Is Rare Beauty Worth the Hype? Our Editors Weigh-In on Their Favorite Products

A badass founder with a powerful mission is enough to make us fans of a brand, but when the products perform, have a broad shade range, are vegan and cruelty-free, and are affordable, you’ll be hard-pressed to get us to stop talking about them. Since its launch, Selena Gomez’s makeup brand, Rare Beauty, has had its fair share of waitlisted products, and for a good reason—everyone (including all of TikTok and our editors) is obsessed with them.


We try a lot of products around here, so when the Founder Crystal Lee, calls a product “God-tier,” you know we mean business. From the bronzing stick that melts into the skin, our Founder is sharing her favorite Rare Beauty products so you know which ones you need to get your hands on ASAP:


Our favorites from Rare Beauty

Soft Pinch Liquid Blush

If you scroll on TikTok for a mere five minutes, there’s a pretty high chance you’ll come across this blush more than once. And while I hate to be preaching to the choir, this stuff is popular for a reason. When I say that a little bit of this formula goes a long way, I mean it. It takes one singular dot of this blush on each cheek to warm up my entire face, it blends so seamlessly and will last a long time. For me, that makes it worth every penny.

Warm Wishes Effortless Bronzer Sticks

I have dabbled with bronzing and contour sticks in the past but, earlier this summer, I wanted to find one that blended easily and warmed up my face. A lot of sticks I’ve used in the past were tough to blend (eating up way too much time of my morning routine) and, at times, would leave me feeling like I just smeared dirt on my face. I picked up this Rare Beauty bronzing stick and let me tell you—this stuff puts in work. It’s super creamy without feeling too liquid-like and melts into my skin like butter. When it comes to warming up my face fast, this formula gets the job done and is one of my favorite parts of my makeup routine.

Kind Words Lip Liner

My lips are extremely sensitive, with most lip products I use causing reactions (plump lips are in, swollen ones? Not so much). The Rare Beauty Kind Words lipliner is truly a godsend. It glides on so smoothly and leaves my lips feeling nourished rather than dry. I use a shade close to my natural lip color for everyday wear and I couldn’t recommend it more.

Positive Light Luminizer Highlight

The second Rare Beauty launched I knew I’d need to get my hands on this highlighter, and it has not disappointed me. It gives a beautiful glow without being in your face about it. On days I want to wear a little less makeup, I mix a drop of this with my blush and blend the two. It’s a holy grail kind of combo.


Stay Vulnerable Melting Cream Blush

Everyone always talks about Rare Beauty’s liquid blushes (which for the record, I love) but nobody ever talks about how incredible their cream blushes are. If you’re someone who loves a natural flush, you’re going to adore these. They blend out to give the prettiest, flushed cheek, and unlike the liquid blushes, they’re hard to overdo. I have two different shades that I love for day-to-day wear.

Positive Light Tinted Moisturizer

As a tinted moisturizer fanatic, this is one of my favorites of all time. Unlike many tinted moisturizers, this one gives me a bit of coverage and leaves me with a blurred, poreless, healthy-looking complexion. I love this for daily wear, but it’s also significant enough that I wear it to the office all the time, too.

Perfect Strokes Universal Volumizing Mascara

This mascara has some mixed reviews on Sephora, but it still has a 4-star rating. Its eye-hugging brush is meant to lift, lengthen, curl, and volumize the lashes, and reviewers say that it does—as long as you wipe excess product off of the brush first to prevent clumping.


Stay Vulnerable Liquid Eyeshadow

Liquid eyeshadows are a God-send because they make applying eyeshadow seamless and quick. This one in particular is a weightless, liquid-to-powder formula that remains creaseless and because of that, reviewers are loving it.

Always An Optimist 4-in-1 Prime & Set Mist

This 4-in-1 primer hydrates, primes, sets, and refreshes skin with ingredients like niacinamide to improve the appearance of skin and lotus, gardenia, and white waterlily to soothe and nourish. While oily-skin gals say it makes them look like a “grease ball,” dry-skin gals are loving the glow.

Primp Tip: This is for black and brown people aka POC, don’t apply too much because too much product will leave your face sparkly ghostly unless that’s your thing.


Liquid Touch Weightless Foundation

Serum-like, weightless, and buildable foundations always sound too good to be true, and reviewers are torn on this one. Some say that it is the “best skin-like foundation on the market” and others are claiming that it is “patchy and cakey with REALLY bad separation.” This is one you’re going to have to test out for yourself to see if this foundation is for you.

Always an Optimist Soft Radiance Setting Powder

This talc-free, loose-setting powder visibly smooths, blurs, and controls shine on all skin types. Five shade options deliver a natural, comfortable finish. One reviewer says “it leaves your skin blurred and smooth, without mattifying,” so you can still get your glow on without looking greasy.

Liquid Touch Brightening Concealer

This lightweight, hydrating concealer offers medium-to-full coverage in 49 shades. With 1,500+ reviews on Sephora and a 4-star rating, this has been tested by the masses and the resounding verdict is that it’s a must-have.

Pore Diffusing Primer

This gel primer claims to blur the look of pores and fine lines, boost and extend makeup wear, and help fight shine. As confirmed in the reviews, it is suitable for all skin types and worth a try if you are on the hunt for a new primer.


9 Iconic ‘Clueless’ Beauty Moments To Reminisce Over — AND Maybe Copy, Too

The ’90s are famous for churning out hit teen movies one after another. If you weren’t lusting over Heath Ledger in 10 Things I Hate About You, you were probably taking fashion notes from one of the era’s biggest blockbusters: Clueless. You surely know (and might have even recreated) the matching plaid skirt-suit sets main character’s Cher and Dionne wore and even Cher’s red slip-dress, but now, in honor of the movie’s 25th anniversary, it’s time to appreciate the most iconic beauty moments from Clueless, as well.


Yes, you read that right: The 1995 film is celebrating its 25th birthday this year. Though it wasn’t anticipated to reach what is now its classic status, the teen movie that follows Beverly Hills’ best friends as they play matchmaker (which is loosely based on Jane Austen’s novel Emma) grossed more than $56.6 million at the box office. And along with producing iconic lines like “as if” and introducing the world to the dreamy Paul Rudd, the movie is a certified style look book — from clothing to the signature ’90s beauty.

Of course, the stars of the movie, Cher Horowitz (played by Alicia Silverstone) and Dionne Davenport (played by Stacey Dash), have the most iconic beauty moments with things like monochrome pink makeup and ribbon braids, respectively. Yet, supporting characters like Amber Marines (played by Elisa Donovan) also have some drool-worthy looks — like amazing pigtails.

Take a trip down memory lane and keep reading for nine of the best beauty moments from Clueless (and maybe garner some inspiration, too).

Most Iconic Beauty Moment From Clueless: Cher’s Brown Lipstick

When Cher is in the beginning stages of luring in her first love interest Christian Stovitz, she gives some pointers on how to get men’s affection, one being “Anything you can do to draw attention to your mouth is good.” And in this scene, her brown lipstick is working, if not to make Stovitz fall for her then to have a seriously flawless ’90s beauty moment.

Most Iconic Beauty Moment From Clueless: Dionne’s Flower Hat

It could be argued that Cher’s best friend, Dionne, has the most covetable — and funky — style from the movie. Case in point: The tall white, black-brimmed, black-bowed, pink-flower-adorned hat she wears in her first scene appearance. It’s large and in charge, and says Dionne is not here to play with her style. And though she wears many a hat throughout the movie, this one is quite the showstopper.

Most Iconic Beauty Moment From Clueless: Chunky Headbands

Blair Waldorf who? More than 10 years before Gossip Girl even crossed people’s radars, and consequently, character Blair Waldorf’s signature hair accessories, the girls of Clueless were wearing chunky headbands. While Dionne has a sporty feel in crisp white color, Cher’s could be plucked out of today’s runways with its velvet material.

Most Iconic Beauty Moment From Clueless: Amber’s Pigtails

Amber Mariens’ character may be on the snobbier side, but she has incredible beauty moments — one of which being this pigtail situation. The double ponytails are placed high on the crown of her head with cascading curls falling to her chest; they’re cute and playful without being too infantile. And it would be remiss to not mention her bangs, which find themselves closer to baby-bang length throughout the rest of the movie (clearly ahead of her time).

Most Iconic Beauty Moment From Clueless: Cher’s Monochrome Pink Makeup

Unlike other movies such as Moulin Rouge, makeup is not the beauty hero of Clueless. However, it had a serious moment when Cher donned an entirely monochrome pink face (and outfit and earrings and hair clip) when trying to win over Stovitz. Though her punchy pink lip, flushed cheeks, and a few swipes of the hue for eyeshadow didn’t get her the boy, it was still an iconic look (and one that continues to trend in 2020).

Most Iconic Beauty Moment From Clueless: The Girls’ Wedding Looks

There’s no better way to culminate a movie than with incredible hair. Tai Fraiser’s (played by Brittany Murphy) is simple, not straying from her normal curls seen in the movie, whereas Cher and Dionne go full ’90s for the wedding scene. Cher’s blonde tresses are ribbon curled with the front clipped up while Dionne has hot pink and baby pink puffs scattered throughout her strands.

Most Iconic Beauty Moment From Clueless: Everyone’s Barrettes

In recent years barrettes have made a serious comeback, but they were once a tried-and-true hair accessory of the ’90s. This scene, in particular, had about six barrettes make an appearance in under 20 seconds. Most notable are Dionne’s kitschy, pink sunflower versions followed by the two blue ones situated on either side of Tai’s head (and even most of the background characters are wearing some type of barrette in this clip).

Most Iconic Beauty Moment From Clueless: Cher’s Voluminous Hair

Let’s be honest: The star of Clueless was Cher’s hair. It was always perfectly coiffed with a decent, but the not overwhelming, amount of volume — aka ideal. The blonde locks were frequently left down and straight in the movie with small blips of updos and accessories; however, as little as Cher’s hair seemed to take on new iterations, hairstylist for the movie Nina Paskowitz told Mashable Cher’s hair was different for every outfit change — sometimes as small as shifting the part.

Most Iconic Beauty Moment From Clueless: Dionne’s Ribbon Braids

Once again, Dionne takes the crown for the best hair accessories. This time around she intertwined pink and green ribbon into her braids that also happened to perfectly match her top. It was simple but added just the right amount of flair to make a Dionne look complete. And with hair scarves on the rise in 2020, maybe ribbon will get a Dionne-approved resurgence too.



Societal standards of beauty are ever-changing and have come a long, interesting way from the ideals of ghostly white powdered skin, strong Roman noses, and tiny, pinched pouts of ladies painted with love and lust in Renaissance imagery. The past several decades have shifted toward ample lips that practically beg to be kissed.

We tend to think of beauty as an ownable entity, and that everyone’s unique look is what makes the beauty spectrum subjective and exciting. Besides, confidence outshines and outlasts any societal beauty expectations, so we say start there. The root of feeling confident starts with a healthy dose of self-love, and your lips’ fullness potential comes from a little TLC—so treat your kisser to a little extra care.


A dry, pale, shriveled lip is no canvas for lip color, nor exactly a beckoning call for a smooch. Exfoliation will rid your lips of any dry, scaly flakes and bring circulation to the area. This extra blood flow naturally fills a few cracks for an instant plump, and brings a flushed and rosy tint to your natural lips for a little color on their own. A lip scrub is perfect for the task, and most of them on the market are sugar-based, so if a little gets in your mouth (and it will), it’s perfectly safe and probably a little sweet. Try our DIY lip scrub recipe here.

Strategically line.

And, never forget a plump pout’s best friend, lip liner. Not only does this help keep your lip color contained in the right perimeters (aka not bleed out for a Joker-style grin), but it also lends you a little creativity about where you want to define your lip line. We definitely suggest that subtlety is key here—going too far outside your lips toes the line of drag or even clown makeup. Both of which have their time and place, though it might not be at your office job or out on a casual date.

A very impactful difference can be made by penciling in just barely outside your lip line, mostly at the center edges of your lip and coming in closer to your true, natural lip at the corners of your mouth. Exaggerating just the cupid’s bow can make a world of change in the shape of your final look. It’s doll-like with reds, deep pinks, and berry hues, or sultry with a spectrum of nude shades.

Add a gloss.

The same way that exfoliation smooths things out, a gloss will help your lips reflect light for a larger look, too. If glossy isn’t really your thing, try just applying it to the center of your lips, so the shine is contained but creates a serious highlight.

Subtle contour.

A little bit of bronzer at the bottom part of your lower lip—right where a natural shadow occurs—can help. Use an eyeshadow brush to create a thin line just at the center point beneath your lower lip to exaggerate the shadow and make your lip appear more voluminous.

Try a stimulating balm.

If you prefer to go completely natural and want your full plump potential sans lip color or makeup, a stimulating ingredient in a balm or lip oil can help bring that coveted circulation back to your lips for easy reapplication all day. Peppermint and cinnamon are both incredibly stimulating—you can even feel the tingle. Look for products that already have them in the formula, or simply add a drop of the essential oil to your favorite lip balm. If you’re not sure of any sensitivities you may have to either oil, test on a small patch of skin on your arm, first.


Because I love a drugstore beauty product that really WORKS…

I know you’ve heard it a thousand times before; the key to long, strong, healthy hair is to deep condition consistently. However, how many of us can honestly say they have enough time in their day to make deep conditioning a habit? Even if 50% of you all do find the time, how long do you really deep condition for?

I decided to test out the new Garnier 1 minute smoothing hair mask to see if I could really get bomb ass hair in 1 minute, because who doesn’t want to get a necessary task done in one minute?

I’d Swipe Right: Garnier Fructis Smoothing Treat 1-Minute Hair Mask

What caught my attention: I love the idea of a one-minute anything, you know?  I actually love using a hair mask as my regular conditioner and, after talking to the brand reps, they sold me on the fact this drugstore mask is 98% natural and really does reduce frizz. Did I mention it’s also only $3???

What it claims to be: “The Garnier Smoothing Treat 1-Minute Hair Mask + Avocado Extract helps you get soft, smooth hair. In one minute, indulge your hair in a nourishing treat with 98% naturally derived ingredients…”

The Garnier 1 minute smoothing hair mask is marketed to give you manageable hair in, well you guessed it…1 minute. Now, I know, I know. No hair issue can be fixed in one minute and it doesn’t claim to fix all your hair issues; it claims to make your hair soft, shiny and silky without weighing your hair down. However, of course like any product, with consistent, long term use, the 1 minute hair mask can correct, a variety of hair issues, so many issues that the product comes in five different formulas:

  • Damage Repair – Papaya Extract
  • Smoothing – Avocado
  • Nourishing – Coconut
  • Color Vibrancy – Goji
  • Strengthening – Banana

Also the Garnier 1 minute mask gets extra brownie points for being fully vegan with no silicones or parabens, which is great for all hair types.

Stalked info: I decided to research the product a bit more, and apparently the product can be used two different ways, as a deep conditioner or a leave in.

I decided to try the Garnier hair mask as both. My next wash day, I tried the 1 minute hair mask as a deep conditioner and I let the product sit in my hair for a little over an hour. My naturally curly hair was softer, very shiny and way easier to comb through. That was nice, but it wasn’t anything that wowed me so, a I gave it a try as a leave in conditioner… and by far that was the best results for me since the hair stayed soft all day, smelled amazing, and was significantly shinier!

What I thought after our first “date”: The first thing I noticed when I opened the container was the smell; it smells sooooo good. In fact, I’ve recommended it to friends who said they just wanted a drugstore hair mask that actually works. You obviously can’t beat the $3 price tag but this product does not work like a $3 product typically does- it’s way better. My hair is left feeling super soft, hydrated and as frizz-free as she ever gonna get.

The thing is. it did worked well for me as a leave in conditioner, but nothing that would make me leave my current conditioner behind. Garnier website re-routes you to either Amazon or Walmart which means the price then varies between 2-8$ because we all know how Amazon pricing works.

If Walmart is available near you or if you’re willing to wait for Amazon to ship the product, I’d say yes try it out. Overall my hair was left significantly shinier and the price is pretty cheap. Also, I was able to use the conditioner 4 times before the small tube ran out.