Follow These 14 Makeup Artists on Instagram for the Best Beauty Inspo

We admit it: We spend a lot of time on Instagram. Who among us can say they don’t? After all, it’s a one-stop shop for endless beauty and makeup inspo. From colorful cut crease designs to geometric shadow looks, the jaw-dropping creativity on the ‘gram never ceases to amaze us. We decided that the talented beauty experts and makeup artists behind our most-scrolled feeds deserve a shoutout, so we’re rounding up our favorites to follow right here.


Aniyah, @aniyah.s

Even if you don’t personally have the patience to commit to elaborate eye makeup looks (and we don’t blame you), you’ll still appreciate Aniyah’s colorful, totally out-of-the-box eyeshadow creations. She often incorporates dreamy celestial elements, like stars and galaxy-Esque swirls.

Maha Alselami, @maha.gram

Maha Alselami is one of the best things to happen to our IG feeds. From funky lip art to neon eyeliner, she can truly do it all. Her work ranges from runway and editorial to everyday beats, so there’s inspo for everyone and every occasion. If you haven’t given her a follow yet, what are you waiting for?

Rowi Singh, @rowisingh

If you ask us, Rowi Singh isn’t just a makeup artist, she’s an icon. She’s constantly exploring the boundaries of makeup with her cool, colorful looks that are literal pieces of art. She’s not an influencer to follow for easy-to-create makeup looks, but rather because her creativity and innovation are inspiring.

Ehlie Luna, @ehlieluna

Not only does Ehlie Luna’s Insta offer top-notch beauty inspo, but it’s also full of informative videos with tips on how to identify your glam type, apply different types of makeup and choose which products are right for you. We’re also obsessed with her “subway series” videos in which she pulls off the seemingly impossible feat of impeccably applying lip liner on a moving train.

Jonet Williamson, @jonetwmakeup

Jonet Williamson is our go-to for easy-to-follow trend tutorials, like these fluffy brows video or this guide to nailing the siren eyes look. Her beauty ethos is all about fresh, glowy skin and bold eye and lip look.

Patrick Ta, @patrickta

Celebrity makeup artist Patrick Ta tends towards a classic beauty style — think red lips, defined brows, and winged eyeliner. He’s worth a follow if you want to try to copy some of your favorite stars’ makeup, too.

Pat McGrath, @patmcgrathreal

When it comes to dreaming up runway-ready makeup looks, nobody can beat Pat McGrath. Her work is all about fantasy and sparkle. If you aren’t already a fan of glittery eyeshadow, you will be after following.

Grace Lee, @graceleebeauty

Follow Grace Lee, lead makeup artist at Maybelline New York, for her product recs and try-ons. She posts helpful videos like this one comparing different shades of lipstick, so you can decide which one you want to buy.

Sasha Chudeeva, @chudesasha

We could scroll through Sasha’s dreamy, intricate eyeliner inspiration all day. Between a cat-eye composed of tiny red hearts to a lid look with a cheeky message, each post is more whimsical than the last.

Tatiana Rose, @tatianaroseart

If there’s anything we love stumbling upon in our IG feeds, it’s creative and highly editorial makeup. Tatiana Rose nails it every single time with her magazine-worthy photos and innovative makeup, hair, and skin look. The best part? No two images look the same. Instead, she’s able to reinvent herself with an entirely different look each time she posts.

Shalini Kutti, @urshaynesss

Maybe you’re more into minimalist makeup. In that case, check out Shalini Kutti’s profile. She posts tutorials and photos of her looks, but she also shares handy infographics with beauty tips like how to remove mascara without losing eyelashes.

Shayla Mitchell, @makeupshayla

Shayla Mitchell has racked up an impressive three million followers thanks to her full glam makeup tutorials using tons of different products. She also posts “get ready with me” videos that show off her adorable outfits, too.

Nyma Tang, @nymatang

Nyma Tang’s Insta feed truly has a little bit of everything. There is pretty, shimmy eyeshadow swatches, cute nail art ideas, and fun lippy shades. The South Sudanese influencer is also known for promoting inclusive face makeup ranges, and testing products in darker complexion shades.

Erin Parsons, @erinparsonsmakeup

Erin Parsons shares her take on vintage makeup, testing out beauty looks, and techniques inspired by different eras such as the 1960s. In between her videos, she posts snapshots of iconic beauty moments from old movies and TV shows.

Photo: Aniyah

The Best LGBTQ+ Beauty Influencers to Follow on TikTok, Instagram and Youtube

When we’re scrolling through our fave beauty accounts on social media, we’re often so focused on the stunning makeup looks that we forget about the actual artists creating them and what they mean to their followers and subscribers. This can be especially true for LGBTQ+ beauty influencers on TikTok, Instagram, and Youtube, who inspire and uplift so many by sharing their personal stories and, of course, through their work. Below, meet 9+ of our favorite LGBTQ+ content creators you’re going to want to follow, ASAP. 



For unsolicited (yet totally welcome) skin-care advice, subscribe to Hyram’s TikTok account like, now. He’s always sharing what products to buy (he’s a huge CeraVe fan!) and has dedicated his account to helping followers get their skin-care routines in check. If you’re lucky, he may even duet your skin-care routine.

Bretman Rock 

For a mix of skin, makeup, lifestyle and getting ready content, follow Bretman Rock on Instagram and Youtube. He’s an extremely talented makeup artist, has a great sense of humor and fabulous hair.

Bretman has 12 million followers on Instagram but he still doesn’t get the recognition he deserves on a worldwide scale. I’ve followed him from the beginning and he’s one of the few influencers whose personality hasn’t changed with fame. He’s humble, hilarious, super proud of his Filipino heritage, and is unproblematic. Honestly, he’s been doing this for years and has managed to stay out of the drama. He is who he is, which is why his followers love him.


Glamazontay’s YouTube channel is a beauty, fashion and lifestyle destination. She does everything from hair tutorials to outfit hauls and has enough GRWMs to help you slay for months on end. Watching her videos is basically like hanging out with one of your friends.

James Charles

Oh, James Charles. He’s known for his whimsical glam makeup tutorials, iconic YouTuber collabs and huge community of sisters. Plus, he’s wildly entertaining. Definitely worth a follow, but don’t blame us if you get a little bit addicted.

Patrick Starr

If you’re not already following Patrick Starr, who’s an amazing content creator and founder of the new beauty brand One Size, now is definitely the time to subscribe. Not only does he have a bright and bubbly personality, he also produces movie-quality videos that are mesmerizing to watch. He’s also known for creating over-the-top drag makeup.

With over 4.6 million followers on Instagram, Starr is undoubtedly a, well, star. He’s all about the long lashes, head wraps, wigs, and long gowns, and his makeup tutorial videos are full of uplifting vibes and humor. Starr oozes confidence and self-love—it’s part of what makes him so inspirational. He’s teamed up with big-name beauty brands like MAC and Benefit Cosmetics, and he’s worked with celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Jessica Alba to create fun beauty content. Trust us, you want to give him a follow.

Gigi Gorgeous

An OG YouTuber, Gigi has been delivering makeup videos and challenges for years. She’s documented everything from her favorite beauty products to her transition with the support of her followers all the way.

Julie Vu

Not only is Julie Vu talented at slaying a smoky eye, she also gets real on her channel about everything she’s going through. As a trans woman, Julie has shared her transition from the beginning and continues to inspire people with her honesty. Go for the beauty tutorials (her perfect wand curls tutorial comes to mind) and stay for the funny challenges and informative videos about transitioning.

Jazmina Daniel

The queen of lip art, you’ve likely seen her lip looks floating around your Instagram feed. She’s recreated everything from iconic works of art to album cover artwork. She’s also incredibly fashionable.

 Mei Pang

Pang came on my radar a few months ago when one of her videos popped up on my Twitter feed. From the moment the video started, I was in awe. Her looks seem intricate but they’re actually super easy to emulate, kind of like a lazy way to fake a flawless look. Plus, her down-to-earth attitude is something that many can vibe with.

Pang isn’t the girl-next-door—she’s your badass friend who gives it to you straight. She constantly features her head-to-toe tattoos on her Instagram and serves fierce makeup looks, too. They’re not your typical beauty looks; she often does full-face makeup with bold colors and shapes that are embellished with pearls, rhinestones, and more. On her feed, Pang is also incredibly open about her sobriety and what that journey has looked like for her.


The blend honey, the blend! I thought my blending game was on point, but Deon makes me look like an amateur. He only has 18,000 followers and I don’t understand why he doesn’t have more. Colorful eyeshadows can be scary to use but I love that Deon uses them at every chance he gets. He shows that with practice, bright colors can be tamed.

Clark describes his aesthetic as “special occasion,” and his looks are the intersection of glam and fierce. He says that wearing makeup gives him a confidence boost and makes him feel snatched, but what he loves most are the comments he gets from his followers saying that he’s inspired them. 

Nikkie de Jagger

f you love makeup tutorials, odds are de Jagger has popped up as a suggested video or account on your feed. With over 15 million followers, she’s earned the title of a beauty mogul and expert, and her makeup looks prove it. They’re colorful, bright, and bold, and de Jagger always breaks them down in easy-to-follow steps. In January, she posted a now-viral video in which she came out as transgender after someone threatened to out her. Since that moment, she’s been more open about her journey as a trans woman and how makeup plays into it.


If you’re looking for beauty influencers who post mood-boosting looks, search no further. Myla’s fun makeup looks are straight out of an Instagram filter, featuring everything from smiley faces to daises to butterfly wings. For her, makeup is about creativity, playfulness, and self-expression, just as it should be.

Did I miss any of your favorite LGBTQ+ influencers? Of course, there are thousands of talented LGBTQ+ influencers out there, but check this talented bunch out when you’re looking for someone new. And remember, we choose who we follow, even if the talent is there, let’s try not to make problematic, negative people famous.


Photo: @MeiPang

9 Iconic ‘Clueless’ Beauty Moments To Reminisce Over — AND Maybe Copy, Too

The ’90s are famous for churning out hit teen movies one after another. If you weren’t lusting over Heath Ledger in 10 Things I Hate About You, you were probably taking fashion notes from one of the era’s biggest blockbusters: Clueless. You surely know (and might have even recreated) the matching plaid skirt-suit sets main character’s Cher and Dionne wore and even Cher’s red slip-dress, but now, in honor of the movie’s 25th anniversary, it’s time to appreciate the most iconic beauty moments from Clueless, as well.


Yes, you read that right: The 1995 film is celebrating its 25th birthday this year. Though it wasn’t anticipated to reach what is now its classic status, the teen movie that follows Beverly Hills’ best friends as they play matchmaker (which is loosely based on Jane Austen’s novel Emma) grossed more than $56.6 million at the box office. And along with producing iconic lines like “as if” and introducing the world to the dreamy Paul Rudd, the movie is a certified style look book — from clothing to the signature ’90s beauty.

Of course, the stars of the movie, Cher Horowitz (played by Alicia Silverstone) and Dionne Davenport (played by Stacey Dash), have the most iconic beauty moments with things like monochrome pink makeup and ribbon braids, respectively. Yet, supporting characters like Amber Marines (played by Elisa Donovan) also have some drool-worthy looks — like amazing pigtails.

Take a trip down memory lane and keep reading for nine of the best beauty moments from Clueless (and maybe garner some inspiration, too).

Most Iconic Beauty Moment From Clueless: Cher’s Brown Lipstick

When Cher is in the beginning stages of luring in her first love interest Christian Stovitz, she gives some pointers on how to get men’s affection, one being “Anything you can do to draw attention to your mouth is good.” And in this scene, her brown lipstick is working, if not to make Stovitz fall for her then to have a seriously flawless ’90s beauty moment.

Most Iconic Beauty Moment From Clueless: Dionne’s Flower Hat

It could be argued that Cher’s best friend, Dionne, has the most covetable — and funky — style from the movie. Case in point: The tall white, black-brimmed, black-bowed, pink-flower-adorned hat she wears in her first scene appearance. It’s large and in charge, and says Dionne is not here to play with her style. And though she wears many a hat throughout the movie, this one is quite the showstopper.

Most Iconic Beauty Moment From Clueless: Chunky Headbands

Blair Waldorf who? More than 10 years before Gossip Girl even crossed people’s radars, and consequently, character Blair Waldorf’s signature hair accessories, the girls of Clueless were wearing chunky headbands. While Dionne has a sporty feel in crisp white color, Cher’s could be plucked out of today’s runways with its velvet material.

Most Iconic Beauty Moment From Clueless: Amber’s Pigtails

Amber Mariens’ character may be on the snobbier side, but she has incredible beauty moments — one of which being this pigtail situation. The double ponytails are placed high on the crown of her head with cascading curls falling to her chest; they’re cute and playful without being too infantile. And it would be remiss to not mention her bangs, which find themselves closer to baby-bang length throughout the rest of the movie (clearly ahead of her time).

Most Iconic Beauty Moment From Clueless: Cher’s Monochrome Pink Makeup

Unlike other movies such as Moulin Rouge, makeup is not the beauty hero of Clueless. However, it had a serious moment when Cher donned an entirely monochrome pink face (and outfit and earrings and hair clip) when trying to win over Stovitz. Though her punchy pink lip, flushed cheeks, and a few swipes of the hue for eyeshadow didn’t get her the boy, it was still an iconic look (and one that continues to trend in 2020).

Most Iconic Beauty Moment From Clueless: The Girls’ Wedding Looks

There’s no better way to culminate a movie than with incredible hair. Tai Fraiser’s (played by Brittany Murphy) is simple, not straying from her normal curls seen in the movie, whereas Cher and Dionne go full ’90s for the wedding scene. Cher’s blonde tresses are ribbon curled with the front clipped up while Dionne has hot pink and baby pink puffs scattered throughout her strands.

Most Iconic Beauty Moment From Clueless: Everyone’s Barrettes

In recent years barrettes have made a serious comeback, but they were once a tried-and-true hair accessory of the ’90s. This scene, in particular, had about six barrettes make an appearance in under 20 seconds. Most notable are Dionne’s kitschy, pink sunflower versions followed by the two blue ones situated on either side of Tai’s head (and even most of the background characters are wearing some type of barrette in this clip).

Most Iconic Beauty Moment From Clueless: Cher’s Voluminous Hair

Let’s be honest: The star of Clueless was Cher’s hair. It was always perfectly coiffed with a decent, but the not overwhelming, amount of volume — aka ideal. The blonde locks were frequently left down and straight in the movie with small blips of updos and accessories; however, as little as Cher’s hair seemed to take on new iterations, hairstylist for the movie Nina Paskowitz told Mashable Cher’s hair was different for every outfit change — sometimes as small as shifting the part.

Most Iconic Beauty Moment From Clueless: Dionne’s Ribbon Braids

Once again, Dionne takes the crown for the best hair accessories. This time around she intertwined pink and green ribbon into her braids that also happened to perfectly match her top. It was simple but added just the right amount of flair to make a Dionne look complete. And with hair scarves on the rise in 2020, maybe ribbon will get a Dionne-approved resurgence too.