HAPPY PEOPLE Do These 10 Things Differently

It’s more than normal to have some “happier” days than others, especially given everything going on in 2020. To help create big positive energy in everyday life, we’re taking a look at the habits genuinely happy people typically have in common. With the help of these practices and our simple self-care hacks, here’s to the power of self-soothing tips to get us through hectic times and land on the happier side. Learn the 10 things that happy people do differently below.

1. Happy people practice gratitude.

Having an attitude of gratitude is one of the most popular habits among the happy because it works. When you’re constantly noticing all the blessings and awesomeness in your life, it is physically impossible to be unhappy. Seeing the world through thankful eyes skews your perception toward positivity. 

What you can do today:

Keep a gratitude journal. I did this when I changed my life, and it seriously made all the difference.

2. Happy people put themselves first.

Happy people always put themselves first, so that they can take care of others second. I am talking about self-care. Putting your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health first is a must. Being balanced and feeling good about yourself and your life helps. Because when you’re happy, you have so much more to give.

What you can do today:

Do something nice for yourself today. Take care of your own needs.

3. Happy people give.

The fact of the matter is, giving makes us happy. As much as we think (and are taught) that obtaining more is the solution, it’s not. Studies have also shown that people who volunteer have shown better mental health, well-being, and even longevity. You can give your time, your love, and your presence, even if you can’t give money.

What you can do today:

Find a cause that you care about and learn how to get involved or support it.

4. Happy people stay inspired and have fun.

Happy people make it a point to have fun on a regular basis and do things that help them grow and learn. To them, having fun is not a lost ar—it’s part of the daily happiness upkeep. It’s important to experience and see new things, since it helps us stay inspired and excited.

What you can do today:

Do something thrilling today. Try a new activity, have a picnic, go on a day trip somewhere cool, or visit the zoo (animals always inspire).


5. Happy people stay present.

Happy people do their best to stay present as much of the time as possible. Think about it: if you’re living in the future, you’re probably anxious, and if you’re living in the past, you’re probably depressed. Which leaves the present as the one and only moment any of us really need to pay any attention to. That’s why happy people practice mindfulness, the art of staying present.

What you can do today:

Take a meditation or yoga class.

6. Happy people develop healthy coping strategies. 

Happy people encounter stressful life adversities, but they have developed successful coping strategies. Learning how to seek lessons after a challenging event gives people a renewed appreciation for life, the ability to recognize new paths for themselves, enhanced personal strength, and improved relationships with others. Happy people become skilled at seeing the good that might come from challenging times.

What you can do today:

Try reframing.

7. Happy people focus on health. 

Happy people take care of their mind and body and manage their stress. Focusing on health, though, doesn’t just mean exercising. Happy people actually act like happy people. They smile, are engaged, and bring an optimal level of energy and enthusiasm to what they do.

What you can do today:

Take a walk, run, bike ride, or read a book.


8. Happy people cultivate emotional awareness.

There is a growing body of science suggesting that emotionally aware people are happier, healthier, and recover more quickly from traumatic events because they understand what they are feeling. 

What you can do today:

Journal your highs and lows every day.

9. Happy people don’t dwell on problems. 

Where you focus your attention determines your emotional state. By fixating on your problems, you create and prolong negative emotions and stress, which hinder performance. Focus on actions to better yourself and your circumstances. 

What you can do today:

Reframe any situation with a positive ending.

10. Happy people finish what they start.  

Coming up with a great idea means absolutely nothing if you don’t execute on that idea. The most successful and happy people bring their ideas to fruition. 

What you can do today:

Create a step-by-step plan for your goals.




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HEALTHIER WAYS to Use Fragrance


By now it’s been made woefully clear that some of our old tried and true favorite beauty products might not be the very best for our bodies. Potentially harmful chemicals and synthetics can build up in our systems, cause imbalances, and are generally toxic. So what’s a girl to do when her signature scent isn’t squeaky clean?

We won’t make you throw out a fragrance that makes you feel special. You know what we mean—that nostalgic, warm and fuzzy smell that makes tears spring to your ex’s eyes because you’ve always smelled like that—it’s your special smell. Or, maybe you’ve fallen head over heels for a new fragrance and you just can’t get it out of your mind. Chances are, you’re not finding an exact replica that does the same magical mingling with your body chemistry in a non-toxic brand.


Discover quality fragrances inspired by the iconic rich scents you love.

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What you can do is try using your favorite (not-so-clean-beauty) scents in smarter, healthier ways. Instead of dousing your delicate endocrine system, aka spraying directly onto your lymph nodes at your throat, wrist, or other sensitive places, try somewhere else.

Give your hair a spritz after it’s styled. The scent will cling to your fibrous strands in a heavenly cloud around your face, and create a little breeze of your favorite aroma when you whip around town. It doesn’t need to land directly on your scalp or seep into your skin, and you don’t need a lot.

Or, try misting your clothes. You can spritz it on a scarf, a sweater, or your top, all before putting the piece on so your scent lingers without clinging to your sensitive areas all day, or requiring reapplication. You can spritz a cotton kerchief and tuck it into a drawer to have a subtle tinge of your scent last all day on all your foldables as well!


Most people assume that applying fragrance is easy. One spritz on your neck and another on your wrist, and that’s pretty much it, right? Trust us, there’s so much more to it! And considering the average price point of designer perfume, we don’t want to waste a drop. The good news is, once you’ve read this post, you’ll be ready to make the most of every last gorgeous drop of your fragrance. Here are four common fragrance mistakes and what you should be doing instead.

Storing Fragrances Incorrectly

Storing fragrances incorrectly degrades the fragrance. Hot temperatures affect the chemical bonds in fragrance while if the temperature is too low, that can also alter the fragrance more quickly. Ideally, your perfumes need to be stored in a cool, dark place with a room temperature between 16 to 22 degrees. This means storing perfume in your bathroom or anywhere the temperature fluctuates is a big no-no. Similarly, direct sunlight will also break down fragrance so do not store them on a window or even shelves near a window. Look for bottles with dark or opaque glass packaging, which will help protect the perfume from sunlight.

Applying Fragrance to Dry Skin

Perfume doesn’t wear well on dry skin, which is just another reason to moisturizer daily. Ideally, you should use the accompanying body lotion that comes with your fragrance or an unscented moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated. This will also ensure that there’s no olfactory interference.

Our fave perfume hack: Perfume lasts longer when applied to oily, damp skin, so to lock in the scent, rub vaseline onto your pulse points before application.

Carrying Fragrance in Your Purse

If you carry your fragrance in your purse, you’re not only exposing it to different temperatures, but you’ll also cause the bottle to move around constantly. By shaking the bottle, you’ll expose the perfume to excess air, which will breakdown and disrupt the fragrance over time.

If you do want to carry a scent with you while you’re on the go, we’d recommend the travel scent Dossier gives you when you purchase a 50mL fragrance, $29. You can also buy these Portable Mini Refillable Perfume Spray Bottles, $10, that you can fill with your fave fragrances, which are perfect for when you travel or to keep in your handbag while your perfume is safely stored at home.


Savoring your Fragrance

As much as we love to savor our beauty products, holding onto your favorite fragrance means that more often than not, by the time you reach the end of the bottle, the fragrance will have altered slightly. The more oxygen into the bottle (like when you’ve used 70% of your perfume), the more the fragrance molecules will break down and modify the fragrance.

This means investing in a large bottle is not always a good idea, in fact, it often better to purchase a smaller bottle to keep the fragrance fresh. If your go-to fragrance is only available in a large bottle, decant the liquid into small vials and store your half-empty bottles in the fridge.




9 of the Easiest Ways to Prioritize Self-Care Today

You know you’re supposed to be practicing self-care on the regular, but how often do you say no to happy hour because you scheduled alone time after work? Do you feel guilty when you skip a workout because your body needs a break, or get caught up in finishing an episode of Riverdale (and get to bed much later than you know you need to)?

Self-care should never be an afterthought, though a modern lifestyle makes it difficult to prioritize, and makes us feel guilty when we do. However, caring for yourself isn’t selfish. It’s simply the most important insurance that you show up as your best self for your work, your family, and your loved ones. Therefore, self-care is not really caring for yourself if it doesn’t make you happier, calmer, and less stressed. Just because Instagram posts show face masks and hashtags them with #selfcare, doesn’t mean that’s doing anything for you (unless face masks do make you feel relaxed!). Instead, here are nine easy ways you can fit self-care into your routine today. 

1. Meditate while your coffee brews

Meditation is extremely beneficial for mental health, but it can be hard to stick with a practice. Instead of hoping to schedule extra time in your day (there’s no such thing as “extra time”), fit a few moments into the schedule you already have set. When you start your pot of coffee, spend a couple of minutes meditating while it brews. Notice the smell of coffee, think about the present moment, and simply breathe instead of rushing onto the next step. 

2. Watch your language

Even if words seem common or unimportant (“I look so bad in these jeans!” or “I don’t know if I deserve the promotion”), the way we speak to and about ourselves is how we’re training our brains to see ourselves. Even if you don’t believe it, be confident in your actions and abilities. Talk to yourself like you would talk to your best friend (you would never think your best friend is anything but perfect, gorgeous, invincible, and badass!).

Also, work on replacing “sorry” with “thank you.” Women are taught to be polite by putting themselves down, so start expressing gratitude for patience, kindness, or assistance, rather than apologizing for being an inconvenience. 

3. Turn your shower into an experience

On the days where we’re just hoping to have time to eat three meals, a shower might be the last thing you want to do slowly, but it also might be the one chance you get to prioritize yourself that day. Instead of thinking of a shower as a chore, think of it as a relaxation practice. Turn your shower into a spa-like experience by lighting a scented candle, using the fancy soap you usually save for guests, and drying off with warm, fluffy towels. 

4. Schedule time to “goof off”

Just because you’re crushing the #adulting game by paying your taxes on time and putting together IKEA furniture by yourself doesn’t mean you don’t need “playtime” like you did when you were a kid. Give yourself a few minutes of unstructured activity multiple times throughout the day. Take a break from work to have a five-minute dance party or invest in an adult coloring book to bring out your creative side. No matter what appeals to you the most, channel your inner child to bring yourself more joy and laughter. 

5. Slow down instead of speed up

We always feel like we don’t have time. There never seems to be enough time in the day to get everything done, and we rush through items on a long to-do list every day. We say things like “time flies” and “life goes by in the blink of an eye.” Here’s a little secret for you about time: you can actually get more by choosing to slow down. Rushing through life and thinking about the next item to check off a list instead of focusing on the present not only robs you of experiencing but gives you the illusion that you’ll never have enough time. 

The truth is that we have all the time we need (you do have the same amount of hours in a day as BeyoncĂ©, after all). Instead of gulping down your morning coffee, sit down and enjoy every sip. Instead of stressing about the traffic on your commute, listen to a playlist or podcast you love. It sounds counterintuitive, but slowing down stops you from feeling that time is a limited currency we’ll never have enough of. We don’t need more time; we just need to spend it better. 

6. Practice your hobby

Even if you’re lucky enough to have a dream job that makes you excited to wake up in the mornings, self-care is about finding balance. Make sure you have a passion outside of your 9 to 5 by pursuing a hobby. It could be something you love so much you want to turn it into a side-hustle, like jewelry making or photography, or it could be something you simply enjoy doing (whether or not you’d ever make money from it) like painting or cooking. 

7. Make one small change to your diet

Whether it’s drinking an extra glass of water, adding spinach to your omelet, or replacing your afternoon chips and salsa snack with carrots and guacamole, make one tiny change to your diet. Healthy eating is just a series of habits that form a domino effect. These habits snowball into a healthier lifestyle and better consciousness about what your body needs. Start small today and see how your diet changes over time. 

8. Switch up your routine

Take a different route to work, DIY a matcha latte instead of your usual cup of coffee, or wear red lipstick to work if nude lip balm is your norm. Getting out of the patterns we’re used to helps us be more mindful and present, but can also help you discover things about yourself you didn’t know before (like the fact that red lipstick gives you more confidence to crush that presentation at work). 

9. Choose who you spend your time with wisely

Today, only surround yourself with the people who exude positive energy and enthusiasm. Steer clear of the coworker who brings you down or say no to after-work drinks with the friend who makes you feel bad about yourself. If you can’t choose who you spend your time with (maybe your office is a little too small, or your roommate’s a complainer), work on becoming the person who exudes positive energy and enthusiasm. Express gratitude, give compliments, and smile often. 

How do you prioritize self-care?

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

I know many people think Valentine’s Day is a cheesy Hallmark holiday and I always hear the, “I should be loved everyday, not just one day” and I totally agree! Your love with someone should be celebrated everyday, but what about if you are single or away from your loved one? My mom and I always get each other something for Valentine’s Day, it been a tradition since I was 10 years old. This year, not only am I going to keep that tradition alive but I decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day as a day to indulge in bubble baths, face masks, and any other beautifying that I needed! Why not spend a day pampering yourself, you sooooo deserve it!!

Here’s my Vday Agenda:

  • First of all, you MUST take a “Me” day! Decide to take it and do everything that makes you happy!
  • Spend an hour getting ready (more if possible) look super glamorous, wear something that makes you feel fabulous + your favorite perfume
  • Go out with your BFF/girlfriends for a healthy/delicious lunch and make sure you pass by the mall when you finish!
  • Buy yourself a gift! I don’t care what anyone thinks, I love buying myself gifts around holidays or when I’ve achieved a goal!
  • Hit the Spa! Make sure you get a massage or take a relaxing bath and take your time, read a book, enjoy your down time!
  • Try an at home treatment that you’ve been wanting to try!
  • Watching a movie, funny romantic movie always make me happy! I love The Proposal, Bridget Jone’s Dairy, 13 going on 30, Hitch, 50 First Dates, 27 Dresses, Pretty Woman, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Nobody’s Fool, Just Wright, Poetic Justice, Love Jones, Love & Basketball, Brown Sugar, The Wood, Beyond the Lights, Last Holiday, Coming to America, About Last Night, Phat Girlz, Jason’s Lyric, Moonlight, She’s Gotta Have It and any movie that celebrates love but still has some humor.
  • Remember to set the mood before you sleep! I spray the entire room with chamomile, I make sure the temperature is perfect, then I love to fall asleep to thunderstorms! If you have the iPhone, there’s an App called Rain Rain Sleep Sounds that let’s you mix the perfect sleep tone.

I love you guys sooo much!! Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!