Everyone’s About to Own This Color Swimsuit—Just Watch

Summer will be here before you know it, and it’s our job as editors to ensure your seasonal wardrobe is completely up to date. We’ve already bombarded you with tons of summer trend and swim content, but if you ask us, the more the merrier, especially when it comes to swimwear. If you’re looking to upgrade your swim collection ever so slightly, we highly suggest buying into the color trend of the season: bubblegum pink. Instead of splurging on fleeting (yet exciting) new trends, just grab your favorite swimsuit style in this bubbly pink hue and call it a day. Yes, your summer shopping just got 10 times easier—you’re welcome. 

Ahead you will find a large selection of the best bubblegum-pink bikinis and one-pieces on the market from Shein.US. Shein is an affordable brand that sells designer-like pieces, you will surely find the perfect pink suit for your summer adventures in the assortment below. 


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9 Brand-New Swimsuits That Will Get You All The Compliments

Okay, fine, I’ll admit it: I have a bit of an obsession with bikinis. (Did the story title give it away?) Truthfully, I can’t go a day without browsing the new swim arrivals section of my favorite retailers. But, hey, I’m a Florida girl, so beach season is pretty much year-round here. And just because my favorite beaches are closed for lying out (I’ll be there soon, Spanish River Park!), doesn’t mean I’m not shopping for suits I’ll be wearing this summer—starting on my balcony.

After trying on what felt like one million suits (I’m a 42DD and picky about my tops!), my swim drawer is now overflowing with all the bikini styles you could think of—bandeau, triangle, sporty, balconette—and I’m not mad about it. Keep scrolling for the 9 bikinis I’m declaring my absolute favorites, plus a few more I’m obsessing over.

PSA: Hello Beauties, I know with the uncertainty of the Covid-19, the death of George Floyd ( Rest in Peace) including many more deaths of people especially black people, the world seems dark and lonely right now. But, I know for me to not fall back into that dark deep depressing hole I once was in, I try to keep myself from thinking about what is going on. I know and understand what is going on, but my smile and positiveness will stay. Allow yourself to get excited about summer and have warm weather and sunshine on your mind. One of the things that have been keeping me from going mad is shopping for swimwear. So scroll down to shop my faves from Mint-Swim.com.

I hope you all enjoy today’s post! Most of the swimwears I own are from Mint Swim which is not a shocker because I’ve been a supporter since day 1. Also, I ( Lee ) have been getting a lot of dm’s and emails about writing for BeautyLeeBar.com, I am honor to hear that so many of my beauties want to join the team! All you need to do is email me on why you want to write for BeautyLeeBar along with your portfolio. Don’t forget to include a “ Subject ” and the subject should be ” Hello Beauty Writer “. Thanks again for reading and supporting BeautyLeeBar Blog, I am forever grateful xx.


3 Moves To Get YOUR ABS Bikini-Ready

If you’re anything like me, then you already have way too many bikinis lined up on your shopping wishlist for the new season. With swimsuit weather around the corner comes the pressure to kick your fitness plan into high gear. While a toned body doesn’t appear overnight, there are exercises you can do to quickly tighten and define your core so you can feel your best once bikini season arrives.

Here are tips for how to get your abs ready for summer + my favorite bikinis from IconSwim that compliments the curves.

Before I continue, I do want to say this post was written ahead of time and I purchased these gorgeous bikinis when it was on sale. So no I did not get the price wrong. IconSwim always have a sale going, so don’t be discouraged. Scroll down to read!

Raised-Leg Crunches

Tones: Lower and middle abs

How To: Lie flat on your back and raise your legs, bending your knees to form a 90-degree angle. Place your hands behind your head and slowly crunch straight forward, pulsing your upper body toward your knees. Remember to keep your back flat, chin up, and try to get your shoulder blades off the ground for each crunch.

Reps: 3 sets of 30

Jackknife Push-Ups

Tones: Arms, core, and legs

How To: On a BOSU ball, position your arms shoulder-width apart and do a push-up. As you power up, pop your feet open, and then bring them back together as you go back down. The ball requires you to engage your core muscles while you complete this move, making it great for strength training.

Reps: 3 sets of 30 seconds

Bicycle Crunches

Tones: Middle and upper abs

How To: Lie on the floor and place your legs at a 90-degree angle with your arms behind your head. Keep your shoulders high and your lower back squeezed against the mat. Pump your legs back and forth in a bicycle motion, with your shoulders off the ground. We suggest crunching left and right, touching your elbow to your opposite knee to engage your obliques (a.k.a. love handles).

Reps: 3 sets of 30 seconds


Drippin’ Bikini-Blue,$16

Blue top featuring the word, Drippin in yellow with matching bottoms

Stripe Me Down Bikini-Black,$16

Black, long sleeve, cropped top featuring a white trim design with matching vertically, striped high waist bottoms. 

You Had Me At Aloha Bikini-Blue,$16

Blue top with matching bottoms featuring a cutout design.

Stripe Where I Belong Bikini-Black,$16

Multicolor neon cropped top with a thick stripe design featuring matching bottoms with a thick waistband and color trim

You Had Me At Aloha Bikini-Floral,$16

Multicolor, floral print top with matching bottoms featuring a cutout design.

Sea Level Bikini-Orange,$16

Orange top featuring purple straps with matching high-waist bottoms

Surfin Bikini-Floral Print,$16

Floral print cropped top with matching high waist bottoms. Bottoms feature a cutout and mesh paneling. 

Running Game Monokini-Red/Orange, $16

Redish orange colormonokini featuring a front keyhole cut out with an added strap.

In A Bind Bikini-Orange,$16

Orange short sleeve, cropped top featuring a front knotted style with matching thin strap, cheeky bottoms. 

Two-Faced Monokini-Orange,$16

Multicolor one-piece featuring keyhole cutout designs in the front and back.

All In All Bikini- Neon Yellow,$16

Bright neon yellow top featuring left side gold zipper. Bottoms feature gold zipper down left hip and high waist fit.

Now You Sea Me Bikini-Print,$16

 Multicolor print top featuring matching bottoms with a criss-cross cut out design.

Catch A Break Hikini-Neon Yellow,$26

Yellow bikini top with matching high waisted, high cut bottoms. Paired with a yellow, half sleeve mesh top.

I will definitely be buying more swimsuits from IconSwim! The quality and prices are amazing plus the sizes range from xsmall-2x. Hopefully Rona decides to give us our Summer back so I can actually go to the beach or on a yacht somewhere that is beautiful and secluded. Unlike others, I have been staying inside making sure I don’t gain anymore weight and planning my next mini trip that no one is going to know about sssshhhhh.




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