6 tips for your summer body!

Hello Beauties! Now before I get started on this post I just want to note that I am not a nutritionist of any kind! This is just simple tips I’ve learned from research, trial and error. They work wonders for me and hopefully they will for you too! My weight has always been up and down since I was teenager and once I became an adult I noticed it being way more up than down. I do still diet every now and then, but these are tips to add to your lifestyle for a complete change. I honestly feel that if I did not incorporate these things in my life I would be a lot heavier. If you have any eating habits that you live by feel free to add them below. Once again, look at these tips as something to add to your lifestyle and not so much “diet tips.”

♥ WATER ONLY – Now I am a human being and I do indulge in a mimosa or two but other than that I do not drink anything but water. I started to drink less soda and no juice. I have an obsession with lemon lime ginger ale soda at my job, I only drink it when I’m at work, I need help! Started to drink coffee again but I’m planning on ending that today. The worst thing you can do is drink your calories. I personally feel that this is how weight sneaks up on a lot of people. If you are having a meal that’s 500 calories, by the time you drink two glasses of soda that’s another 500 calories you’ve added on without even noticing! Yikes! If you are consuming soda and juices all day you could be adding 1500 calories to your diet per day and that’s not even including food. The average person should consume 2,000 per day. Now I am NOT a calorie counter but I do take heed of things I put in my mouth. I’m at a point to where I know I want I can and can’t have. But I will say that only drinking water gives me a little freedom to have more “cheat meals” with actual food. So try to completely cut out all sugary beverages!

♥ CUT THE SUGAR – This one is obvious. Excess sugar is so easily turned into fat. Now while sugar is found in a lot of foods besides sweets, I’ve always felt like that slice of cake or candy bar is just waiting to add itself to my bra roll in the back. If you can, skip dessert! And if you are craving something sweet I always have a mango or a handful of grapes to fight my craving. I now stack up on fruits!

♥ WARM LEMON WATER – Every single morning, I start my day with a glass of warm lemon water. I actually got this tip years ago and even wrote about lemon water benefits on here, BeautyLeeBar.com. I am always raving about the long list of benefits a simple glass of warm water with lemon to whoever will listen lol. Now the benefits I’ve personally researched are very long so I’ll just name the three that stuck out to me.

  • First the obvious being that it helps in weight loss. Drinking the mixture first thing in the morning helps fight hunger cravings, which will lead to either losing weight or just simply not over eating.
  • The second is it also helps in digestion. Feeling bloated and stuffed is the absolute WORST. Lemon water definitely gets everything in your digestive system flowing and helps make you regular.
  • The last is it improves skin. I personally have very dry skin and everyone knows dry skin is something that causes wrinkles. Once I incorporated it in my daily routine I noticed my skin was a lot more hydrated

♥ SAVE IT FOR LATER– Now this is something that I feel was instilled in us all as children. I think we can all recall our parents forcing us to finish our food in order not to be wasteful. But this is not something I practice at all. Always get smaller portions and if you are still hungry go back for more if you would like. But overloading your plate and forcing yourself to eat is not going to help you get that summer body. We all talk about having the itis, but I personally hate feeling lethargic after I’ve eaten. Now I don’t necessarily mean be wasteful, I love a some good left overs. So wrap it up and save the rest for later! So once you get that first feeling of satisfaction, you should be done eating. Never eat until you feel stuffed or sleepy.

♥  GREEN TEA – Listen up. I LOVE GREEN TEA. I wont even go through the very long list of benefits it has but this is the one! The main benefit is that it speeds up your metabolism! Now I will be honest I don’t drink it everyday but I definitely always make sure I consume a few cups through out the week. It definitely gives me a boost of energy when I’m feeling a little sluggish. It’s something about green tea that makes me feel so zen when I drink it lol. So besides the water, green tea is definitely something I recommend you add to your diet. Here is the link to the brand I drink.

♥ MONITOR YOUR BODY – I’m not saying be overly obsessive and step on the scale every 15 minutes. But I will occasionally throw on an old outfit to see whats going on. I never really monitor my body by what the scale says, its all about how I look and feel. If I notice something getting a little tight or if I do decide to step on the scale I know to tighten up my eating habits a bit. The sooner you catch it the better! Its much easier to drop 10-15 lbs over 50+. It’s hard to not let your weight get out of control but if you are person like me who does tend to gain it easily, this tip definitely helps keep it in check.

In closing I want to say that this is not a guide to make you overly obsess or feel like you need to be thin. I am no where near thin and I never will be, but through A LOT of struggle I have and I am still learning to love my body and do my best to take care of it. The older I get the harder it is to stick to a diet so I implemented these small changes and noticed such a difference. Now these tips are not going to make you lose 50 pounds in two weeks but it will give you a jump start to taking steps towards a healthier lifestyle. If you have any tips you would like to share comment below! Thanks for reading and let me know if any of these tips work for you! I’ve linked the green tea that I drink as well!


3 Reasons Why Green Tea Is SUPER Beautifying!

Hello Beauties, I’ve mentioned different types of tea in the past but I thought I would give more details about Green Tea. The importance and the effects of drinking Green Tea are so profound, that I wanted to share it as one! Hopefully you will all include a cup or two of green tea into your meals this weekend and enjoy the health and beauty benefits that can literally transform your skin over time!

Ever think sipping on something could actually make you more gorgeous inside out? I think we’ve all heard that green tea is a better alternative to coffee, but do we really know why? I actually stopped drinking green tea, but I for a while I was stuck on it and I noticed my skin felt sooooo much better while I was drinking it! Well, here are 3 reasons why we should all be drinking green tea! I know I will be drinking this again!

  • Green tea is Awesome for Weight Loss! For years models drank green tea making it trendy to drink, but they may actually be on to something! So many models claimed that drinking green tea actually made them slimmer! The facts are in–it has been scientifically proven that drinking green tea, increases our metabolism and helps us shed fat! Yup, making us slim up faster and much easier!
  • Green Tea is AMAZING for Skin! We all know antioxidants are great for skin and green tea is full of them, but what exactly are they for? Wellll, as we age, our skin cells begin to oxidize, which means they shrivel up, wrinkle and scar more easily—NOT FUN! Green tea is loaded with antioxidants that not only help prevent all of this from happening but actually help reverse skin damage! This will keep you young and fresh!
  • Green Tea is full of Vitamins! Of course, I am a firm believer of taking your vitamins, but there are days that I definitely skip! Drinking green tea is great not only for a ‘pick me up’, but also getting a good dose of vitamins! Green tea is packed full of vitamins A, C & E, which are ingredients that are necessary for gorgeousness inside out!



Your period. It’s scary when it comes and terrifying when it doesn’t. We know what we get to look forward to every month: bloating, cravings, fatigue, homicidal rage, and perhaps worst of all, menstrual cramps. What if I told you there were simple, at home remedies that greatly reduce symptoms of PMS? Even better, they are risk free with no side effects!

Getting your monthly bleed is the one thing that connects you to every single woman who has ever lived. Let that sink in. For hundreds of thousands of years, women have gotten their periods and they did so together. Periods were celebrated as a symbol of youth, fertility and life! It wasn’t until recent times that menstruation was seen as something to dread. What has changed? So so much, but, alas, this isn’t a lesson on female disempowerment. I am simply here to give you a crash course on how to survive your next period. So, open up that bottle of Cab and lets get to it!

To reduce cramps, you have to start early. A week before your period is due increase your water intake. The uterus is mostly composed of smooth muscle, and what happens when muscles dehydrate? They cramp! This is the number 1 tip I give to my clients and it ALWAYS works. My second big tip is to get your Omega 3’s and Calcium. I call this winning combination Nature’s Midol. You get more Calcium by eating collard greens, broccoli, spinach, kale, and you-bet-I’m-gonna-say it, CHEESE! When I say CHEESE I’m talking about organic, grass fed CHEESE. Not Kraft’s American cheese, cheese. Reach for the unprocessed stuff if you can. You can opt to get your Omega 3’s and Calcium from a supplement, but be sure to consult your doctor first!

Some MONSTERS are blessed and don’t suffer from cramps, but perhaps their problem is bloating. To minimize bloating I suggest drinking dandelion tea as it has a diuretic effect (it makes you pee.) Reducing sodium intake also does wonders. Combine these two steps and voila! Stretchy pants are now a choice, not a requirement. Tip: Mix Bigelow Green Tea with Lemon and Red Rose Tea together. Not only will it help with bloating but it also helps with cramps. Drink it during your cycle and you’ll notice that the cramps aren’t there. I find that it is best to drink it 1 week before your next period so it can start being affective right away. Plus Green tea, Red Rose Tea and lemon are good for your health and skin, so that’s a bonus!

lena-box (2)

Now, I would be remiss if I didn’t touch upon tampons. Did you know that most tampons are hybrid cotton blends (aka not cotton) that are BLEACHED and sprayed with pesticides and God knows what else? I don’t know about you but I don’t want any harsh chemicals anywhere near my hoo-hah. That’s why I encourage every woman I know to find an organic, environmentally safe tampons and pads. Beauties, I am telling you that we can save our cervixes AND our planet!

I have been seeing a lot of articles stating their opinions about the Lena Cup, and to be honest I bought one because my curiosity got the best of me. For those of you who don’t know, the Lena Cup is a reusable bell shaped cup that sits inside your vaginal canal and collects your blood. It is by far the most environmentally friendly product I have read upon on, but it requires patience and it can be a little messy at first. Once you’re in touch with your body’s rhythm and you can determine when its time to remove the cup, it will be smooth sailing. If you’re interested in the Lena Cup, I applaud you, and I suggest using it at home first for a few days before venturing out to any important events.

Directions: To use the LenaCup, some people choose to boil their cup before first use and between periods. Fill a pan with plenty of clean water. Bring to boil and let your cup float for 5-7 minutes while ensuring that the cup does not touch the bottom of the pan. You can use a pair of tongs to keep your cup in place and to remove it from the boiling water. Let your LENA Cup cool down before using it. WASH – Using warm water and mild soap wash your cup. If in a public toilet, bring a bottle of water to rinse your cup – once convenient clean thoroughly.  As always, make sure to fully read the LenaCup User Guide before use.

To recap: drink plenty of water the week leading up to your period and during. Be mindful of getting enough Omega 3’s and Calcium. Drink dandelion tea, Bigelow Green Tea and Red Rose Tea to de-bloat, decrease cramps, and reduce sodium intake. Get your hands on some organic tampons and if you’re feeling brave check out the Lena Cup! Here’s to having a happy period!

Have you tried the Lena Cup? If so, what are your thoughts on it?

Name your favorite tea and let me know how you drink your tea? (cold, hot, & etc)

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