Primp Tip: How to Find Your Perfect Brow Shape

Eyebrows have been a hot topic of conversation for a while now. Similar to fashion, it seems as if brow trends come and go with the seasons. When I was in high school thin, over-tweezed brows were everywhere. But now, it’s time to give the tweezers a rest! Full brows are dominating the beauty scene. And while bold is on trend, not every woman has been blessed in this department. Rather than force an unnatural shape, this post is all about learning how to enhance your natural eyebrows with minimal tools (and less plucking!). Let’s get to it…

Locating The Start And Endpoints

Begin by lining up your tweezers along the side of your nose. By doing this you should be able to see that the front of your brows should align with the upper bridge of your nose. After you do this, very minimal tweezing between your brows should be done to prevent your eyebrows from looking too far apart. My advice is to just get rid of stray hairs and nothing more.

To locate the end of your brows, align your tweezers with the outer corner of your eyes. Where your tweezers meet your brow bone is ideally where your eyebrows should end. Remember that everyone’s brows are different! Not all brows will extend to the outer corner of the eye and some will reach past this point. Similar to grooming the start of your brows, you don’t want to over-tweeze the end of your brows either. You just want to clean up stray hairs here and there.

Defining The Arch

The easiest way to define your arch is by using a white eyeliner pencil. Using a white eyeliner pencil will help you locate stray hairs that fall outside of your defined eyebrow shape. Draw a line tracing the bottom of your eyebrow. You should be following the natural arch of your eyebrow for this step, not creating a new one. Once you’ve drawn the line, tweeze whatever stray hairs fall below it.

My last bit of advice for defining your brows is to trim them. To do this, use an eyebrow spooly and comb those brows upwards. Take eyebrow scissors and trim any hairs that are longer than your actual brow shape. This step helps maintain your shape more than just using products alone.

Brow Sculpting 101

Now that you’ve enhanced the natural shape of your brows, it’s time to help them out a bit. If you’re more of a natural girl when it comes to makeup, brow gels are going to be your best friend. Clear gels will help keep your brows sculpted all day long without having to fill them in. If you have sparse brows I recommend trying your hand at brow pencils, powders or colored gels.

While drama isn’t necessarily a bad thing, remember to keep it natural when filling in your brows. Start by filling in the arches, using strokes that mimic the direction of your natural hair growth. Then, follow your arches to fill in the end of your eyebrows. Use longer strokes here but don’t go too far past the ends.

Lastly, use smaller strokes to fill in the starting points of your eyebrows. This area is where you should be filling in your brows the least. Like I mentioned earlier, use strokes that mimic your actual hairs as to avoid any over-filling. As a finishing touch, use a spooly to blend the product into your brows for the most natural effect.

Like anything else in life, practice makes perfect. If you’re still unsure about grooming your brows, here’s how to decide whether to wax, thread or tweeze. I hope this helps any brow debacles that you might be having!


What tips and tricks do you have when it comes to brows? 

I’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments.

XO Lee

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Primp Tip: My 5-Minute Makeup Routine

We all have mornings where we’re strapped for time yet still need to look presentable. Trust me when I say I’ve been there! Your alarm clock doesn’t go off, you’ve pressed snooze one too many times, or your morning just isn’t going quite the way you want it to. With a busy schedule and hardly enough time to make breakfast, putting on a full face of makeup doesn’t always make sense.

I’ve had my fair share of practice over the years when it comes to applying makeup in a pinch. So today I thought I’d share my foolproof 5-minute makeup routine to save you time on those busy mornings. Keep scrolling to see how you too can achieve a perfectly put together look in no time at all…


Start at the foundation.

On busy mornings I opt for lighter but even-looking coverage when it comes to foundation. I want my skin to have a healthy, even glow without going over the top. For this I use Black Radiance TRUE COMPLEXION™ BB CREAM or I use Iman Second To None Stick Foundation/ Iman Second To None Cream To Powder. I love how blendable their foundation is and the end result feels completely weightless.

Once my foundation is evenly applied, I reach for my NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, Too Faced Born This Way Concealer Naturally Radiant Concealer-Deep with Golden Undertones or FENTY BEAUTY by Rihanna Match Stix Trio. I like to cover any noticeable redness or dark circles under my eyes, but make sure to do the bare minimum. Next, I use TRUE COMPLEXION™ SOFT FOCUS FINISHING POWDER to give me an airbrush flawless finish look. Remember, we’re trying to save as much time as possible. Save any major contouring for another day! 


Make me blush.

Don’t forget to leave the house with a pretty, natural flush. I like to lightly contour my cheeks by applying Anastasia Beverly Hills Bronzing Powder in Mahogany. I rarely contour my entire face so just a touch of bronzing powder does the trick.

I then apply PĂśR 4-In-1 Blush Book to the apples of my cheeks. It adds enough color to give me a healthy glow without being over the top.


Easy on the eyes.

Believe it or not there are only four products that I use on my eyes on a regular basis—whether I’m trying to save time or not! First I start by sculpting my brows. I’m more of a natural girl myself, especially in the brow department. I use the Tinted Brow Gel – Granite to keep my brows put and the Anastasia Brow Definer – Dark Brown to make my brows look defined. I pencil in my eyebrows mimicking the natural direction of the hair and use the spooli on the other end to blend it all out.

Sometimes, I go in with my Morphe 25A COPPER SPICE EYESHADOW PALETTE, ABH
Modern Renaissance Palette, ABH Soft Glam Eyeshadow Palette Once, and/or ABH Norvina Eyeshadow Palette. When I’m done putting on eyeshadow, I coat my eyelashes with Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash Curling & Lifting Mascara and call it good!


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The perfect pout.

Perfectly applying lip liner and lipstick (don’t get any on your teeth!) can take up way too much time. Instead, using a tinted lip balm will not only give your lips hydration but will also give them a nice, natural wash of color that is perfect for school, appointments or work. Before I head out the door I swipe on Maybelline New York Baby Lips Cherry Balm or FENTY BEAUTY by Rihanna Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer for moisture. It leaves my lips extra soft. 


And there you have it! With enough practice you’ll have this routine down in five minutes flat.

How do you save time in the morning?

I’d love to hear your tips in the comments!

XO Lee