Our New Favorite FALL COCKTAIL

At BeautyLeeBar, we love seasonal cocktails. Sometimes it’s more involved than others, but this round, we are keeping it easy as pie—minus all of the sweetness, because there’s an actual pie for that. Our friend over at Meatless Makeovers’ go-to martini is our pick this season because we are feeling caper berries right now! Imagine a regular caper on steroids. Caper berries are bigger than a caper, meaty, tender, and briny, much like olives. They come on a stem, so there’s no toothpick necessary. 


This cocktail makes an excellent aperitif or digestif for all the rich and hearty seasonal foods this time of year. Who doesn’t want a little savory sip to prep the palate or aid in digestion? Get the recipe below:


Caper Berry Gin Bohemian Martini



2 1/2 ounces quality gin or vodka – This tasteless spirit lends itself perfectly to the tangy brine. 

1/2-ounce dry vermouth – The subtle flavors in dry vermouth smooth out the kick from the vodka, making you go for sip after sip. 

1/2-ounce caper berry brine (straight from the jar they come in) – Bright and salty; is lighter than olive brine and makes this drink easy to drink. 

2 caperberries to garnish or more if you feel spicy – Salty with a nice crunch, garnishing with a caperberry or two adds a little surprise at the end.


Add all the ingredients, EXCEPT the garnish, to a shaker with a generous amount of ice (or stir in a glass full of ice, if that’s your thing).

Shake, shake, shake it up (or stir) for 30-60 seconds.

Filter out the ice and pour the liquid into your festive vessel of choice.

Top with a couple of caper berries, sip and relax.


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