Love is in the air! I know not everyone loves Valentine’s Day, but as a textbook Sagittarius I tend to roll with any reason to celebrate. Whether you’re single or not, there are so many different ways to celebrate the holiday of hearts! Valentine’s Day is a GREAT reason to spoil yourself with something from this guide. This Valentines gift guide has a lot of enviable items for that special someone while still being affordable! Self care is key, but also make sure you get something you want.

This Valentine, while browsing DivaModaFashion, I stumbled across the cutest fashion fits. After browsing the +1,102 reviews, I pulled the trigger and man am I glad I did. I finally found a sexy cute fit for me and after I was done buying the whole Diva Boutique store lmao which is also based in Miami, FL, I thought about making this list to help my fellow hello beauties out! Click on the links below to shop the pieces you love.



Hope my hellobeauties squad enjoy today post. I want all my beauties to look hot, like flaming hot. Speaking of hot, Diva Boutique agrees and offer you to Look Fire Now, Pay Later. Diva has AFTERPAY at the end of check out. Use their hashtag #DIVAWEARSDIVA for a chance to be featured on their page!


Let me know in the comments if you want to see an Diva Boutique try-on haul on here soon.

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Diva Boutique. Thank you to DIVABOUTIQUE for gifting me with some beautiful items for Valentine’s Day♡ All opinions are my own. I am actually a fan of the owner, Vanessa Prado Gonzalez that sells all the hottest pieces 🔥.

10 Signs You’ve Found Your Ultimate Galentine

Valentines are great and all, but nothing will beat the love between a gal and her Galentine. Boys come and go, but your BFFL? Well, the name says it all – they’re with you for life! The chicken to your nugget, the avo to your toast, the liner to your lids, the tequila to your lime, the Michelle to your Barack – one just doesn’t make sense without the other. Although, a ride-or-die isn’t easy to find: here are the signs you’ve found “the one”…

1. Even if you’re in a relationship, whenever you hang out with your partner and BFFL, your partner feels like their third-wheeling. You can’t deny that friend chemistry! #SorryNotSorry 

2. No topic is off the table: boy drama, gross body issues, dark family secrets, secret spending habits… they know it all. There’s literally no such thing as TMI.

3. You’ll never appreciate your best friend and their photography skills until you know the struggle of this situation…

Your outfit is straight fire; your gloss is popping, your skin is gleaming, your smile is beaming, so you obviously need an Insta to document your Goddess-ery. Your BFFL isn’t there to snap it, but you think to yourself: ‘how hard can it be?’ So you ask a friend. But your friend doesn’t know your angles like your BFFL, the lighting is wrong, and somehow you end up looking like ‘end of the day you’ – it’s that moment you realize just how awesome your BFFL really is.

4. You speak to each other ALL day on approximately five different apps – Whatsapp for the juicy goss and voice notes, then there are the texts for when your wifi goes down, the memes on Instagram, and of course, the ugly selfies on Snapchat.

5. When a third-party gal pal is in your presence, she can barely understand you guys between the private jokes and abbreviations. Your mannerisms have synced, and before you know it, your BFFL has trademarked your signature hair flick, but you’re not mad; she owns it.

6. You don’t do that awkward AF splitting the bill at the end of the meal: you split it right down the middle. Or if your hun’s running a little low on dollar, you’ve got them – she’d do the same for you. What are best friends for other than buying you burgers when you’re broke?

7. True friendship = sending your gal your new Insta pic for approval to check it’s a) not tragic b) flaming hot c) will make your ex cry.

8. When your outfit isn’t working, they won’t BS you; they’ll tell you straight to your face. They know your potential, and they would never dream of letting you step foot outside your house unless you look like the bombshell you truly are. 

9. You’ll go into their house and raid their wardrobe without a second thought, at this point, you may as well have a key. 

10. And if someone crosses your BFFL, the claws come out… #oops

Share this with your Galentine to let them know how much you love them. Life just wouldn’t be as sweet (and sometimes savage) without them by your side.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

I know many people think Valentine’s Day is a cheesy Hallmark holiday and I always hear the, “I should be loved everyday, not just one day” and I totally agree! Your love with someone should be celebrated everyday, but what about if you are single or away from your loved one? My mom and I always get each other something for Valentine’s Day, it been a tradition since I was 10 years old. This year, not only am I going to keep that tradition alive but I decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day as a day to indulge in bubble baths, face masks, and any other beautifying that I needed! Why not spend a day pampering yourself, you sooooo deserve it!!

Here’s my Vday Agenda:

  • First of all, you MUST take a “Me” day! Decide to take it and do everything that makes you happy!
  • Spend an hour getting ready (more if possible) look super glamorous, wear something that makes you feel fabulous + your favorite perfume
  • Go out with your BFF/girlfriends for a healthy/delicious lunch and make sure you pass by the mall when you finish!
  • Buy yourself a gift! I don’t care what anyone thinks, I love buying myself gifts around holidays or when I’ve achieved a goal!
  • Hit the Spa! Make sure you get a massage or take a relaxing bath and take your time, read a book, enjoy your down time!
  • Try an at home treatment that you’ve been wanting to try!
  • Watching a movie, funny romantic movie always make me happy! I love The Proposal, Bridget Jone’s Dairy, 13 going on 30, Hitch, 50 First Dates, 27 Dresses, Pretty Woman, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Nobody’s Fool, Just Wright, Poetic Justice, Love Jones, Love & Basketball, Brown Sugar, The Wood, Beyond the Lights, Last Holiday, Coming to America, About Last Night, Phat Girlz, Jason’s Lyric, Moonlight, She’s Gotta Have It and any movie that celebrates love but still has some humor.
  • Remember to set the mood before you sleep! I spray the entire room with chamomile, I make sure the temperature is perfect, then I love to fall asleep to thunderstorms! If you have the iPhone, there’s an App called Rain Rain Sleep Sounds that let’s you mix the perfect sleep tone.

I love you guys sooo much!! Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!

Say “I Love You” with These 4 Easy DIY Projects!

Whether you’re looking to surprise your lover with breakfast in bed (along with some adorable sugar hearts for their coffee ), or, if you want to get together with your BFFs and spoil yourselves with a mini at home spa night (I see you, single gals!) … I have you covered!

Below I’ve rounded up 4 of my Valentine’s Day DIY’s and I can’t wait to share them with you so you can share them with YOUR loved ones!!

Ps. We all know that food is the way to a mans (and WOMAN’S heart!) lol … so, make sure to swing back to the blog next week as I’ll be sharing some of my favourite recipes to whip up for that special someone in your life!!

Stitched Love Pillow

This easy DIY stitched love pillow is a great way to spruce up an otherwise old plain pillow and chances are you probably have a slip laying around the house that would be perfect for this!

Heart Banner DIY

I love little canvas and burlap banners, I think they are too cute. For my birthday I was searching for a simple banner and I couldn’t find what I was looking for so, I decided to make a mini one!!! It’s easy peasy and a great craft for kids too!

Rose Honey Brown Sugar Lip Scrub

If you’re getting together with all of your SINGLE LADIES to pop some bubbly and have a girls night in this Valentines Day, you might as well pamper yourself with a little at home SPA NIGHT!!! Try making this Rose Honey Brown Sugar Lip scrub for the ultimate KISSABLE lips!

Valentine’s Sugar Hearts

Is there ANYTHING cuter than DIY sugar hearts?! Serve them beside your lovers coffee (hellooooo breaky in bed!), or, gift them in a little bag to your girls!! No matter what you do with them, they are SURE to fire up a conversation on ANY occasion!!

Here you have it!! How adorable are these ideas?! I love the idea of creating something for someone, or making a girls night out of it! We ALL need those, don’t we?! Especially when they include sippin’ on some vino! LOL!



Crystal Lee