French Girls Don’t Go to the Beach Without This One Accessory

Dressing for a beach day can be tricky. We have experienced a few battles with insecurities throughout the years but can finally say We feel more confident than ever when we are at the beach. It was an overnight change that we are so grateful for, and we still remember the first day we wore a swimsuit without feeling nervous. And who do we have to thank for this transformation? We attribute a lot of it to quite a few self-love rituals that helped us learn to love our bodies. But something that very much sped up the pace was finding chic cover-ups that made us look feel more styled and made me feel confident. 

French girls are our style icons, so of course, we are always turning to them for inspiration, and you will rarely see them at the beach without a chic and effortless cover-up draped over their bikinis. All you need for your swimsuit collection is one or two good styles and a bin filled with cover-ups that make them each feel brand-new every time you wear them. We love that with many of these style options, for example, a good button-down shirt or a barely-there dress, you can easily wear them with more than just swimwear. Bring the South of France to your backyard with the fun bathing suit cover-ups below.


1. Le Button-Down Shirt

Best bathing suit coverups

Our absolute favorite item to pack for any vacation is an oversize button-down shirt. It looks so cool over a swimsuit and can also be worn to dinner, on the flight home, or to explore the destination of choice. No pool day is complete without this in our bag.

2. Barely There Dresses

The sheer trend is all over the runways, and while we are loving it, we tend to shy away from such a risky fashion move with our everyday Miami wardrobe. However, a trip to the pool or beach is the perfect opportunity to have some fun with a see-through item. We are kind of obsessed.


3. Bottoms Up

Best bathing suit coverups for vacation

Sometimes, when the bikini is so good, and the sun is relentless as can be, covering up is not ideal. In this case, it’s fun to try a pair of shorts or pants that still show off that bikini top. This is a great time to wear linens or knits.

4. Pareo Party

Best bathing suit coverups for 2022

A good pareo brings the party to whatever beach or poolside you land. We think this is the chicest add-on to any bikini or one-piece look that needs a little something to take it to the next level.


This Is the One Item I Guarantee Every French Girl Has in Her Closet RN

Whether it’s “Oui” or “Non,” we trust French women to tell it how it is when it comes to anything fashion. In the case of the slip dress, the answer is a loud and united “Oui.” We wanted to do a little experiment and find out which dress style all of the French girls on our Instagram feed were depending on. Amongst babydoll silhouettes and puff sleeves, we noticed that slip dresses were the one item that all of our favorite fashion girls across the pond were leaning on.

We can’t think of a more dependable item in our wardrobe than the classic slip dress. It has gone everywhere with us, from late nights to exciting trips with friends and even to bed! It’s funny to think that the item that has become such a routine out-and-about piece for us was originally initiated as nothing but a sleeping gown. Well, we can thank the ’90s for changing that.


Spotted on cultural icons from experimentative Rihanna to the traditional Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy this dress was truly made for any woman. We are sure you already have a slip dress or two in your closet so this article will surely come in handy. Have a little scroll and you’ll discover 10 new inspo to wear yours, and a few new ones worth buying. 


Straight Up

Slip dress outfits

Wearing nothing but a slip dress never fails. This simple look will take you from casual date nights to extravagant weddings.

Silk on Silk

While most people opt for a cotton poplin button-down over their slip dress, why don’t you try pairing yours with a silk one? The fabrics look so fabulous together. 

Summer Whites

Best slip dress outfits

Nothing wins us over faster than an all-white outfit. So chic and sophisticated—make us miss summer! You have to try this out.

Leather Weather

Polka dots are such a French girl move, so if you’re planning on wearing a slip dress might as well add the playful pattern to the mix. We love how good it looks with a leather jacket.

Cut-outs Galore

Slip dress outfits with cutouts

If you already have a plethora of slip dresses in your closet, we bet you don’t have this one. Adding cutouts is a fun idea to give the classic silhouette a modern twist.

Colorful Cutie

Slip dress outfits for at-home

Introducing some bright colors into your closet is never a bad idea. Playing around with different combinations has become some of our hobbies, and we highly suggest you do it too. Orange and pink are so good together.

Summer in South of France

We’ve never seen an outfit that screams South of France more than this one, and we are obsessed. Let’s book our flights now, okay? But we are ordering this look for every single vacation.

Business Casual

Slip dress outfit

Get ready for the workweek in style. We love any opportunity to add a blazer to our look, and a slip dress is no exception. This is an easy way to guarantee an A+ on your look.


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We Love a Good Night-Out Look, and These 5 Outfit Formulas Are Our Go-Tos

We all have that friend we run to when we need fashion advice. We are fashion editors, and many of our friends also work in the fashion industry and have a great sense of style on their own, so most of the time when it comes to what our friends and us want to wear, we’ve got it in the bag. That said, when it comes to a night-out look, we are the first people our friends call. We are somewhat of a guru and love a great evening look, so we rarely miss an opportunity to show off our collection of night-out outfits. This year, we have traveled more, visiting Los Angeles, Tulum, and Miami, and we have made it our mission to live up to and truly earn our self-appointed title as the night-outfit guru of the group. We’ve come up with five outfit formulas that help us do just that, and they guarantee we never miss. 

As we are someone who doesn’t believe in gatekeeping, keep scrolling to see the five night-out outfit formulas we swear by.


Matching Set + Mini Bag


This look is at the top of the list for a reason. A two-piece set is an easy no-brainer when you want to look put-together, stylish, and on-trend. Pairing this look with a mini bag adds a fun feel to the look overall. We’d wear this out dancing or for a vacation night out.


Minidress + Platform Heels


When we say this is our go-to, we mean this our go-to. We love a good mini dress, especially since some of us are petite at 4’9″-5’3″. We are about anything that we can wear to make our legs look a little longer. It takes us to platform shoes. If you’re on the shorter side, you’ll soon be loving these extra-tall heels. We know they may look intimidating but trust us—they’re easier to walk in than you think. We wore these platform heels pictured about for two nights out back-to-back in Miami, and we danced the night away without pain.

Miniskirt + Boots


Calling all Y2K-aesthetic lovers. A great mini skirt paired with knee-high boots always adds a little sexy and is the perfect summer-to-fall transition look. We would wear this outfit out in New York City.


Beaded Top + Pants


A beaded top is always a head-turner, and we are obsessed with styling it with a pair of loose-fitting pants. They balance each other out. The romance and prettiness of a beaded top paired with the casual bagginess of loose-fitted trousers are just so cool. We want to wear this look out in Spain.


Sequin Moment


We didn’t expect to be such a big fan of sequins, but this summer, we can’t get enough. We are loving the celebratory vibes that a sparkly element adds to a look. Whether you go for a full-on sparkly dress or are just adding a touch of sparkle with shoes or a bag, we have a feeling we’ll be seeing this glittery trend up until fall.

Don’t Sweat It: What to Wear on Every Possible Summer Date

Whether it’s your first or 100th, date nights always come with a little bit of added pressure compared to an ordinary day. Excitement, nerves, a little bit of overthinking—you’ll probably experience the full spectrum of human emotion before you even leave the house, which means the last thing you should be stressing about is your date-night outfit.


Just like the date itself, date-night outfits should be a little special. After all, you want to look and feel your absolute best, which means that you don’t want to be messing with an ill-fitting top or worrying about anything other than the person you’re with. Add in the layer of summer heat (and inevitably sweat) working against you, and you have a little bit of thinking to do—or you would if we didn’t do it for you.

Whether you’re headed to a patio for dinner for a glass (or five) of wine or going on a romantic picnic, we’ve figured out the perfect thing to wear, so what you remember is the date itself—not your sweaty thighs sticking to the back of your chair or running to the bathroom to dry your pit stains under the hand dryer. 


To a rooftop bar

Is there a joy as great as a rooftop bar in the summer? We say not. There is nothing as put-together and fuss-free as a midi dress, and in a fun, summery hue with dressed-up accessories, you’ll feel like the 10 you are, no matter where the night takes you. 

To a baseball game

Whether you’re there to watch baseball or simply to sip on a foot-tall margarita and eat a hot dog, you’ll feel cute doing it in this, and that’s a win for you—regardless of what team wins.

On a picnic

A picnic date sounds like a romcom-worthy dream come true, but when you’re going on one, in reality, it poses an important question: What in the hell do you wear for a date where you’re sitting on the ground? The answer is linen pants. You’ll be comfortable sitting down (and won’t have to worry about a dress blowing up or accidentally flashing anything you’d rather them not see yet). Make it a monochrome moment with a top in a similar hue, and you’ll feel the perfect level of dressy.

To a patio dinner

In glorious summertime, we’re simply turning to dresses as much as we can—especially for a nice dinner out. For an extra dressy feel, opt for black and top it off with heeled sandals and summery accessories. It’ll hit the perfect combination of being seasonally appropriate and also being fancy enough for that reservation you’ve been waiting months to snag.

To an outdoor concert

An outdoor concert look should prioritize fun over anything else, and what’s more fun than a pair of patterned pants? We rest our case. Opt for sneakers so you can stand and dance all night with ease and a tank top so that armpit sweat is no match for you. Finish it off with a statement bag, and you’ll be the best dressed one there.


On a walk to get ice cream

For a casual walk to grab ice cream at a local spot (preferably two scoops of superman ice cream or Jamaican grape nut), an easy, breezy romper and flat, walkable sandals are your best bet. Finish it off with a hydrating lip stain, won’t budge all night, and will provide an extra summery pop of color.