact.

Our Verdict:

Overall we’re really excited that Selena has joined the beauty sphere, and from this collection of products, we can tell that she’s tried to do something different. Whether that’s uniquely shaped applicators – all of which we thought worked well – or unique packaging, everything from the colors to the shade-rich offering is definitely a great entrance into the beauty space. Some of the products, like the Soft Pinch Liquid Blush, Liquid Touch Brightening Concealer, and With Gratitude Dewy Lip Balm, will definitely make it into our beauty bags, but we probably would pass on the tools.

You can credit the brand’s smash success to the founder’s star power or the aesthetic packaging, but we are in the camp that these intuitive products are making a splash in the makeup space for the simplest of reasons: they do what they say they will, and more.

We’re definitely intrigued to see the formulas and products Selena brings out next. Hopefully, Selena Gomez make the Concealer bigger because this was our fave! We know Sephora isn’t allowing any testing but try to find someone there that can really help you. Sephora employees do advice that if the product isn’t your shade or up to your liking, you can always return the product(s) back. Rare Beauty is available in Sephora stores and online now.

Let us know if you’re excited to try out this new collection in the comments below.



Dirty minds, Beauties. You thought this was going to be all about using your tongue during oral. Not so much. This steamy piece is actually on how to enhance foreplay and pleasure with your tongue. It’s sensual, it’s sexual, and it’s all about embracing the sexy side of self-care. Let’s get into the ways you can la-la-lick your…

Non-Sexual Forms of INTIMACY

When we speak about intimacy, our minds tend to go directly to “sexual” intimacy. However, intimacy goes beyond the bedroom. There is more to intimacy than just sex and getting frisky. It’s connecting on the deepest level emotionally, vulnerably, energetically, and spiritually to others—not just a partner but friends, family, or someone else in your…


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