7 Fall Outfits Inspired by Our Favorite Rom-Coms

Imagine life as a romantic comedy. Strangers would join you in spontaneous dance sequences set to Hall & Oates. You’d live in an extravagant brownstone apartment, steps away from your closest friends. Hinge dates wouldn’t be awful. You could finally delete all the dating apps because you’d soon reunite with the one who got away while perusing your local bookstore in the perfect fall outfit. This best friend-turned-soulmate would profess their love at a New Year’s Eve party, and (surprise!) you’d live happily ever after.

If only the trajectory of our lives could be written by Nora Ephron. Instead, we must settle for reality—i.e., fewer grand gestures and even fewer grand apartments (excuse me while I raise my eyebrows at Jenna Rink’s massive closet in 13 Going On 30). But all hope isn’t lost. While our ordinary lives may never compare to a screenplay, there is one thing we can all emulate: our favorite rom-com heroine’s fall outfits. After all, there’s a Meg Ryan in all of us, daydreaming about bouquets of newly sharpened pencils.


You’ve Got Mail

Let us introduce you to Kathleen Kelly, the queen of versatile fall layers. Whether she’s ambling about New York City or emailing NY152 from her perfectly imperfect Upper West Side apartment, she somehow manages to look both timeless and effortless in every single scene.

While choosing the best outfit from You’ve Got Mail is an outright impossible task, there’s one look that’ll always work (in 1998 and 2022): a long-sleeve bodysuit under a jumper dress. Kathleen completes the ensemble with tights, loafers, and, later on, a chunky coat and scarf. These layers upon layers of muted neutrals are a fail-proof way to dress this fall.


Pretty Woman

Her on-screen chemistry with Richard Gere is palpable, and her evolving sense of style is a whole mood. When the weather can’t make up its mind between summer and fall, may we suggest channeling Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman? Because let’s face it: You can never go wrong with a short suit. One of Vivian’s slightly more understated (but trendy as ever) fashion moments deserves a place in your closet.

To 2022-ify it, keep the monochrome look going with a cropped blazer and matching jeans. It’ll become your go-to outfit on a 65-degree day—you know, the days when you can’t decide what to wear for the life of you. Now, you’ll be prepared.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Fads, by definition, will always come and go. Whenever you’re not sure what to wear, revert to the classics. Pull an Audrey Hepburn and Golightly on the accessories with a statement trench coat and hair scarf. You’ll be ready for anything that comes your way, including an impromptu make out session in the rain.


When Harry Met Sally

It wouldn’t be a fall rom-com roundup without mentioning the fall rom-com. Look at that—Meg Ryan strikes again. How dare she be this consistently fashionable? While her Central Park outfit (the one with the bowler hat) might be the most iconic, her red cable-knit sweater tucked into a black skirt is a classic worth repeating. Yep, we would wear what she’s wearing.


Crazy Rich Asians

There’s so much to love about this movie: the storytelling, the representation, Henry Golding’s abs—and of course, the opulence. Sure, it’s not every day that we can do a Cinderella-esque ball gown. But the red baby doll dress Rachel wears while spending the day with her friend feels a tad more attainable. Slingback pumps and a trench will make this dressier look suitable for any occasion.


Love and Other Drugs

Before Taylor Swift released the 10-minute version of All Too Well, we were Jake Gyllenhaal fans. And we’ll leave it at that because this is about Anne Hathaway and her impeccable style both on and off-screen. In Love and Other Drugs, we can’t help but fall for her free-spirited nature and effortless outfits, like the overalls and camel coat that appear throughout the film. For those days you plan to stay inside your sprawling, industrial-style loft, we suggest opting for a cozy cable-knit sweater and relaxed-fit jeans.


500 Days of Summer

It’s been 13 years, and we are still not over how anyone could reject the perfection that is Joseph Gordon-Levitt. We get it, it’s a story about love, not a love story. Such a refreshing take. Whatever. But Summer redeems herself with her romantic and retro style. Feeling blue (like Tom)? Go for a vintage blouse and a-line denim skirt.

Stand Out This Summer With These Statement Accessories

Good outfits are great, but curated ensembles with statement accessories are better. This summer, it’s all about bright adventurous pieces that can take your wardrobe basics to new heights. Think tinted eyewear, kitschy hair clips, and striking handbags â€“ all of which require minimal effort to style on your part. Ahead, we’ve pulled together some of the most sought-after summer add-ons to shop now.


SEXY TOPS for Your Next Date Night

There’s nothing better than throwing on your favorite pair of jeans and styling them with a top that is g i v i n g everything (especially major confidence). We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again, everyone should have a section of hot-ass tops in their closet reserved for special date nights or evenings out with the crew. 

And if you don’t, or need a little refresh, this one is for you. While we were inspired by Kourt’s sexy velvet bustier (and entire look here), we shopped out a selection of tops with a similar vibe ranging from under $50 and beyond from @prettylittlething to add to your weekend wardrobe. 


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10 Aesthetic Trends To Switch Up Your Wardrobe In 2022

Fashion continues to excite and delight us in new ways with every turn of a corner. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, a new look emerges that completely blows the rest out of the water. Maybe it’s the resurgence of an old trend that comes back with a force too strong to ignore, such as the Y2K craze that’s taken the fashion set by storm. Whatever the case may be, it’s obvious that the fashion industry is evolving faster than ever. Influencers, celebrities, and trend forecasters are delving into a myriad of style aesthetics that have yet to materialize into mainstream trends. Each sector happens to have its community of enthusiasts that become evident in just a few scrolls on Instagram and TikTok. In light of the new year now upon us, we thought this would be the perfect time to switch up your wardrobes. So, we put together this list of 10 aesthetic trends worth trying out if you want to push your style boundaries in 2022.

Soft Girl
For those who love to play up their more feminine side, this aesthetic is for you. The soft girl look encompasses a mix of girly pieces, with a large focus on pastels. Think soft pinks and lavenders as well as heart and floral patterns. Perhaps one of the easiest ways to test drive the soft girl aesthetic is to lean into pieces with a youthful color palette. Team them with everyday pieces, like jeans and a tank top for an organic look.

Coconut Girl
Channel the carefree feeling of spring and summer as early as you can by embracing the coconut girl aesthetic. This is essentially a vibe that conveys beachy vacation feels by focusing on clothing reminiscent of the early 2000s. Look to crochet halter tops, tropical floral prints, and shell jewelry to pull it off. It was one of the most-searched aesthetic trends of 2021, so we expect it to blow up as we creep closer towards spring and summer.

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Dark romantic novels, candles, and the fine arts are just a few things that would interest someone who is invested in the academia aesthetic. More specifically, this look contains both dark and light themes. The latter encompasses plaid skirts, turtlenecks, and loafers in softer, neutral tones whereas dark academia is a moodier scheme of the same clothing variety. Inspired by Harry Potter and American prep, this collegiate-inspired look is perfect for creating an edgy outfit with a romantic spin.

Sage Green
Green has become so popular that it essentially became an aesthetic of its caliber. We even see tastemakers utilizing the delicate hue of sage green as a neutral, everyday color akin to beige and grey. In the past, it was thought of more as a warm-season color but has since proven to be appropriate throughout the year. Most notably, the sage green sits well with some of the aforementioned aesthetic trends like coconut girl and soft girl.

You’d be completely remiss to not notice the Y2K aesthetic – it has one of the biggest momentums in fashion yet. As you can guess, the Y2K look is composed of everything from micro mini skirts to kitschy, colorful jewelry and sky-high platform boots. Take one of these elements and add it to your everyday looks for a subtle flair of Y2K. Or, go big and pile on the colorful clothing and bright accessories!

This aesthetic has been the name of the game for the past year and a half or so. To go after this look, imagine yourself in an expansive field filled with wildflowers and mushrooms with a quaint cottage sitting on the horizon. This is exactly the mood that cottagecore embodies – it’s complete with flowy dresses and sweeping skirts that are vintage-inspired.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, let’s talk about the baddie aesthetic. This particular look is all about releasing your confidence and divine female energy in everything you do. Body-con party dresses, bold colors, and faux-fur coats are the big-ticket items we would use to summarize this trend. The baddie aesthetic is perfect for when you want to make a lasting impression when heading out for a night of fun.

An abbreviation of electronic girl, the e-girl aesthetic is considered a more contemporary version of goth. This style takes a lot of inspiration from popular anime and skates culture – and channels the dark vibe into their everyday style. As one may expect, this aesthetic favors all shades of black, and Ariana provides a prime example of what an e-girl outfit should look like. Take it a step further with fishnet stockings, chain necklaces, and doll-like makeup.

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The next aesthetic trend you should consider trying out in 2022 is focused on the beauty of nature, including butterflies, flowers, and gentle animals. The ethereal, fantasy-like lifestyle is exactly what you would imagine from a classic princess story. Style-wise, seek out clothing filled with textured ruffles, lace, and corsets. You can also go after sheer fabrics and billowy dresses that easily make one swoon.

The artsy aesthetic (also known as Arthoe) focuses on an appreciation for all things art and nature. Followers of this style are not ones to shy away from color. Outfits are meant to be visually stimulating, comprising rainbow stripes and bold hues. Give it a run by rocking funky patterns, iconic artwork plastered on top of a t-shirt or dress, and mix it up with bold-colored accessories.

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