SEXY TOPS for Your Next Date Night

There’s nothing better than throwing on your favorite pair of jeans and styling them with a top that is g i v i n g everything (especially major confidence). We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again, everyone should have a section of hot-ass tops in their closet reserved for special date nights or evenings out with the crew. 

And if you don’t, or need a little refresh, this one is for you. While we were inspired by Kourt’s sexy velvet bustier (and entire look here), we shopped out a selection of tops with a similar vibe ranging from under $50 and beyond from @prettylittlething to add to your weekend wardrobe. 


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5 Cheap Spring Basics That Will Make You Look Chicer

It’s somewhat of an urban legend nowadays that you need to spend a lot of money to be considered chic. In the past decade, the high-low trend has emerged, vintage shopping has reached peak popularity, and gushing to your friends about the cheap thrill you just scored is no longer considered low-brow. It’s said cheap thrills that can make your entire outfit feel more on-trend and expensive.


Whether it’s the addition of a fun jewelry style or a cool third piece, sometimes cheap basics are what end up standing out most in your outfit (and nobody would ever guess was affordable). There are a few cheap basics that almost always fall into this category—from the sweater style that makes your jeans-and–a-T-shirt outfit stands out to the one It piece of jewelry to own this spring. Below are the five cheap Fashion Nova spring basics that look anything but and will make your whole outfit chicer.


Flat sandals are one of those items that don’t require a large price tag to be of good quality. You can usually find quality leather slip-on sandals for well under $100. I’ve found from my personal sleuthing that neutral-colored flat sandals also tend to look more expensive as well—think camel, nude, and beige.


The cardigan trend has been huge for a few seasons now, and this spring is going to be all about shrunken styles. Whether they’re tied around your shoulders or worn the traditional way, shrunken cardigans are one of those magical third pieces that you can throw on over basic jeans and a tee, and all of a sudden your outfit looks thoughtful. 


By now, everyone has probably jumped on the bodysuit bandwagon (if you haven’t, they take all the legwork out of tucking your top in), but this spring it’s the asymmetrical style specifically fashion girls will be clamoring for. Luckily for us, Fashion Nova has our back, and the single shoulder detail just makes the bodysuit feel like a step up from your average. 


Behold the magical power of a slip skirt. Regardless of its price tag, a solid or printed midi slip skirt just feels expensive. Its sleek silhouette pairs well with virtually anything and has an air of effortlessness about it. 


If there’s one jewelry style that’s going to be everywhere for spring 2021, it’s the chunky chain necklace. It seems retailers everywhere have gotten the same memo because affordable favorites Fashion Nova have beautiful versions that ring in right around $15 right now. Throw it on with even a plain T-shirt and suddenly your outfit feels elevated.

Discover and shop the Spring wardrobe that was listed in this post below.

Arms Around Me Short Sleeve Bodysuit – Mocha, Black, Lime

$17.99 USD

Cut The Antics Sweater Bodysuit – Black, Olive

$34.99 USD

Demoree Cardigan Sweater – Teal, Sand

$24.99 USD

Always Cozy Cardigan Sweater – Black, Taupe

$24.99 USD

Wild For You Satin Midi Skirt – Black/White

$19.99 USD

In Your Dreams Chain Necklace – Gold

$12.99 USD

Sweet Moments Flat Sandals – Nude, Black, Ivory

$19.99 USD


Photo: @JulissaBermudez

11 Tricks to Looking More Photogenic

Every time I open up Instagram, I see a perfectly positioned model or influencer showing off their outfit. Without fail, I assume the seemingly perfect photo was effortless to capture. I always take it for granted that the person in the photo is naturally photogenic (and that if I’m not naturally photogenic, I’d never been able to pull off the same photo). But guess what: That couldn’t be further from the truth. Anyone who frequently has their photo taken just knows what works for them, mostly from trial and error.


For Instagram’s director of fashion partnerships, Eva Chen, it’s her baby giraffe pose, while the Barbie feet pose is a favorite among celebs and models everywhere. It’s no big secret how to produce an amazing outfit photo; it just comes down to knowing your angles.

Everyone has a different angle that works best for them, but try the following tips and you’ll realize that the perfect outfit photo is just a matter of strategy. From paying attention to camera angles to strategically positioning your body, we’re sharing our top tricks to never worrying about how to look more photogenic again. If you’re ready to up your Instagram game, look no further.

Avoid a Low Angle

Lower angles, while sometimes a cool option, are typically harder to execute well. Position your camera slightly above your eye line. Generally speaking, the higher the camera angle, the better the photo.

Put Your Hand on Your Hip


Any time your arm is slightly away from the rest of your body, it adds interest to the pose.


Sit Up or Stand Up Straight

Paying attention to your posture when taking pictures can make the world of a difference. Hunched shoulders and slumped spines will not elongate your figure. Instead, push your shoulders back stick your back end out slightly. It might seem silly to dramatize good posture, but we promise it will come across well on camera.

Avoid Bulky Clothing

Obviously, you should wear whatever you like and show off your unique style in photos, but bulky clothing tends to distract from the best part of the photo: you! Lightweight, thin fabrics, like silk, are great options for photos.  

Slightly Twist Your Body to the Side


Again, posing in a unique way adds interest to the photo. Fully to the side or even at an angle both work.

Wear Dark Clothing


You don’t have to wear bright colors to make your photo stand out. Case in point: Chrissy Rutherford’s dark-wash denim jumpsuit and black booties.

Add a Filter


Going for a darker Instagram filter, like X-Pro II or Mayfair, and adjusting the exposure and light filters can make for a more photogenic image.

Keep Your Chin Up and Out

This trick will elongate your neck and help to avoid any unflattering chin angles. 


Pull Your Shoulders Back

Not only will this accentuate your collarbone, but it will also make you look more polished and put-together (if that’s what you’re going for).

Don’t Tightly Press Your Arms to Your Body

Keep your arms slightly away from your body for a better shot. Either put your hand on your hip, brush your hand through your hair, or try keeping your elbow slightly out.

Experiment With Selfies to Find Your Best Angle


No shame here—it’s all about finding what looks best for you. A little trial and error will help you find your best angle in photos so you know exactly how to stand to create the best image.

Shop the photogenic wardrobe essentials our editors are loving right now from Fashion Nova:


Leandra Ruched Mini Dress – Lavender, $59.99 USD

You really can’t go wrong with a dress.

Painting Pictures PU Leather Skirtall – Black, $24.99 USD

This skirt is the perfect length.

Charge It Rhinestone Blazer – Black, $69.99 USD

The word “hourglass” is what describes this stylish blazer. Need we say more?


It’s On Deck Bodysuit – Black, $29.99 USD

Square necklines are basically a frame for your collarbones.

Ciao Bella Crossbody Bag – Black, $24.99 USD $16.98 USD

This will make wearing black feel anything but boring.

On My Side Midi Dress – Burgundy, $54.99 USD

Try any silhouette that’s belted to highlight your figure.


Victoria High Waisted Dress Pant- Pinstripe – Black/White, $34.99 USD

Vertical stripes are pretty much guaranteed to garner likes.

Party For Two Contrast Jeans – Black/Blue, $49.99 USD

Always invest in black jeans.

Vivi Maxi Wrap Dress – Mauve, $39.99 USD

There’s a reason wrap dresses have been a classic for decades now—they look so darn good on everyone.


Two Of A Kind Layered Jacket – Medium Blue Wash, $34.99 USD

A cropped jacket is so versatile.

Essential Faux Leather Moto Jacket – Tan, $39.99 USD $31.99 USD

Again with the belt.

Wine And Dine Velvet Corset Top – Black, $19.99 USD

Throw this on with jeans and sandals in the warmer months, and layer with a blazer in the colder seasons.

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Feature Photo: @Saweetie

I’m Treating Myself To The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Date Night

I used to be one of those people who would wince at the thought of being single for Valentine’s Day. However, after years of doing exactly that, I now see Feb. 14 as an opportunity to shower myself with love, as opposed to wallowing in disappointment that I’m not getting it from someone else. Now don’t get me wrong, I love to be wined and dined for the holiday and doing what lovers do. But, unless a significant other drop magically out of the sky, I’ll be sailing through this Valentine’s Day alone. And I’m not bummed about it.


Considering the year we’ve all had, I’ve made the conscious decision to be my romantic partner this year. I’ve scheduled a spa day for myself, complete with a fresh Pedi, my favorite facial, and deep tissue massage. I’m taking myself to one of my favorite restaurants (socially distanced and outdoors, of course), have booked myself a hotel room for the night, and have arranged a masterfully curated self-care kit that I’ll be indulging in throughout the evening.

Now, to some that may seem extra, but to me, there’s no such thing as extra when it comes to self-love. And, to be frank, I deserve it. That’s why I spent quite a bit of time nailing down the details of my Valentine’s Day self-care kit this year. It includes carefully selected products that I can indulge in for my hotel stay and beyond. Each item is practical yet luxurious and reminds me that, with or without a companion, I deserve all the love and all the gifts. Check out what made the cut, ahead.

Buttah Skin Charcoal Detox Mask, $24

There will never come a day when I’m not completely obsessed with a great detoxifying mask. This one, with charcoal, argan oil, and shea butter is one of my favorites. At the beginning of the evening, I’ll let this sit on my skin for 10 minutes and enjoy a glowing complexion for the rest of the night.

Forvr Mood Sweet Spot Candle, $35

Is it really a romantic night in without a candle burning? My pick this year is an aromatic blend of orange, jasmine, and musk, that’s equal parts sweet and masculine.

Before BedHeadz Stardust Pretty in Pink, $29.99

Usually, when it comes to the silk scarves that protect my hair at night, I don’t get too picky with my choices. However, this isn’t any ordinary night. I’ll be protecting these edges with this decadent, 100%-silk scarf. 2021 is all about Living, Loving, and Flourishing!

Margot Elena This Moment Bubble Bath, $56

This year, I’ve resolved to bask more in the moment and appreciate the little things. This bubble bath is a reminder of that promise to myself. With the tranquil aroma of lily and sun blossoms, my hour-long bath session is guaranteed to leave me feeling relaxed and appreciative.

McBride Sisters Be Mine Pair, $59

One of my most recent obsessions has been the McBride Sisters wine. The Black-owned, sister-led company out of Monterey, California, makes some of the most incredible wine I’ve ever tasted. Luckily, they’ve put two of my favorite offerings, the rosé and merlot, together in a box set that I’ll surely be indulging in this year.

Savage Fenty Puff Daisy Xtra VIP Box, $59.95

Savage Fenty Savage Not Sorry Lace Bodysuit, NEW VIP OFFER – 50% Off $29.98

I firmly believe that lingerie isn’t about another person. It should be about making the wearer feel sexy.


Valentine might be different this year because of Covid-19, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop loving ourselves and doing things that make us feel sexy. All because we are quarantine ( well we all should be – THAT MEANS YOU TOO CELEBRITIES) doesn’t mean enjoying our life has to stop. It just means to get more creative and smart with it.

How are you spending your Valentine’s Day?