HEALTHIER WAYS to Use Fragrance


By now it’s been made woefully clear that some of our old tried and true favorite beauty products might not be the very best for our bodies. Potentially harmful chemicals and synthetics can build up in our systems, cause imbalances, and are generally toxic. So what’s a girl to do when her signature scent isn’t squeaky clean?

We won’t make you throw out a fragrance that makes you feel special. You know what we mean—that nostalgic, warm and fuzzy smell that makes tears spring to your ex’s eyes because you’ve always smelled like that—it’s your special smell. Or, maybe you’ve fallen head over heels for a new fragrance and you just can’t get it out of your mind. Chances are, you’re not finding an exact replica that does the same magical mingling with your body chemistry in a non-toxic brand.


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What you can do is try using your favorite (not-so-clean-beauty) scents in smarter, healthier ways. Instead of dousing your delicate endocrine system, aka spraying directly onto your lymph nodes at your throat, wrist, or other sensitive places, try somewhere else.

Give your hair a spritz after it’s styled. The scent will cling to your fibrous strands in a heavenly cloud around your face, and create a little breeze of your favorite aroma when you whip around town. It doesn’t need to land directly on your scalp or seep into your skin, and you don’t need a lot.

Or, try misting your clothes. You can spritz it on a scarf, a sweater, or your top, all before putting the piece on so your scent lingers without clinging to your sensitive areas all day, or requiring reapplication. You can spritz a cotton kerchief and tuck it into a drawer to have a subtle tinge of your scent last all day on all your foldables as well!


Most people assume that applying fragrance is easy. One spritz on your neck and another on your wrist, and that’s pretty much it, right? Trust us, there’s so much more to it! And considering the average price point of designer perfume, we don’t want to waste a drop. The good news is, once you’ve read this post, you’ll be ready to make the most of every last gorgeous drop of your fragrance. Here are four common fragrance mistakes and what you should be doing instead.

Storing Fragrances Incorrectly

Storing fragrances incorrectly degrades the fragrance. Hot temperatures affect the chemical bonds in fragrance while if the temperature is too low, that can also alter the fragrance more quickly. Ideally, your perfumes need to be stored in a cool, dark place with a room temperature between 16 to 22 degrees. This means storing perfume in your bathroom or anywhere the temperature fluctuates is a big no-no. Similarly, direct sunlight will also break down fragrance so do not store them on a window or even shelves near a window. Look for bottles with dark or opaque glass packaging, which will help protect the perfume from sunlight.

Applying Fragrance to Dry Skin

Perfume doesn’t wear well on dry skin, which is just another reason to moisturizer daily. Ideally, you should use the accompanying body lotion that comes with your fragrance or an unscented moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated. This will also ensure that there’s no olfactory interference.

Our fave perfume hack: Perfume lasts longer when applied to oily, damp skin, so to lock in the scent, rub vaseline onto your pulse points before application.

Carrying Fragrance in Your Purse

If you carry your fragrance in your purse, you’re not only exposing it to different temperatures, but you’ll also cause the bottle to move around constantly. By shaking the bottle, you’ll expose the perfume to excess air, which will breakdown and disrupt the fragrance over time.

If you do want to carry a scent with you while you’re on the go, we’d recommend the travel scent Dossier gives you when you purchase a 50mL fragrance, $29. You can also buy these Portable Mini Refillable Perfume Spray Bottles, $10, that you can fill with your fave fragrances, which are perfect for when you travel or to keep in your handbag while your perfume is safely stored at home.


Savoring your Fragrance

As much as we love to savor our beauty products, holding onto your favorite fragrance means that more often than not, by the time you reach the end of the bottle, the fragrance will have altered slightly. The more oxygen into the bottle (like when you’ve used 70% of your perfume), the more the fragrance molecules will break down and modify the fragrance.

This means investing in a large bottle is not always a good idea, in fact, it often better to purchase a smaller bottle to keep the fragrance fresh. If your go-to fragrance is only available in a large bottle, decant the liquid into small vials and store your half-empty bottles in the fridge.




Fragrances to Gift Your Loved Ones With, Purely Based on Personality

FTC Disclosure: Thank you to Dossier for gifting and sponsoring this post! All opinions are my own and is always honest. Also, be advised my videos and posts contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission (pay) through links and codes that is provided. This does NOT change the quality of the product and this does NOT affect you in any way.


A signature style, drink, or selfie face—everyone has a certain something that makes them unique, and that often includes a signature scent. But we all know that finding a perfume that reflects all our personality traits is hard, and finding one for others is even harder. Will my free-spirited friend like something youthful or fresh? Would my mother wear something mysterious or timeless? These are the questions that can be too hard to answer on our own, especially when out holiday shopping.

With that in mind, I was happy when Dossier reached out and asked if BeautyLeeBar wanted to do a collab…of course I said yes. What is Dossier? The dossier is a brand that offers affordable fragrances that has the same scents as a luxury brand like Chanel and Tom Ford. Dossier fragrances are also vegan, cruelty-free with 100% clean ingredients as well as a focus on sustainability. At $29 and $39, you can rest easy, knowing you made a smart choice for your skin, your health, and the environment.

grasse, a town on the french riviera

Dossier strives to design scents that exceed expectations. The dossier only sources their fragrances from Grasse, a town on the French Riviera long considered the world’s perfume capital. Using the same scent designers like many of the world’s most celebrated fragrance houses, Dossier strives to craft the best quality, cleanly made, products possible.


My scents consists of White floral, Jasmine, Lavender and Citrus. With that being said, it can be sometimes difficult to find scents that isn’t overbearing, but still has that classic loving fresh scent. Dossier helps match you to the perfect fragrance(s) by having you answer ONLY 6 easy questions. At the end of the questionnaire, are the scents that best reflect you. Dossier is having up to 25% off and I was gifted a special present for you guys. Dossier and I came up with code: LEE10 so all my BEAUTIES can save more this holiday without emptying the bank. And gentlements, this is for you too! Dossier is for anyone that is looking to smell good. When you smell good you feel good!

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Discover quality fragrances inspired by the iconic rich scents you love.

price depends, the fragrance is either $29 or $39. Use code: LEE10 for money off!

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All I’m saying is, I have never had a complaint, ONLY COMPLIMENTS! Head over to Dossier now and purchase quality fragrances with iconic scents, the same scents that Armani and Chanel has just at a affordable price.



FTC Disclosure: Thank you to Dossier for gifting and sponsoring this post! All opinions are my own and is always honest. Also, be advised my videos and posts contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission (pay) through links and codes that is provided. This does NOT change the quality of the product and this does NOT affect you in any way.



I am the biggest fan of subscription boxes. The subscription boxes are usually filled with stuff that I’ve never tried before or what I have tried before and loved. Since discovering Knours, I have also came across Kali Box. A company that specialises in delivering chic, organic, and toxin-free tampons, pads and sanitary wipes right to your door. Revolutionary!!

What is Kali?

In a time when everyone is concerned about health, Kali Boxes fits right in.  Their products are made of 100% organic cotton, free from fragrances, parabens, chlorine bleach, dyes, deodorants, and other ingredients that can be harmful to our bodies.  Kali Boxes’ products are vegan and cruelty-free and are also ICEA and GOTS certified. Their individually-wrapped wipettes are also free from harsh ingredients such as chlorine, sulfates, and parabens, and can be used to freshen up any part of your body.  In addition to tampons, pads, panty liners, and wipes, Kali Boxes also carries facial mist, menstrual cups, coconut body scrub, bath soaks, and a custom essential oil blend, all of which are also made of organic ingredients sans any harmful chemicals. Kali Boxes’ mission is to provide you with products that will make you feel good during that time of the month so that you can pamper yourself even when you’re not feeling your best.

Along with your monthly supply of pads, tampons, and wipes, Kali Boxes also includes a free facial mist in every order, as well as a couple of surprises from various brand partners.  These goodies can range from organic deodorants to clay face masks, allowing you to sample new products from the comfort of your own home. Past Kali Boxes brand partners have included HUM Nutrition, Only Hearts underwear, Little Seed Farm, Cocofloss, and many more.  Kali Boxes function as both a feminine product subscription service and a beauty and self-care sample deal, making it one of the best “bang for your buck” subscriptions out there.

Now, I’m usually good at keeping period supplies at home but sometimes I find myself rummaging around the house when that time of the month comes looking for that one pad to rescue me. I usually fail and end up having to send my beautiful mother to the nearest market to grab a box. Pads and tampons are filled with chemicals and harsh materials so it is important to educate yourself on which lady essential to use.

Kali products are exactly the feminine hygiene products I’ve so desperately been searching for. These pads are made with 100% hypoallergenic and certified organic cotton. Absolutely no chemicals!
The tampon and cardboard applicator are 100% biodegradable and ethically and sustainably sourced. They don’t shred fibre either. The liners are also 100% hypoallergenic and made from certified organic cotton. Both of their absorbency is terrific! The wipes come in handy too. It’s great for traveling and freshing up not only your V but also your face and underarm as well. They are 100% Sulfate & Paraben Free, and 99.98% organic and all natural.

The subscription costs roughly around $18 – $22.89 a month depending on the box options. It actually costs about the same as tampons and pads you purchase at the drug store or supermarket but much better quality and better for your body and health. It also saves you a trip to the store and you never have to worry about not having pads each month when your evil step sister flow arrives.

In addition to the regular feminine product subscription, Kali Boxes also offers a teen box catered towards younger girls who might be getting their periods for the first time.  The teen box includes 6 organic cotton teen day pads, 6 teen night pads, 6 teen panty liners, 4 organic tampons with cardboard applicators, and 4 organic tampons with plastic applicators, as well as 10 wipettes and some special product surprises.  The teen box is perfect for younger girls who are new to the world of feminine hygiene and aren’t sure what products they should use. The Kali Lux Teen Kit is a great place to start, as it allows girls to try out different menstrual products and find what works best for them.  The teen box makes a perfect gift for your daughter, younger sister, or niece who may be feeling worried and insecure about starting their period, as this can help them prepare for that time of the month and eliminate any additional stress. Younger girls will also appreciate the extra goodies that come with their Kali Boxes, and they’ll enjoy getting to sample new products.

In addition to offering subscription boxes full of quality organic feminine care products, Kali Boxes also runs, an informative blog brought to you by the Kali team.  Blog topics on the site include period talk, lifestyle, travel, health and wellness, and sex and relationship advice. The Kali Periodical is a great resource for women of all ages, as it provides insight on everything a modern girl would need to know.  The site is run by Kali CEO Jonna Piira, as well as several other team members, including writers, fitness gurus, and nutritionists. The Kali Periodical is one of the most informative blogs out there for women and definitely worth a visit if you’re looking for fun, educational content.

If all of this information still hasn’t convinced you that Kali Boxes is the best feminine subscription service out there, then I strongly suggest trying it for yourself! To get started, simply take the short quiz on the Kali Boxes website to create a customized box. Your box will ship within 2-3 business days, and then you can expect your boxes to arrive by the first day of every month. With the holidays right around the corner, a Kali Boxes subscription makes a great gift for the women in your life!

Kali Box is the greatest luxury for periods so go ahead and give it a try!

There is No Commitment and you can Pause or Cancel at any time.


Have you purchased from them yet? Let me know what you think!

If you have any other subscription boxes suggestions, comment down below.