Woman on top sex position advice from men who share how to ride dick

Woman-on-top (or ‘Cowgirl’, or ‘The Rider’) is a classic sex position if you are a woman or have a vagina, and are sleeping with a man or someone with a penis (or someone wearing a strap-on). As most women and vagina-owners can’t orgasm through penetration alone, this position is great because you can get extra stimulation either through grinding your clitoris as you ride away, or manually stimulating your clit with your fingers/a partner’s fingers/a vibrator.

But, if you’re an over-thinker like me (this is amplified tenfold when naked and having sex), it’s hard to know exactly what to do when you’re up there. Do what feels good for you. But remember, the best sex happens when both partners are having the time of their lives. Here, some guys on Reddit give their tips for how to ride dick in a way that’s enjoyable for everyone involved. If you’re ever in doubt, remember the golden rule: talk about it and talk about it honestly and openly.


1. “I like when she gets on top and tries her best to make herself cum. It gets me so turned on to see her take command of her orgasmic destiny. This is also the most common way for my wife and me to cum together.” [via]

2. “Don’t bounce too high… speed isn’t always the best. Going slow. Also, getting the right angle is important. Ask which angle feels the best.” [via]

3. “Use my chest for leverage.” [via]

4. “Use your hips, not your legs. Also, getting into a squat, on your hands and feet, that’s extremely hot. And don’t forget to lean in and kiss us now and then.” [via]


5. “This might be overly general advice because it goes for everyone in most sex positions, but keep an eye on [your partner’s] reactions to what you’re doing. Both noises and facial expressions. If a particular speed, rhythm, or angle is working for them you should be able to see it in their face and possibly hear it.” [via]

6 .”Press their hands to your boobs while grinding them. It’s really hot!” [via]

7. “While it feels really good for you to just grind your hips on them while they’re inside, they generally need some extra movement to build through friction for them to get off. Also, the further you bounce up the higher the risk you bend the penis wrong and kill the erection.” [via]

8. “No matter what you think you look like, you don’t need to be self-conscious. We are loving it, and we think you look hot as hell.” [via]

9. “Don’t be self-conscious about what you look like, but seeing you grind and moan is hot. We love that shit. Speaking of grinding, I love it when she grinds on my dick more so than thrusting.” [via]

10. “Focus on getting yourself off. We’re just glad to be there.” [via]

11. “Don’t be afraid to be a little selfish when you’re on top. This is a position where you have more control. Use it to your advantage. If you want them to feel good, but a little vertical movement to it and allow their hands to roam.” [via]

12. “If you are riding someone, don’t try to lift off so far that just the tip is in you. In my experience, it is really hard to maintain that stopping point when both of y’all really get into it. Try to just lift off half his length in your enthusiasm you’ll probably get most of the way off him but the chance of going too far is reduced.” [via]

13. “Your best bet is: communicate better about what you both want.” [via]

14. “The best cowgirl I’ve ever had came from a girl who could salsa. The best feeling comes from amazing hip control. Smooth, powerful, rhythmic movements.” [via]

15. “Get on. Close your eyes if you need to, just lose yourself, vibrate back and forth as I guide your hips, and gush all over my cock. Also, if you are struggling with maneuverability issues during your first times together, reverse cowgirl is a great interim step, both physically and psychologically since eye contact isn’t a factor.” [via]


16. “You should also be honest with each other and not just yourself. Switching positions if you’re getting tired is better than carrying on until you literally can’t do it anymore and it just becomes a pathetic attempt to get to the finish line that fails miserably. We go from cowgirl to missionary, to sitting and back to cowgirl for the big finish. If you need a break, take one.” [via]

17. “If it’s uncomfortable or awkward for you chances are they’re not enjoying it. 50% of my pleasure comes from knowing my wife is having a good time and it’s easy to pick up when your partner isn’t enjoying it.” [via]

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Hot Sex Tips for WHEN YOU’RE ON TOP

This one is for the women who love a good ride on top. If that’s you, then you know the position can be anything but boring if you have the right moves in your ~mental~ sex manual. You may be thinking, wait, I just hop on and grind? There’s nothing wrong with that, but if you’re looking to spice it up and surprise your partner, then buckle up because we have some hot AF pointers for you. Read on to learn our tips for increasing the steam while you’re enjoying things from the top.

We did a little crowdsourcing among the team and our friends for a variety of tricks to add to your next sexy night. All anonymous, of course.

We’ll start simple with a reminder that deep eye contact while you’re on top can enhance the moment. Gaze into his eyes and give him a soft and seductive smile while you’re at it.

Find your hips and get comfortable with moving them around—pop it, bounce, do it all.

If you enjoy clit stimulation (meep, who doesn’t), tell him to lick his thumb and play a little DJ action with his fingers while you’re on him.

Put your hands on his shoulders and arch your back a bit while you’re bouncing on top.

Slowly slide him ~almost~ all the way out of you and pause for a second while the tip is just barely in you and then slide back down. You can do this one while you’re facing him or in reverse cowgirl.

If your hair is down, play with it and flip it around while you put his hands on your hips or chest. Whatever you prefer.

While you’re riding, give a little nipple pinch or neck grab (choke), and it’ll give the man the sense of female dominance.

Put one of your hands on his chest and lean your boobs into his face. This is sure to get him wild.

Keep your thrusts popping—softly, but you’ll know it’s right if you get the perfect little booty bounce. It should feel like you’re perfecting a yoga move or the art of twerking.

If you’re comfortable with gently choking, have him softly choke you and arch your back while he’s doing it to take it to the next level.

Put his hands on your butt or hips and squeeze them so he tightens his grip.

Incorporate a safe lube to keep things juicy.

Try edging with him.

While you’re gyrating, rub your clit against his pelvis so you receive outer stimulation while he’s in you. You can also use your fingers (or his) to play with your clit while you’re on top.

Tease it out by sliding back and forth on him a few times before you let him enter you.

Ride him reverse or even sideways and then look back at him and make eye contact.

If you’re flexible, bend all the ways back and place your hands by his knees to the point where you’re almost lying flat. This will give him quite the view.

While you’re in reverse, extend your legs so your feet are by his head and then slightly arch your back while you’re grinding on him. (Again, if you’re flexible. No need to pull a muscle.)