Dirty minds, Beauties. You thought this was going to be all about using your tongue during oral. Not so much. This steamy piece is actually on how to enhance foreplay and pleasure with your tongue. It’s sensual, it’s sexual, and it’s all about embracing the sexy side of self-care. Let’s get into the ways you can la-la-lick your way to seductive satisfaction.


Using your tongue to turn things up sounds X-rated, but there are tasteful tricks that come off as very sensual over anything. How do you ask? Keep reading to find out.

Since we know you have all been practicing your myofunctional therapy exercises because that is all that you guys have been asking us to write about, put them to good use by flexing your tongue muscles when you’re with your partner.

OK, OK, here are the sexy moves to add to your next intimate evening.

Flick your partner’s ears and nipples with your tongue. While you’re teasing the ear area, softly breathe into their ear. This is sure to send chills down their body.

Outline their nipple—you can even gently bite for extra steam.

Lick up and down the chest and sprinkle in some kisses to give your partner butterflies.

This one is fire: slowly inch up the leg with your tongue, pausing for a bit, and then get close to the inner thigh. Talk about teasing.

Don’t forget the back. You can start with a shoulder rub with your body positioned super close to the other person, and then begin licking the back and up the neck and end with a little ear nibble.

While you’re sitting on the couch watching TV, nonchalantly start licking your finger and playing with your bottom lip. It’ll excite your partner and make them think “what oh what is going on in her head?”

Never underestimate the fun of incorporating sweets in the bedroom. Caramel, whipped cream—whatever fancies your taste buds.

When in doubt, lick anywhere, literally.