We are what we eat…and drink. Although we love a life of balance, we also love concentrated superfood nutrition to help balance out our more indulgent choices.

This beauty shot supports graceful, healthy skin aging with carrot juice for super high levels of vitamins C and A and anti-inflammatory elderberry for collagen synthesis and defense against UV oxidation. Ginger adds a little kick and has potent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anticancer, and antimicrobial properties.


You’ll need:

1-ounce carrot juice (fresh or store-bought—not from concentrate and not pasteurized)

1 tablespoon elderberry syrup

½ ounce ginger juice (freshly pressed) or 1 teaspoon of ginger powder



Mix well with a small frother whisk, and consume within 10 minutes. Shoot it down the hatch, or sip slowly. It’s best absorbed on an empty stomach, 15 minutes before your first meal.

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A Health Expert’s Guide to the Healthiest Ways to Drink Alcohol

If there were a cardinal rule in wellness next to “Do what works best for you,” it would be “Everything in moderation.” If you have been following BeautyLeeBar, you know we’re not about restricting any foods or labeling them as “good” or “bad.” And alcohol is no exception. We’re not ones to pass up happy hour or popping champagne, but there is one caveat (sorry to be the bearer of bad news): You can have too much of a good thing. Having too many margaritas poolside or mimosas at brunch can leave you with more than just a bad hangover—your long-term health can pay the price. But wait, there’s good news: we tapped into the expertise of health pros to get their healthy ways to drink alcohol, so we can imbibe sans guilt.  


What is considered drinking in moderation?

Finding a happy medium is not as hard as you may think. Jordan Dorn, a holistic nutritionist and cofounder of Zuma Nutrition, broke it down: “Keep track of how much you are drinking, know your limit, and know when to stop.” Reiterating Dorn’s sentiment, we each have our cut-off number, which varies depending on our biological sex, age, health, and body composition. While doctors typically recommend one drink a day for us ladies, tune in to your body. Is it giving you cues that you’ve had enough after knocking back two cocktails? You know your body best, and a healthy relationship with alcohol looks different for everyone. So instead of limiting or shaming yourself for what you drink, practice a mindfulness-based approach to drinking. The next time you pour yourself a nightcap, try savoring it and the experience. 


How to drink smarter:

Eat before you sip

Do yourself (and your body) a favor and build a plate of nutritious fare before saying “Cheers!” “Alcohol enters the bloodstream through the stomach and small intestine,” explained Dorn. “If your stomach is empty when you start drinking, the alcohol will enter your bloodstream more quickly. So, by eating before your first drink, and even while you are drinking, you can reduce the amount of alcohol that enters your system.” We know, nothing sounds better than washing down French fries and wings with your drink of choice, but most bar eats are laden with sodium, driving you to drink more. Instead, nourish the body with healthy fats (think: guac or hummus with veggies) while you drink, helping you stay full and satisfied. 

Other good-for-you pairings for your go-to cocktail? “Choose healthy food options such as whole grains, protein, and fiber before consuming alcohol,” suggested Rebecca Reilly, DNP, FNP-C, a family medicine nurse practitioner at TiaDr. Lana Butner, a board-certified naturopathic doctor and licensed acupuncturist encouraged noshing on water-rich foods. Think watermelon, pineapple, peaches, citrus fruits, celery, and cucumbers. The best part? Controlling the all-too-familiar hangover the next morning. 

Pace yourself with water 

We will give you the benefit of the doubt and assume drinking a healthy dose of H20 is already part of your daily routine (you’re welcome). So, when you’re enjoying your mojito, keep up your water intake by ensuring a tall glass of it is within reach, and keep ’em coming. “As a diuretic, alcohol causes the body to lose water much quicker than other fluids do,” warned Dr. Butner. “Drink lots of water or eat water-rich foods before, during, and after drinking to prevent dehydration.” It can not hurt to have your Hydro Flask nearby, which can help slow your roll. “To combat dehydration and limit your alcohol intake, start the happy hour with a big glass of water and continue to drink plain or sparkling water between drinks,” agreed Reilly. 

After diving into a drink or two, you may want to stock up on some coconut water to restore lost electrolytes. “Coconut water is great for rehydration after drinking as it has alkalizing properties, meaning it helps bring your body’s pH from acidic to neutral (our body prefers a neutral pH as this is closer to homeostasis, which is what we are constantly striving for),” said Dr. Butner. If that means getting ahead of the dreaded morning after, we are all for it. 


Opt for healthier drinks 

PSA: Not all alcohol is created equal. There are not-so-great-for-you bevies, and then there are the notoriously mixed drinks high in sugar that might make you feel worse than alcohol alone (looking at you, Piña Colada). But don’t worry, our experts have dished out a few drinks with their stamp of approval. “Choose mixers that aren’t high in sugar, such as club soda or sparkling water,” Reilly recommended. “Red or white wine is another good option because wine has the health benefit of antioxidants and takes longer to drink.” To top it off, Reilly green-lit some ingredients for a healthy libation: fresh lime juice, fresh lemon juice, club soda, agave, jalapeno, and ice.

Dorn pointed out that drinking an organic red wine or beer (free of preservatives, added sugars, and pesticides) makes a difference from drinking a sugary cocktail. “When drinking, try to go for the highest quality alcoholic beverages you can get, as they will be less damaging to your health.” Another simple hack to keep in your back pocket: Stick with clear alcohol. “Dark liquor has a higher sugar content and contains byproducts that create impurities once fermentation occurs in the GI tract,” Dr. Butner explained. “With that being said, vodka and tequila are going to be better choices than rum, whiskey, and rye. These clearer alcohols may result in less severe hangover symptoms as well.” Sold.

Switch it up with non-alcoholic drinks 

Don’t knock it before you try it. One quick Google search of “non-alcoholic drink,” and you’ll see that booze-free refreshments are not only all the rage but also diverse and flavorful in their own right. “Mocktails are more popular than ever and provide an opportunity to avoid alcohol while enjoying a healthy, interesting beverage in a social setting,” said Reilly. “Ghia, for example, has created products that do not contain alcohol, caffeine, added sugars, and artificial flavors that can be used to make delicious mocktails.”

Whether you’re in the middle of Dry July or the forever D.D. (designated driver, ICYMI), going dry doesn’t stop at mocktails. From bubbly spirits to non-alcoholic beer and wine, take your pick. And we would be remiss if we didn’t mention the so-called “functional beverage” category that includes brands infusing their alcohol alternatives with ingredients like adaptogens, amino acids, plants, and CBD. The main takeaway? Saying “Bottoms up!” with booze-less varieties has never tasted better.



Don’t forget supplements 

Strengthening your body with the help of some supplements when drinking is akin to loading up on Vitamin C and zinc when you feel like you’re coming down with something. “Take an activated methylated vitamin-B complex before drinking,” Dr. Butner suggested. “Methylated forms of vitamins are highly preferred as they are more easily absorbed and processed by the body than non-methylated forms. B vitamins are helpful to the liver’s detoxification process, so taking them before drinking can help your body better metabolize alcohol, thereby preventing any dreaded hangover symptoms. Taking B vitamins can also help prevent hang-xiety as B vitamins play a huge role in regulating the nervous system.” In the same vein, Dr. Butner also recommended adding N-acetyl cysteine, or NAC, and milk thistle to your supplement line-up before drinking, before bed, and the day after to boost the liver’s function in metabolizing alcohol.

Another go-to to have in your pre-drink’s arsenal? Activated charcoal. “Activated charcoal has shown to help bind toxins in the stomach that have not yet entered the bloodstream and, therefore, can help flush the alcohol out of the system more quickly,” said Dr. Butner. As always, before adding any new supplement to your routine, first, check with your doctor or nutritionist. While there’s no cure-all or magic pill to prevent a hangover, the naturally sourced remedy comes pretty close.


Waking up in the morning is rarely pleasant. (Unless you’re one of those weird morning people, —how??) The transition from sleep to awake is often jarring a brief moment of confusion before the realization hits: it is time, yet again, to cosplay as an adult human who has their sh*t together. Studies have shown that stress anticipation first thing in the morning can negatively affect our entire day. So, to help make mornings (and the other hours we are awake) a little easier, we have rounded up our favorite tips for waking up gently.



We like ShutEye, an app that tracks sleep quality, record sounds such as snoring, talking, walking, and time spent in each phase of sleep, and wakes us up in our lightest sleep phase. It also has a mix of sleep sounds and stories for the ones who have trouble falling asleep. Another good similar sleep tracking apps are Sleep Tracker (there are 2 Sleep Tracker apps with that same name, and both are amazing)


These alarms mimic the sunrise to help us wake up naturally, without a noisy alarm sound. Brookstone is one such alarm. It has many cool features that help improve sleep, including gentle white noise/radio stations, customizable light colors, and a wind-down routine. Since we can’t figure out where we got the Brookstone sunrise alarm, below are four similar ones:


Getting out of bed feels even more challenging when it’s too hot or too cold. A smart thermostat can automatically change the temperature at a set time to help us fall asleep and wake up better. Or try the Eight Sleep Pod Pro Cover, a smart device that goes over your mattress and automatically adjusts the bed’s temperature.


Do a quick yoga flow

Take a moment to go through a few yoga poses that can be done without getting out of bed, like happy baby, pigeon pose, and butterfly, to help calm anxiety and practice mindfulness.

The content provided in this article is provided for information purposes only and is not a substitute for professional advice and consultation, including professional medical advice and consultation; it is provided with the understanding that BeautyLeeBar, LLC (“BLB”) is not engaged in the provision or rendering of medical advice or services. You understand and agree that BeautyLeeBar shall not be liable for any claim, loss, or damage arising out of the use of, or reliance upon any content or information in the article.

3Chi Delta 8 Review

Delta 8 THC is a comparatively safer and legally approved product with fewer side effects than the traditional THC-9. It has gained much popularity and profitability. Its special characteristics have made it exceptional in many ways.

It is generally recognized as Delta-8 THC. The secret of its particularity is that it contains natural cannabis. It has no side effects like Delta-9.

3Chi Delta-8 products are surprisingly great in strength and good in their effects. 3Chi was thought to be the first cannabis brand in the USA. And this 3Chi Delta 8 Review will cover details about their products and the great quality of CBD they offer!

Its purpose was to develop and purify THC dominant products. It just makes you slightly high that is in favor of cannabis lovers because it does not cause any of the unpleasant after-effects of “getting high.”

It may be interesting to talk all about such things, but what is more, important to discuss right now, is to know why 3Chi ought to be our favorite Delta 8 brand. There must be reasons behind its popularity, and it should be made known to you.


Pros and Cons of 3Chi Delta-8:

Let us go through some of the advantages and disadvantages 3Chi products have to offer:


  • Organic US-based hemp and ingredients
  • A wide range of products with a wide range of medical benefits
  • It helps in managing anxiety and depression, also fosters better sleeping patterns
  • Serves as a remedy for pain and aches from daily activities
  • Reduces stress and fosters relaxation
  • Free of D9 Tetrahydrocannabinol
  • They offer fast shipping
  • Impressive customer service
  • Fast product delivery
  • Eco-friendly extraction method
  • A wide range of products, including gluten-free and vegan gummies
  • Their products are all-natural
  • 100% pure
  • The best company for delta 8 products in the hemp market
  • Products undergo third-party lab testing and certification


  • Used products can’t be returned.
  • Guarantee of the products is not provided.
  • Although the products are efficient, there is no guarantee of the efficacy of the products
  • Information needs to be updated on their official website
  • No regular promos or discounts
  • Don’t exclusively sell Delta 8

Krispy Treat 

Now, on to the edible itself. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this 3Chi Krispy Treat. I tore the package open and shoved half of the treat in my mouth, savoring the sweetness. Then I remembered the packaging included serving sizes. I chewed the half treat in my mouth and looked at the directions. Each Krispy Treat is 4 servings. The whole 3Chi Krispy Treat has 50mg of Delta 8 in it. One of 3Chi’s gummies is 25mg. And the serving size for those are half a gummy. For a total of around 13mg of Delta 8. By eating half of the 3Chi Krispy Treat, I had basically eaten the same as a whole gummy. Oopsy. 

About 45 minutes later I felt a definite buzz, but it was so incredibly pleasant. The 3Chi Krispy Treat tasted just like the brand products if not better because they had a bit more marshmallow in them to make them peel apart easier. Thankfully I only ate half of the Krispy Treat even though I wanted to eat a whole one. They’re so good I almost couldn’t control myself. 

I did notice that I felt the effects of the 3Chi Krispy Treat faster than I have with the gummies. It was also a more gradual high than a gut punch that can happen with gummies, which isn’t a bad thing. Even though I had eaten way more than an appropriate dose, it was still a great experience.

For storage, I wrapped the half of the 3Chi Krispy Treat back up in its wrapper and placed that in a plastic bag. Then I tossed that bag in my freezer. Why? So that the Krispy Treat would last as long as possible. While I would love to just smash the treat, I also want to savor the Delta 8 sensation. 

Our Take

I personally take Delta 8 THC in the comfort of my own living room. That way, I know the environment around me in case something happens. Like when I realized I had taken more than the recommended dose and had to sit on my couch for the rest of the night because I was flying like a kite. Do not drive or operate machinery while you are feeling the effects of Delta 8 in your system. It is a psychoactive cannabinoid, so it will impair your body in various ways.

The next morning, after I woke up from my crazy Krispy Treat spree, I felt awake and recharged. Once I fell asleep I was completely zonked. To wake up with no headaches, dizziness, confusion, or paranoia was the best thing I could ask for. If you are looking for a product that’s sweet and hits that sweet tooth just right, then the 3Chi Krispy Treat is practically calling your name. 

>> Click Here to visit the Official Website of 3Chi Delta 8 Cereal Treats

Chocolate Chip Cookie

Let me tell you, this cookie is delicious. Instead of milk chocolate, semi-sweet chocolate is used, which creates a richer chocolate taste in the cookie. This is something I prefer and look for when I’m trying cookies. So, already, this cookie has a leg up from others that typically use milk chocolate. 

Next is the size of the cookie. It’s big, about the size of my whole hand. So for the cost of the cookie, it’s a good amount of sweetness. Plus, the cookie contains 50mg of Delta 8 in it. This makes the deal even better because you can get four recommended serving sizes out of it. 

Now, did I get that many out of it? Of course, I didn’t. I had to smash a whole cookie right off the bat. The cookie is delicious and you guys know I have a problem with my sweet tooth. And sometimes I can’t control myself. This is one of those times. I was also supposed to share the cookie with some of my friends who wanted to try Delta 8 products that I have been raving about. Sorry about that guys. Just means I have to get another cookie!

I knocked myself out honestly. A half of Krispy Treat was a bit much to handle. But a whole cookie? Let’s just say I slept so well that night. 

Our Take

Delta 8 will knock you out. That I can promise you. I take Delta 8 in the comfort of my living room. That way, if anything does happen, I can react to it even while I am feeling the effects of Delta 8 in me. I highly recommend you do the same, especially the first time you try any Delta 8 products. Then you can learn how you feel when you take Delta 8 and make sure everything goes well. 

Waking up the next morning wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be with how much Delta 8 I took. But I woke up in the morning feeling refreshed, ready to take on the day, and surprisingly full of energy. I put that energy to good use and cleaned the house and then dragged friend to a local park to walk around in the beautiful weather while it lasted. 

Honestly, if you’re interested in Delta 8 products, 3Chi is the way to go. They offer some of the best products on the market and I am always blown away by how amazing they are. Plus, if you have a sweet tooth like me, then their new line of edibles, especially the chocolate chip cookie, is the way to go. 

>> Click Here to visit the Official Website of 3Chi Delta 8 Cookies

Delta-8 THC Gummies

With 3Chi, no one is left out. Vegan and still want to get a buzz? No worries, there are the gummies for you. The Delta-8 gummies are gluten-free, vegan, sweet, and fruity gums. Chewing these gums would give you the effective hemp consumption experience, but without the hemp flavor.

The delta-8 gummies of 3Chi are yet another fantastic product from their Delta-8 THC collection and are always included in the Top 5 Delta 8 THC Gummies. These peculiarly formulated gummies that are both effective and yummy come in packs of 16 or 8 gummies 25mg delta-8 content per gummy. In addition to Δ8 THC, the presence of cannabinoids such as CBN and CBC boost the gummies’ overall performance.

3Chi’s gummies are no different than the ordinary gummies; they taste and smell just like them. The only difference between these gummies and the regular gummies is that they make you feel relaxed and at peace. The 3Chi’s gummies are also vegan-friendly and gluten-free.

It is recommended to have these gummies either with your meals or just half an hour before, but mind you, not more than half an hour. Also, it is better not to drive, operate any machinery or do any heavy tasks after having these gummies. Do not forget to store your gummies in a cold, dry place like a refrigerator to avoid them from melting and getting meshed.

• The extract type of product is broad-spectrum.

• These gummies are made up of broad-spectrum delta-8 oil with no delta-9 Tetrahydrocannabinol, sugar, natural colors and flavors, sodium citrate, pectin, and citric acid.

• The gummies come in two different flavors, that are, watermelon and black raspberry.

• Each gummy contains 25mg of Delta 8 content, making a total of 200mg d8 THC for the pack of 8 gummies and 400mg d8 THC for 16 gummies.

>> Click Here to visit the Official Website of 3Chi Gummies

Customer Gratification:

We can have an idea of the immense popularity and the confidence of the customers in this brand by the fact that it takes very less time for the gummies to go out of stock after just being restocked.

CBC and CBN are two cannabinoids that work quite well with Delta-8. 3chi employs this knowledge to blend in these CBDs to their gummies, guaranteeing optimal experience. Consumers trust that the Delta-8 they consume from 3Chi gummies are the purest they can be. This is because the brand goes an extra mile to keep their consumers informed of their processes, ingredients, and what have you.

These gummies take less than 60 minutes to start to kick in. Most of the buyers claimed that the gummies helped them get rid of their stress, anxiety, or sleep issues. The results won’t be the same for everyone; the result may vary from person to person.

A few people, who suffered from anxiety, depression, or sleep issues, claimed to have benefited after consuming these gummy bears. But they recommended using them slowly to let the body adjust to the effects. Most reviewers claimed that this was the best D-8 product they’ve tried.

The effects do tend to last for several hours, so it is advisable not to consume them on an empty stomach. From one consumer to another, the 3Chi gummies make for a beautiful way to unwind at the end of the day. 

Our Take:

No matter how you measure, 3Chi gummies are the gold standard when it comes to high quality delta 8 edibles. Their flavor and potency is unlike anything else on the market, and should be your clear first choice when searching for premium products.

In our opinion, there are just a few things to keep if you are buying 3Chi’s gummies. The most important of all is to make sure that you store the gummies in a cool and dry place so that they do not take the shape of a gooey blob.

The good thing is that even if something like that happens, the taste and effects will not change at all.

These gummies do not act in a way to make you dull and sleepy; in fact, they may make you even more active by making you relaxed and stress-free.


Is 3Chi Delta 8 Safe?

It is the personal experience of a biochemist, of 15 years, in developing his methodology of making products based on cannabis. His practical experience of over 15 years revealed that 3Chi stands prominent among the best brands in the D-8 categories.

Being encouraged by the accurate results of the research in developing an extensive range of cannabinoids, 3Chi stepped forward to formulate and introduce the best quality products in the market. 3Chi is the pioneer of custom-designed cannabinoids blends and the latest technologies. It has made the other brands follow the method it has devised.

By dint of the research based on a scientific approach, the brand succeeded in extracting pure Delta- 8 THC from hemp in September 2019. This was the development that opened the avenues for the entrance of the brand in the cannabis industry in America.

Following are the logical reasons for preferring 3Chi:

• Hemp Sourced from the U.S

In America, cannabis is legal only if it is derived from hemp. The condition is that it does not exceed the prescribed limit- not more than 0.3% Delta-9THC in dry weight.

The brand concentrates on making the best quality hemp-originated products that are readily available for people. All the Delta-8 THC products are cultivated on licensed hemp farms all over America.

• Secure Production and Extraction

The manufacturing and extraction methodology of 3Chi is non-polluting and environment friendly like its farming. It applies the process of CO2 extraction to draw its cannabinoids.

The brand cross-checks its products and extracts for their Delta-8 concentration. It ensures that the products are well up to the mark about their potency, safety, and legality for the consumers in the best possible way.

Even it goes to the extent that it uses a filtration process to detect and remove D-9 THC. The extracts types are also displayed clearly on the websites.

• Safe and Healthy Ingredients

3Chi Delta 8 products are genuine and taste great because of the ingredients they are made up of. All the ingredients used are safe and healthy for consumption. However, in case of any medical condition, make sure to consult a physician.

• Tested by third-party Laboratories

The distinguishing characteristic of the 3Chi brand is its quality which is assured by a third-party testing system. The whole purpose is to ensure and prove the safety, potency, and effectiveness of its products.

The lab testing strategy aims at proving the legal status of the products. The certificates of the legal status are published on the websites of the brand.

• Recognition of Brand

3Chi brands have earned unprecedented fame and repute concerning Delta-8 products. The customers are impressed by the quality of the products and the services being provided to them. The proof of this is the thousands of positive reviews on the official website.


Finally, Should You Choose 3Chi For Delta-8 THC Products?

Let’s be very clear: The choice is yours, and yours alone. But we would highly recommend that you don’t buy counterfeit products from an disreputable vendor.

It’s safe to choose a brand like 3Chi that produces high-quality, natural hemp products and adheres to federal laws and safety norms.

As the first US brand to sell federally legal and safe D-8 THC products, 3Chi has spent many years on scientific research to develop the finest and most naturally procured Delta-8 products.

3Chi sticks to safe and environmentally sustainable practices in farming, extraction, and manufacturing hemp products and sources its ingredients, including the D-8 extracts, from all-natural and organic sources. That is why the brand has succeeded in delivering the safest and most effective high to its customers without triggering any adverse effects of cannabis consumption.

No brand can claim that their D-8 products won’t show up on a drug test. 3Chi makes it point to warn users against this. The brand also warns customers and site visitors from handling heavy machinery or driving while using D-8 products.

3Chi is a transparent brand that makes third-party lab test results of all its products public. You can always check them before placing your order. It also provides ample information on what to expect from D-8 products in its blog on the brand website.

Overall, 3Chi is a reliable and responsible brand – one we can trust to give us a safe and mild high after a tiresome day at work.


Have you tried any Delta 8 edibles? What did you think of them? Let us know in the comments below. And, as always, check back for more CBD reviews

(Note: This review contains an affiliate link. However, I fully support all products I endorse.)