Quick and Easy Wardrobe Hacks

Fashion does not have to be complicated. If something does not fit or isn’t working in an outfit, look no further. Here are some TikTok hacks that are beneficial for when you are in a pinch, and styling an outfit doesn’t go as planned.



First up, we have the baggy pants hack. This hack is to prevent pants from getting stepped on and can be used when the weather is bad—you don’t want to ruin your pants. All you need is an elastic band and you are all set. Just put the band over the top of the pants then fold it to shorten it.  


How to make sure your JEANS/PANTS doesn’t touch the ground 😱👖 Save for later & hit the + for daily #fashionhacks 💗 #stylinghacks #jeanshack #baggyjeans #stylingtips

♬ original sound – heyy

G-String Thong Hack

Okay, this hack might not be for everyone but for the beauties that wanted to try this style without the discomfort, this is pretty genius. It is simple, just take a string around the button and tie a knot in the back. And button up your pants.. that is it.


Literally the best hack ever! | IG angelinango_ | #jeanhack #streetwear @hhelenanguyens

♬ original sound – Kiana and Brianna


The next hack is how to tighten jeans to the perfect size. To do this, you will need a shoelace or some ribbon. This look can be done in two ways: you can make it so that the string is visible, which is simpler, or you can hide the string inside of the jeans. 


If your pants don’t fit your waist the way you desire, the invisible string hack has your back. You will lace the string through the back three jean loops and tie it. Then you’re good to go. 


Reply to @justmatou here’s how to make every pair of jeans fit like magic 🤍 #fashionhacks #fashiontrick #jeanshack #shoelacejeans #springoutfitideas #fashioneducation

♬ Intimidated – KAYTRANADA


The second way to do this hack requires a bit more time. You will use scissors to cut a hole on the inside of either side of your jeans. This hole must be big enough to fit a string through. Next, you will grab your string and pull it through the hole until it is wrapped around the waist. Then, tie it and tuck it.


The easiest way to alter the waist of any pair of baggy jeans with some string and a chopstick 😆 #jeanhack #thriftedfashion

♬ original sound – Kyle Keller

STYLE #3: Button Trick

This way is so brilliant that Jayda Wayda even tried the hack for herself…undo your pants and take the button and slip it through the nearest belt loop. This causes the waistband to pucker, making the jeans snugger. Then buttons your pants again — which makes your favorite jeans fit perfectly.


Too big jean hack in my @prettylittlething jeans 💚

♬ original sound – JAYDA WAYDA

I had to go try this out immediately! Needless to say I am pleased!🥹 #pantshack #waisthack #oversizedjeans #jaydawayda

♬ original sound – Privacynbling


Have you ever tried to tuck in your sweaters or button-ups nicely, but all you get is a bulky look? This next hack is the perfect solution. This is a very simple, yet useful hack. First, you will pinch each side of the sweater and lift it to create a fold. You will repeat this one more time then tuck in the folded garment. There is no need for any bulkiness in your outfits. 


Tucked in sweatshirt looking too bulky? Try this hack! 🧸 #stylehacks #fyp #foryoupage

♬ Still Into You Drill – ShoBeatz


The last hack that I found got a dress to fit the body perfectly. This can be done with safety pins and string. Begin by turning the dress inside out and pinning both sides of the waist. Next, you will lace the string through both pins, tie it, then turn it right-side-out. After that, you will have a perfectly fitted dress.


Reply to @itslizbef How to make your dress fitted w/o sewing #tiktokfashion #fashionhack #styletip #stylehacks #styletips

♬ Hood Baby – Kbfr

I tried our a bunch of viral Tiktok clothing hacks for a YT video. Check the link in my bio ✨✨ // Quick & easy no sew DIY to cinch in waist for clothes that are a liiiiitle too big 🤍 #nosewdiy #clothinghacks #clothinghack #petiteclothing

♬ Austin Millz Ladies And The City – MillzMondays

Remember these hacks the next time you are in a sticky situation. I hope you found these hacks just as useful as TikTok has.

Would you try any of these hacks? Leave a comment below.

Everything to Pack in Your Going-Out Bag for a Night Out

Oh, the going-out purse. We all know the going-out purse: the tiny bag that becomes a fifth limb on nights out, accompanying you from the bar to the party to the Uber. Seasons change, and trends come and go, but the going-out purse will truly be forever. When packed to perfection with tried-and-true purse essentials, it’s your lifeline with everything you could need throughout the night inside.

Since you’re likely not bringing your tote bag out with you at night, the key to fitting all the essentials inside your purse is to downsize them. Instead of bringing a compact mirror and powder, a powder that has a mirror built in; instead of bringing an entire pack of gum, take out two or three pieces and store them in a zipped area of your bag.

I feel like I’ve mastered packing the going-out purse. Call me the mom friend, call me the overly prepared one, but no matter what, if you need it, I’ve got it. And trust me: Someone’s always going to need something. From worst-case lifelines to the bare necessities, this is everything you should pack in your purse for a night out.


CUYANA Zip Cardholder

Compact is key when it comes to packing your going-out purse. A cardholder will hold all of the things your wallet does, but in a compact, space-saving way.


Hand sanitizer is an absolute must-have when you leave the house. This one is a spray, which makes it easy to use on a night out. Plus, its spill-proof packaging will ensure you don’t have any incidents.


It’s a lipstick, it’s a lip balm…it’s both? This Charlotte Tilbury lipstick is the only lip-balm advertised as lipstick I’ve tried that actually does both. It’s got the shine and tint of a normal lipstick but the extreme-hydration component of your favorite Chapstick. Avoid packing two lip products by reaching for this instead.


BELVITA Breakfast Biscuit

One thing about me, I’m always bringing a snack in my purse during a GNO. There is always—I repeat, always—someone who needs a snack. Whether it’s a granola bar or these breakfast biscuits, I like to opt for something that has multiple within the package so I can share with friends.


If you’re prone to headaches, tummy aches, or have a nightly medication to take, a chic little pillbox is a must in your going-out purse. Perfect to hold TUMs, Advil, or anything else you need to prepare for worst-case scenarios, it’s better to have them on you than to not.

KITSCH Hair Ties

These hair ties are easy to pop into your bag but still cute enough to rock if they accidentally (inevitably) end up on your wrist the rest of the night.

BAND-AID Sheer Band-Aids

When you’re going out for the night, odds are, you or someone else is going to have a blister somewhere on their foot from the new shoes they’re taking out for a spin. You’ll never regret having these handy.


ARMANI BEAUTY Acqua di Gioia Travel Spray

Any rollerball or travel spray perfume will do, but lately I’ve been loving Armani’s Acqua di Gioia perfume. It’s fresh, musky, and different if you’re a floral or vanilla scent-girl. It’s not too overpowering yet will still have you getting compliments non-stop.

ANKER Magsafe Charger

With this nifty MagSafe charger, you can ditch the cord in your bag completely. This charger sticks to the back of your phone with a magnet and gives your phone a charge when it needs it (and can charge it from your bag without any hassle).

FENTY BEAUTY Oil Blotting Powder

Another 2-in-1 item for you, this oil-blotting powder from Fenty Beauty is all the touch-up you’ll need all night. Equipped with a mirror, it’s ideal to reapply lipstick, blot your forehead, and keep you shine-free all night long.

Amazon BIC Classic Lighter, Fashion Assorted Colors

You can get this lighter off of Amazon or at your nearest dollar store. Whether you are the smoker or you have friends who are, this is always great to have. It is small and light, takes up no space!

This Viral Fall Trend Would Make Blair Waldorf Proud

Step aside, coastal grandmother—Eloise is at The Plaza. The mischievous literary heroine took over a world-famous luxury hotel, and now almost 70 years later, is running the world of fashion TikTok. Plazacore is the new, not-so-new aesthetic inspired by the lavish style of a fictional 6-year-old, and we’re very much here for it.


Pleated skirts, puffy sleeves, and all things prep, prep, prep are ruling our fall wardrobes, much like we imagine Eloise’s wardrobe if she was getting dressed in 2022. Ready to experience the new aesthetic in all its glory? Here’s how.

What Is Plazacore? 

The name of the Plazacore game is all-prep everything. Pull off the trend by taking cues from another Fifth Ave icon, Blair Waldorf, who knows how to dress the part of schoolgirl-meets-Plaza Princess.


If you want to keep it simple, start with a classic black-and-white outfit and add extra oomph in the form of pink hair bows, pearl headbands, or a patent leather purse. If you’re ready to dive in head-first, opt for a tweed set and a pair of Mary Janes to experience it in full force. See? So posh. So polished. No Upper East Side address is necessary.


Our Plazacore outfit inspiration

For the ultimate Plazacore look, a preppy dress, velvet headband, and Mary Janes are your best bet. This one-and-done dress offers both flouncy blouse details and tweed texture, making it the perfect on-trend piece for work and play alike. The cherry on top? A pearl-embellished bag.


Miniskirts are still having a moment this fall, which means we’re taking advantage of the Plazacore trend by opting for one in a preppy tweed fabric that we can wear again and again. With a white button-up featuring a frilly collar and a pink cardigan, it’s a transitional fall day’s dream.


Looking to be in on Plazacore in a more subtle way? Opt for a Peter Pan collar blouse, trousers, and a pearl headband. It gives a preppy twist to a classic look that’s perfect for a crisp fall office day—especially with a pair of slingbacks.

More Plazacore-inspired pieces we love


7 Fall Outfits Inspired by Our Favorite Rom-Coms

Imagine life as a romantic comedy. Strangers would join you in spontaneous dance sequences set to Hall & Oates. You’d live in an extravagant brownstone apartment, steps away from your closest friends. Hinge dates wouldn’t be awful. You could finally delete all the dating apps because you’d soon reunite with the one who got away while perusing your local bookstore in the perfect fall outfit. This best friend-turned-soulmate would profess their love at a New Year’s Eve party, and (surprise!) you’d live happily ever after.

If only the trajectory of our lives could be written by Nora Ephron. Instead, we must settle for reality—i.e., fewer grand gestures and even fewer grand apartments (excuse me while I raise my eyebrows at Jenna Rink’s massive closet in 13 Going On 30). But all hope isn’t lost. While our ordinary lives may never compare to a screenplay, there is one thing we can all emulate: our favorite rom-com heroine’s fall outfits. After all, there’s a Meg Ryan in all of us, daydreaming about bouquets of newly sharpened pencils.


You’ve Got Mail

Let us introduce you to Kathleen Kelly, the queen of versatile fall layers. Whether she’s ambling about New York City or emailing NY152 from her perfectly imperfect Upper West Side apartment, she somehow manages to look both timeless and effortless in every single scene.

While choosing the best outfit from You’ve Got Mail is an outright impossible task, there’s one look that’ll always work (in 1998 and 2022): a long-sleeve bodysuit under a jumper dress. Kathleen completes the ensemble with tights, loafers, and, later on, a chunky coat and scarf. These layers upon layers of muted neutrals are a fail-proof way to dress this fall.


Pretty Woman

Her on-screen chemistry with Richard Gere is palpable, and her evolving sense of style is a whole mood. When the weather can’t make up its mind between summer and fall, may we suggest channeling Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman? Because let’s face it: You can never go wrong with a short suit. One of Vivian’s slightly more understated (but trendy as ever) fashion moments deserves a place in your closet.

To 2022-ify it, keep the monochrome look going with a cropped blazer and matching jeans. It’ll become your go-to outfit on a 65-degree day—you know, the days when you can’t decide what to wear for the life of you. Now, you’ll be prepared.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Fads, by definition, will always come and go. Whenever you’re not sure what to wear, revert to the classics. Pull an Audrey Hepburn and Golightly on the accessories with a statement trench coat and hair scarf. You’ll be ready for anything that comes your way, including an impromptu make out session in the rain.


When Harry Met Sally

It wouldn’t be a fall rom-com roundup without mentioning the fall rom-com. Look at that—Meg Ryan strikes again. How dare she be this consistently fashionable? While her Central Park outfit (the one with the bowler hat) might be the most iconic, her red cable-knit sweater tucked into a black skirt is a classic worth repeating. Yep, we would wear what she’s wearing.


Crazy Rich Asians

There’s so much to love about this movie: the storytelling, the representation, Henry Golding’s abs—and of course, the opulence. Sure, it’s not every day that we can do a Cinderella-esque ball gown. But the red baby doll dress Rachel wears while spending the day with her friend feels a tad more attainable. Slingback pumps and a trench will make this dressier look suitable for any occasion.


Love and Other Drugs

Before Taylor Swift released the 10-minute version of All Too Well, we were Jake Gyllenhaal fans. And we’ll leave it at that because this is about Anne Hathaway and her impeccable style both on and off-screen. In Love and Other Drugs, we can’t help but fall for her free-spirited nature and effortless outfits, like the overalls and camel coat that appear throughout the film. For those days you plan to stay inside your sprawling, industrial-style loft, we suggest opting for a cozy cable-knit sweater and relaxed-fit jeans.


500 Days of Summer

It’s been 13 years, and we are still not over how anyone could reject the perfection that is Joseph Gordon-Levitt. We get it, it’s a story about love, not a love story. Such a refreshing take. Whatever. But Summer redeems herself with her romantic and retro style. Feeling blue (like Tom)? Go for a vintage blouse and a-line denim skirt.