Ask Lee: How To Know If You’re Ready for the Chop

As all of you know, I keep shaving off my hair. It was my first real haircut in years, so it was a big change. But I’ve got to say, I’m loving my short haircut so far! I’ve received a lot of compliments on my hair from followers, family members, and strangers. There have been a few messages on my Instagram asking me why I did it and how I felt before and after the chop. Today I wanted to address those questions in my latest Ask Lee post. Here are the things to consider before getting a major haircut…

Is everything else in your life stable?

I understand the instinct to chop your hair off right after a breakup or other major life change. But as nice as it is to start fresh, you’re also more likely to make a rash decision you’ll regret. So if you’re considering making a big change to your look, try to do it when everything else in your life is status quo.

To some, it might seem I woke up one morning and just shaved off my head but,  in reality, I thought about it for a least 2 weeks. Sometimes I do things without thinking and with my hair, I put a lot of thought into it. If you know me, you know growing up I hated getting trims. Always felt like they cut off too much. It was never a good time until now. I still don’t trust anyone with my hair but my aunt Jillie who went to cosmetology school and her specialty was haircuts shaved my head for me. After looking into my mirror, I knew I made the best decision for me. 

Can you take it slow?

When I told my hairstylist Jillie that I wanted a shave, she kept asking me am I sure. The reasons I wanted to shave off my hair was because I had dead ends and because I wanted to be free.

But I would suggest you cut a little bit off first and get used to playing with your new texture and length before really going for it. It will make the transition a lot easier and also gives you a chance to change your mind. 

Are you prepared for high maintenance?

It’s a big misconception that shorter hair is easier to care for. Yes, you might save a little time shampooing. But it takes more time to style shorter hair, and you will also have to get more frequent trims (every 4-6 weeks) to maintain your shortcut. I now wear wigs whenever I just want to switch it up or don’t feel like dealing with my short hair. 

But I will say, I’ve been using Curls, Elasta QP and Orshaircare for months now, maybe even for a year and my short hair has been easier to handle and to take care of especially when my hair is under those wigs. I now shave my own hair with Wahl Corded Color Pro Color Kit. The kit has everything I need and more, I feel like a real barber.

If you answered yes to all three questions, then you are ready for a short haircut!

I know it seems silly to put so much thought into getting a haircut, but as anyone who has ever had a bad haircut knows, it’s best to really be sure about these things! Plus, if you anything like me, then you will want to make sure you have the best barber and tools for your hair. Also, make sure you in the right frame of mind to make this type of big decision that can change your life forever.

Are you considering cutting your hair?

I hope my advice helped!

XO Lee