Flo Vitamins Review

About Flo Vitamins

Flo Vitamins help fight the common assumption that a woman’s uterus is the sole reason for those dark clouds hanging over her. But there’s a silver lining: donut-shaped gummy vitamins to ward off those PMS blues.    

Flo claims their PMS Gummy Vitamins are formulated with ingredients that have been traditionally used to alleviate cramps, bloating, hormonal acne, and mood swings. Flo Vitamins is featured in notable publications like Forbes and Town & Country.

Flo struck a chord among women with its plain-speak marketing and pink banners. The Flo Vitamins Instagram has over 75.6k followers, while its Facebook page has nearly 37k followers.      

This Flo Vitamins review will trace the story of the brand, how period vitamins work, what customers think, promotions, and more, to help you decide if these gummies are for you.  


Overview of Flo Vitamins

Flo Vitamins was founded in 2018 by siblings Brianna and Bobby Bitton. Why? Because “PMS f*cking sucks,” says Brianna. “It’s a widely known medical condition that the majority of women suffer from the month in and month out and no one talks about it.” The Bitton siblings wanted to start the conversation, and so began Flo.  

Flo operates from its headquarters in Los Angeles, CA. Their PMS gummies contain all-natural ingredients and are produced in the USA. The ingredients in Flo gummies were selected based on established research on their benefits.


Flo founders say that taking two gummies daily will nix your PMS symptoms right away, but it takes at least 2 cycles to achieve the full effect. The company relies on its Happiness Guarantee, which lets you try Flo risk-free for 2 months to make sure these vitamins are right for you.

If you are not feeling Flo, you’ll be fully refunded for your first two bottles within 60 days of your first order. The only downside is that shipping is not refundable.

Flo Vitamins reiterates its philosophy, working style, and ethos on multiple platforms. Their mission is to empower women, adopt a proactive approach to health, advocate self-care, and create a community to support women with premenstrual pain. Amen!


Flo Vitamins are no magical cure, but they may just ease your PMS and period pains. This Flo Vitamins review will highlight some of the pros and cons of the brand. 


  • Flo gummies contain ingredients proven to alleviate cramps, bloating, hormonal acne, and mood swings
  • The supplements are all-natural, vegan, and gluten-free
  • Thousands of positive customer reviews indicating that the gummies are effective
  • Customers say the gummies are very tasty
  • One-time purchase and subscription options are available
  • Made in the USA
  • Offers a more affordable substitute for other skincare products 


  • International shipping unavailable

Flo PMS vitamins come in bottles containing 60 gummieswith each bottle lasting 30 days (2 little donuts taken daily). In this Flo Vitamins review, we’ll dive into the bottles and examine what’s actually in these supplements.

These PMS supplements contain plant-based ingredients that customers claim are quite tasty. The ingredients are backed up by research that demonstrates an effective ability to alleviate cramps, hormonal acne, mood swings, bloating, and even ease indigestion.

Flo gummies are vegan, gluten-free, and contain no genetically modified ingredients, priced at $30 per bottle. Customers can save more by signing up for the Flo subscription (more on this later).

Next up, we’ll take a look at Flo Vitamins ingredients to understand what goes into these gummies and why.

Flo Vitamins Ingredients

Flo gummies contain three botanicals, chaste berryDong Quai, and lemon balm, as well as Vitamin B6. While some health supplements contain numerous obscure ingredients in small quantities, Flo keeps it simple with just four.


Flo Vitamins Review
Chasteberry Plant

Chasteberry isn’t a berry at all. Historically, this flowering plant was used by Mediterranean monks in the Middle Ages to decrease sexual desire. Kind of weird. Today, research has established the efficacy of these herbs in treating various gynecological disorders and skin conditions that revolve around hormonal imbalances.

Studies indicate that Chasteberry extract can help clear premenstrual acne while reducing mood swings and breast tenderness. These symptoms are the result of hormone fluctuations associated with PMS.

For this Flo Vitamins review, I did some research myself. A study in the Journal of Women’s Health & Gender-Based Medicine found that of the 1,634 women who took Chasteberry extract, 93% of participants reported a decrease in PMS symptoms after three menstrual cycles. This magic uterus herb is effective, but science and Flo both say it will take some time to experience the effects.

Dong Quai

Flo Vitamins Review
Dong Quai Plant

Angelica Sinensis commonly known as Dong Quai (pronounced dong qwhy), is a herb native to Asia used in traditional Chinese medicine. Now commonly referred to as ‘female ginseng,’ this plant has been used for centuries to treat menstrual cramps and symptoms of menopause.

Extensive research indicates that dong Quai can relax smooth muscles within the uterus to reduce pelvic pain and aid recovery from childbirth. The herb contains ferulic acid, a powerful antioxidant known for its antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties that can alleviate bloating and muscle pain.

The ancients were really onto something with these natural remedies. In the days before pharmaceuticals, healers only had nature to fight the symptoms experienced by women throughout humankind—and now we’ve come full circle back to these earth-based ingredients.

Lemon Balm

Flo Vitamins Review 1
Lemon Balm Plant

The Mediterranean lemon balm plant has been used medicinally for more than 2000 years. In the 16th century, a renowned physician and alchemist of the German Renaissance, Paracelsus, called it the “Elixir of Life.” For centuries, traditional Persian medicine has used lemon balm to treat depression and reduce stress naturally. This Flo Vitamins review found studies to back this up.

A 2020 study published in the journal of BMC Complementary Medicine and Therapies treated 45 adults diagnosed with major depression using either lemon balm, lavender, or fluoxetine (a pharmaceutical more commonly known as Prozac). The results are shocking: researchers found that lemon balm produced effects similar to the pharmaceutical in treating mild to moderate depression.

The Journal of Herbal Medicine published a 2015 study that contained a group of 93 female participants, and those that were given lemon balm reported a significant reduction in PMS cramps. Separate studies published in 2004 and 2014 in the journals of Psychosomatic Medicine and Nutrients both reported the stress-reducing properties of the plant.

Initially, I thought that Paracelsus was exaggerating about lemon balm, but now I’m not so sure. Maybe it is the Elixir of Life.

Vitamin B6

Flo Vitamins Review

Vitamin B6, found naturally in foods like banana and avocado, is another all-star in the Flo lineup. Aside from relieving multiple premenstrual symptoms, B6 boosts brain health, speeds up metabolism, improves immune system functioning, and reduces the risk of heart disease.

Vitamin B6 can help address vitamin deficiency and PMS. Flo includes B6 in the gummies to fight moodiness, irritability, increased appetite, bloating, breast tenderness, and sugar cravings. If you often find yourself halfway through a tub of ice cream when your period hits, this vitamin can help manage that urge to eat everything sweet insight.


Flo Vitamins Subscription

Flo Vitamins offers one-off purchases and subscription plans. While a regular bottle of Flo gummies costs $30, subscribers get a discounted rate of $25, and never have to worry about stocking up.

You can choose to get your Flo gummies every 30 or 60 days. The subscription is flexible and can be canceled at any point.

Flo GTFO Immunity Gummy Review

As the name suggests, these daily gummies are designed to increase your immune system thanks to the specially formulated ingredients.

The GTFO Immunity Gummy Vitamins are made with elderberryzinc, and contain 50% more vitamin C than your average orange, with just a third of the sugar content.

These ingredients are specifically designed to help provide strong antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, and general wellbeing. Not to mention, the gummies also taste like a refreshing, delicious berry lemonade.

The GTFO Immunity Gummy Vitamins come in the following quantities:

  • 1 Month Supply: $30
  • 2 Month Supply: $60
  • Subscription: $25 

All GTFO Immunity Gummy Vitamins are non-GMO, cruelty-free, gluten-free, and vegan consumers alike. Ready to give them a try?

Are Flo Vitamins Worth It?

Flo Vitamins Review

If you’re forced to deal with nagging pain, heavy periods, depressed mood, and other PMS symptoms, Flo Vitamins is worth a shot. While Flo isn’t a cure-all for every symptom, most customers noted a significant reduction in cramps and more stable moods.

We shouldn’t dismiss the reports on unpleasant side effects and ineffectual results, but the relatively few negative comments are outweighed by the thousands of happy customers who vouch for Flo gummies. To sum up this Flow Vitamins review:

  • Many customers notice results in less than 2 months, with multiple reviews describing the vitamins as life-changing
  • Flo gummies are all-natural, vegan, and gluten-free
  • Valid research indicates the efficacy of the ingredients—some of which have been used for centuries (maybe even by one of your female ancestors)
  • Flo’s generous 2-month return policy lets you wait and see if the gummies have a positive effect on your body

It’s important to note in this Flo Vitamins review that excruciating menstrual cramps can be a symptom of an underlying health condition. If this is an issue for you, consult your gynecologist, whether or not you decide to jump on the Flo bandwagon.


Flo Vitamins Promotions & Discounts 

At the time of this Flo Vitamins review, the company is offering a Subscribe and Save option with $5 off on a 2- month supply offer with $10 off

Be sure to use our Flo discount code IAMCRYSTALEE10 to receive 10% off your first bottle. 

Where to Buy Flo Vitamins

Flo Vitamins Review

Flo Vitamins are available exclusively on the company’s official website, FloVitamins.com

Fragrances to Gift Your Loved Ones With, Purely Based on Personality

FTC Disclosure: Thank you to Dossier for gifting and sponsoring this post! All opinions are my own and is always honest. Also, be advised my videos and posts contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission (pay) through links and codes that is provided. This does NOT change the quality of the product and this does NOT affect you in any way.


A signature style, drink, or selfie face—everyone has a certain something that makes them unique, and that often includes a signature scent. But we all know that finding a perfume that reflects all our personality traits is hard, and finding one for others is even harder. Will my free-spirited friend like something youthful or fresh? Would my mother wear something mysterious or timeless? These are the questions that can be too hard to answer on our own, especially when out holiday shopping.

With that in mind, I was happy when Dossier reached out and asked if BeautyLeeBar wanted to do a collab…of course I said yes. What is Dossier? The dossier is a brand that offers affordable fragrances that has the same scents as a luxury brand like Chanel and Tom Ford. Dossier fragrances are also vegan, cruelty-free with 100% clean ingredients as well as a focus on sustainability. At $29 and $39, you can rest easy, knowing you made a smart choice for your skin, your health, and the environment.

grasse, a town on the french riviera

Dossier strives to design scents that exceed expectations. The dossier only sources their fragrances from Grasse, a town on the French Riviera long considered the world’s perfume capital. Using the same scent designers like many of the world’s most celebrated fragrance houses, Dossier strives to craft the best quality, cleanly made, products possible.


My scents consists of White floral, Jasmine, Lavender and Citrus. With that being said, it can be sometimes difficult to find scents that isn’t overbearing, but still has that classic loving fresh scent. Dossier helps match you to the perfect fragrance(s) by having you answer ONLY 6 easy questions. At the end of the questionnaire, are the scents that best reflect you. Dossier is having up to 25% off and I was gifted a special present for you guys. Dossier and I came up with code: LEE10 so all my BEAUTIES can save more this holiday without emptying the bank. And gentlements, this is for you too! Dossier is for anyone that is looking to smell good. When you smell good you feel good!

Dossier is my new go-to destination for fragrance. With Dossier having all your favorite luxury scents at a affordable cost, it is kinda hard to not share this news with everyone like coworkers, crushes, family and customers….Am I right or am I right! Everyone is cover including yourself. The best part is each fragrance comes with its’ own travel scent as well and if the scent isn’t up to your liking, you have 30-days to send it back and get your money back ( Full refund ). Just consider it our holiday/birthday present to you.


Discover quality fragrances inspired by the iconic rich scents you love.

price depends, the fragrance is either $29 or $39. Use code: LEE10 for money off!

Here is the link: https://dossier.co/?utm_source=youtube&utm_campaign=bloggers&utm_medium=BELLA%E2%80%99S%20BOUTIQUE10

All I’m saying is, I have never had a complaint, ONLY COMPLIMENTS! Head over to Dossier now and purchase quality fragrances with iconic scents, the same scents that Armani and Chanel has just at a affordable price.




FTC Disclosure: Thank you to Dossier for gifting and sponsoring this post! All opinions are my own and is always honest. Also, be advised my videos and posts contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission (pay) through links and codes that is provided. This does NOT change the quality of the product and this does NOT affect you in any way.



If there’s one makeup skill that can make even the most veteran beauty editor quake, it’s applying fake eyelashes. It’s not everyday we decide to break these babies out, but when we do, it’s usually for a special occasion, so we need them to look as natural as possible. Think of them as the cherry on top of an ice cream sundae.

We don’t know exactly where it all goes wrong, but somewhere between adding the glue and placing the faux lash strip on our eye, things tend to get a little messy. To help us master how to apply fake eyelashes once and for all, we tapped celebrity makeup artist Carolina Gonzalez. Keep reading to find out all her false lash tips and tricks.

STEP 1: Apply Mascara

The first step to applying fake lashes doesn’t actually involve any falsies. “I like to start with a light coat of mascara,” says Gonzalez. This helps the lash strip blend with your real lashes better. She calls it “camouflage” for falsies. One of our favorites is the Maybelline New York Falsies Lash Lift Mascara.


STEP 2: Fit the Strip to Your Eye

“If you’re using a strip, you want to fit them first, then trim if need be,” explains Gonzalez. To properly trim a fake lash strip, you want to always cut excess off at the outer corners. Try the DodoLashes D328 3D styles (apply code: BEAUTYLEEBAR for money off) or the Lily Lashes for a subtle look.

STEP 3: Glue

Once the eyelashes are the proper size, it’s time to apply the glue. You can either brush a light coating of glue directly onto the lash strip or apply a dab of glue to the back of your hand and run the strip through it. No matter which method you choose, just be sure you don’t glob on too much product. Lightly blow on the glue until it becomes less wet and more tacky, then you’re ready to apply. Gonzalez’s favorite glue is the KISS Lash Couture Strip Lash Adhesive in Black


STEP 4: Apply Your Lashes

Now time for the tricky part — application. “Staring downward into a mirror, place the lashes and push with [your] fingers as close to the root of your lash,” says Gonzalez. Looking down is the key here; it will help you get the fake lash strip as close to your real lash line as possible. 


Let’s be honest, the ultimate goal here is to make our fake lashes look like the real deal — right? To do so, Gonzalez recommends applying your fake lashes after you do the rest of your eye makeup. “If done before, eyeshadow tends to fall onto the tops of the lashes,” she explains. 

Another hack: Opt for individual lashes instead of a strip. It may seem like more work, but for truly natural-looking lashes, individually placed fake lashes mesh better with your real ones. Just be sure to mix in different lengths — small medium and long — to help them blend nicely. Try the KISS Ever Ez Trio Lash to get this look.


Gonzalez loves one of KISS’ newest products, Falscara, to achieve I woke up like this lashes. “They are perfectly wispy and instead of applying above the lash, you apply underneath, which is why you also can’t detect the lash weft,” she says. “They are great for those of us who love that lash extension look.”


While peeling away fake eyelashes can be very satisfying, taking them off the wrong way can pull at your real lashes. To avoid any tugging in this sensitive area, reach for a makeup remover. “I like to use an oil-based remover, paying close attention to the roots. They will literally slide off.”


How To Apply False Lashes – For Beginners:

If you’re still struggling – we feel your pain – then try cutting the strip into three pieces. We know this sounds weird, but it will be SO easy to apply the tiny blocks of lashes individually – trust us, it will revolutionize your lash game. Once you’ve trimmed the lash to the right length, cut it evenly into three pieces. Then, start to apply the pieces, starting from the outside of your eye, working your way in.

How to apply false lashes

What we love about this technique is that because the pieces are separate, they fit the shape of your eye really comfortably, and you don’t get the corners pinging off halfway through the day! This way of applying lashes is so perfect that Huda Beauty herself created a lash inspired by the technique, the Huda Beauty Eazy Lash – Harmony, $18.

How To Choose Lashes To Suit Your Eye Shape

The beauty of false lashes is that they can open up your eyes, alter the shape, and make them look bigger and sexier. But, if you choose the wrong pair of lashes, they can do the complete opposite. Depending on the shape of your eye, whether it’s almond, round, hooded, deep-set or monolid, the lash style needs to change. So, while almond-shaped eyes can get away with almost any lashes and deep-set eyes can go extra glam, round eyes will look even more sultry with a whispy lash that has more drama at the outer lash, and hooded lids need to go a little smaller. Check out Huda Beauty full guide on their fave lashes to suit every eye shape here.

How To Easily Clean False Lashes

False lashes can be expensive, but spending money on quality lashes is totally worth it and cost-effective in the long run if you know how to clean them properly. Lashes are super delicate, so the most important thing to remember is that you need to be gentle with them. Whenever you’re cleaning them, always hold them firmly at the base of the lashes so that the lashes aren’t pulled from the band. Check out this video to see how easy Huda Beauty lash cleaning method is:

Storing the lashes back in the original package is the best way to keep your falsies clean and safe. If you attach them firmly to the band and press them down this will help them to stay curled.

How To Safely Remove False Lashes

Removing false lashes can be dangerous – if you’ve ever caught your own eyelashes in the process, you’ll know the pain is real! The trick is to soak a cotton pad with your weapon of choice (micellar water, eye-makeup remover, or cleansing oil) and let it sit on your eye for at least 20 seconds to loosen and dissolve the glue. Then gently peel away the lash with your fingers. If the lash still isn’t easy to remove, soak another cotton pad in solution and let it sit on your eye for longer and then try again. Et voila! You’re lash-free with your natural lashes still intact!

Let us know if you guys have any more questions about false lashes in the comments below.

“Just Cause” Gift Guide

Holiday shopping can be so painful, amiright?? Running around town, looking for the perfect gifts for everyone, waiting in long lines, who needs it? It’s simply extra stress and takes away from time we could spend enjoying this magical season. I’ve made holiday shopping super easy with my no fail Gift Guide plus you can also use this guide to give someone a “JUST BECAUSE” present. Find something for everyone on your list, no matter what they’re into.

Sunday Forever:

Want to give a little magic? You can’t go wrong with Sunday Forever. They have an amazing selection from kimonos to candles and from crystals to fragrances and jewelry. They also offer gift sets, like the Good Vibes set. Bonus: They come packed in the cutest little boxes!

Contents include: 24K gold filled, adjustable evil eye bracelet, California White sage, and their “go sage yourself” lighter in a pouch. It wouldn’t hurt to get a little something for yourself too, right?

SugarBear Gummies:

Need something for the person who puts health on the top of their New Years resolution list? SugarBear has awesome vitamins that are completely personalized. Whether you want to give someone the gift of more energy, great skin, or even better health overall, they have a vitamin or set of vitamins for you! Health starts from the inside out and the new year is a great time to start a new regime.

How does the Women’s Multi differ from the Hair Vitamins?
SugarBearHair Hair Vitamins contain 13 vitamins and minerals to support normal healthy hair and nail growth.
Women’s Multi contains 5 nutrients to support healthy skin, 5 nutrients to support hair and nails, 6 nutrients to support energy for a total of 16 nutrients designed to promote total body wellness.

Can I eat the Women’s Multi and SugarBearHair Hair Vitamins together?  
Yes! They’re a perfect combination!


In search of something for the skin care obsessed? Hand MD, has an incredible luxurious online store, which happens to be one of my new favorite shops and has a wide variety of cleansers, lotions and scrubs that are guaranteed to be free from nasties and totally toxin free. Can’t decide? Get a Ultimate Hand Care Bundle! Honestly, who doesn’t love shopping, especially when someone else is footing the bill. Check out their instagram, they are always having a great sale.

Cleanse, exfoliate, treat and moisturize your hands with the full anti-aging hand care collection. This bundle features Daily Dual Repair, Exfoliating Peel and Rehydration Cream along with the Hand Cleanser scent of your choice. 

What makes it so good? 
– Gentle ingredients Free of Mineral Oil, Paraben Free, Vegan, and Cruelty Free 
– Anti-aging elements Retinol, Hyaluronic Acid, Sea Kelp, Jojoba Oil 
– Moisturizers Even better than your store-bought hand creams

” Our hands give us power. They provide us with expression. We use their strength to convey a message. You entertain with your hands. Cook. Clean. Eat. Work. Deliver.”

Hand MD has combined powerful anti-aging ingredients with luxurious moisturizers in each products to help you challenge fine lines and wrinkles. You’ll discover benefits of softer, smoother, radiant looking hands in just 8 weeks.

If you really think about it, we do everything with our hands. They make everything possible.

Until Hand MD, there hasn’t been something this revolutionary on the market that could help repair them. The main goal is to bring awareness to anti-aging and give women of any age the opportunity to reawaken their hands, so they look the way they feel inside.

Oral Care:

Need a gift for the person who has everything? Do they have a at home teeth whitening kit? Probably not. Check out White with Style to snag one. They also have the kits in different flavors. They now sell teeth whitening kits with charcoal, toothpaste and brush set too. It’s the most popular teeth whitening company backed up by top dental hygienists. Plus, their customer service is top notched and have a kit for everyone even smokers and coffee drinkers. Oh and also BLB readers get an exclusive discount! Enter code CRYSTALEE to get 90% off your enter order. You’re welcome!

Everyone loves cashmere right? It makes for the perfect and totally lux gift! Our friends at Naked Cashmere have something for her, him, and even our furry friends. From robes to slippers, they are a tad bit okay maybe very expensive but if you have a special person who loves cashmere or if you want to treat yourself then the price doesn’t matter.

Need something for a person who is hard to shop for? Get them a book or 2. Find out what type of books they enjoy and who is their favorite author. Make sure him or she doesn’t have that book first without giving away the surprise. While you are at it, get their favorite snack and their favorite candle. A book, snacks and a candle with a distinctive smell, especially one that is pleasant sounds like a great gift to me!

What are some of your favorite gifts that you received or gave?

Let us know in the comments!